Review: Meiji Amino Collagen Powder

Siree here! A while back if you guise follow us on Facebook, you would have heard me say something about how I had an accident and needed to be offline for a bit?

Well, I’m here to tell you why!

This is the ugly duckling story of how I smashed my face, with extra gross photos just to show you the true magic that is collagen products!

So, what happened? Well… kind of embarrassing but I’ll share (I can hear the laughter already). I was riding my kick board scooter on my way to work and guess what? There was a crack in the pavement and, BAM! I fell. And do you know where I landed first? Choosing between nice green soft grass or rock hard pavement, fate decided to choose the concrete… falling on my chin… than my face… and finally my arm after. Oooh yes, I felt the pain as I slid with my chin dragging until friction decided to stop my pace. I’m thankful I didn’t hit my head because who knows what kind of state I would be in! After a bit of shock, you know what I did? I went straight to work and did my tour that started in 10 minutes cos that’s how ace I am! I also didn’t know I sprained my arm pretty bad until the day after to the point I couldn’t move it for a week! Gah! Oh, and did I fail to mention I was going to go on my holiday in less than 3 weeks? Perfect timing – fate must hate me.:(

So… wanna see the bad first? Warning: Grossness maximus… and crap quality photos (that’s also gross).





- Ready?!





Tadah! Actually I had a lot of comments that I healed at a fast pace so I guess I should have taken a photo straight away to see how truly bad it was in photos. It’s cursed to have superpowers sometimes *sigh*

Anyhoo, this was maybe 4 days after the fall and during this period I was taking a naturopath pill and topical cream for bruising. The chin area was horribly black-purple and… hard and… how do you fix this fast?!

Well, that’s where Meiji’s Amino Collagen Powder comes in.


Save my face miracle powder stoof!


What it looks like in the can.

So I know y’all are pretty familiar with what collagen is but what do these kinds of products do exactly and why are these so popular with Asian peeps?

You can find many collagen products on the market not just the powder form. There are drinks and even candy jellies and lollies with a good dosage of collagen packed in them like beauty supplements that give you the benefits of a daily dosage of collagen to aid in your youthful appearance. Hell, if you go to Japan they sell these little miracle bottles next to the soft drinks! Some people even claim it helps them with their rosacea, but I can’t comment on this for myself. I’ve never had too many problems with my skin except the odd pimple here and there which cleared up pretty well when I reached my 20s. And while I can’t speak for the whole Asian population, it’s certainly a trendy beauty product that you can find in Asian beauty stores, many of these products are coming out of Japan under famous brands such as Shiseido and FANCL and I’ve seen some Thai soft drinks that have “collagen” labeled on them as well.

So why am I using this for my injuries? Here’s my thought- since collagen is produced naturally by the body and is a key component in skin tissue development, why not give my body an extra helping dose of collagen amino acids to help heal my wounds? Oh Siree, you so smart lah! hehe :3

Another question I bet you’re asking is – how do you drink this powder stuff? Suggestions on the back says you can put it in your coffee, juice or yoghurt and it doesn’t matter if you take it hot or cold, the collagen will still be effective no matter the temperature. I asked the lady behind the counter of my usual Japanese cosmetics hang out about which one she recommends and if it has a certain taste or smell before buying. She was honest and said it had a slight smell but no strong taste. This Meiji Amino Collagen Powder uses fish collagen peptides and when I opened it for the first time… it did have a bit of a “fishy” or “milk powdery” scent but not overly powerful to wrinkle your nose at (unless you breath that stuff like Scarface… :0). Though putting it in yoghurt or juice didn’t really appeal to me so I take it in my tea or coffee in the morning with one teaspoon of powder, once a day.


Drinking suggestions for coffee, juice and yoghurt. I choose you, coffee!

And the results were amazing! I have never used collagen products before but look at my face!


It also made me baby faced WTH?!


1 week after.



It’s almost like my accident didn’t happen! I was able to remove the scabbing though the tender skin underneath was exposed so I had to keep it bandaged in case of sun damage, and though my chin was still bulgy (can’t be avoided), the bruising was gone!

Here’s some better photos when I was on holidays to show the results.


There’s a bit of scar showing before makeup but after putting some foundation, it’s all covered and even toned.:D

I don’t know if drinking this for the rest of my life will magically freeze my looks in time when I’m 50, but it’s definitely incredible how rejuvenated my skin became. Healing powers like Wolverine? Well, don’t mind if I don’t!

Meiji Amino Collagen Powder

Price: $50-$60 AUD




Results that show

No obvious taste or texture when mixed in your food or drink

You can buy the refill packets when you finish the can which are environmentally friendly


Smells a bit


You can buy Meiji Amino Collagen Powder at Sasa.

This is not a sponsored post.


Until next time!




April 13, 2014 - 2:19 am

FDChief - Ouch! It’s never fun to ride the nose plow, but your collagen seems to have done wonderfully! Good to see you recovered to quickly. Thanks for letting us know about this.

Wish – Wait For Sunrise Winter Collection ’14

Winter is coming.

Okay we know this isn’t Game of Thrones, but we couldn’t resist!

But it’s true, autumn is upon us and the signs are already showing – today it was dark by 7PM! Farewell long summer days…

However, as summer slowly dwindles away, it really only means it’s time for one thing! Updating your Autumn/Winter wardrobe! Here’s where WISH’s ‘Wait for Sunrise’ 2014 Winter Collection comes in.


WISH has this winter sorted with the perfect collection of edgy, urban and feminine creations. WISH’s winter collection traditionally plays among the familiar sepia and blue based undertones of winter, but with a twist – capturing an autumn sunrise with shades of vibrant reds, blush pinks and pops of magenta.

We’re loving the clean, modern sophistication of this collection and with its geometric patterns, delicate lace and florals, it’s both feminine and elegant. Experimentation with different textures and materials gives WISH’s collection that extra dimension.


So, where’s the oversized coats and the layers of thick-whatever-keeps-you-warm we hear you say? Pfft this is the Australian Winter fool! We brave the 16-degree chill while getting a tan – cause that’s how we do! Pairing a flowy dress with a fitted jacket? Or a lace long sleeve with leather shorts? Check! This juxtaposed look for the season keeps things fresh and Wish has a range of dresses even for the Winter time. Look at the geometric print dress in the promo! Can’t you see yourself strutting in that enjoying the winter nightlife? We do!

Layering heavy fabrics such as knit over lace and mesh textures, makes for a lighter winter silhouette – say goodbye to that winter bulky feel.  These paired with cut out knit details and embossed fabric embellishments makes your winter wardrobe fun!  After all, mixing and matching different elements together = MAXIMUM STYLE COMBINATIONS!!!!


Worried about transitioning between the seasons this Autumn? We know we always are. It’s difficult to find something to wear that isn’t too hot and isn’t too cool. Wish understands. This collection covers all bases by pairing singlet tops with patterned trousers, long sleeved tops with shorts and stylish jackets over your short-sleeved evening dresses. WISH achieves a perfect balancing act to keep you comfy this Autumn and keep you warmer as winter unfolds.


So what are our favorites?

Talyssa’s Pick

1. Courtly Jacket \\ 2. Civic Pant \\ 3. Vamp Dress

Siree’s Pick

 1. To Be Released \\ 2. To Be Released \\ 3. To Be Released

Keep your eyes peeled for WISH’s “Wait for Sunrise” Collection!

FML: Ain’t it Fun?


Top: Sportsgirl // Shorts: ASOS // Shoes: Tokyo Bopper // Headpiece: Chinatown Night Market // Tote Bag: Monki (Tokyo)

Ye-ah give me some Paramore love! Talyssa and I went to their concert earlier this year and it was amazing (again!). This is the third time I saw them live and even though they are a “smaller” group this time ’round, their stage presence was anything but! Still humble and always a dance party, their sound is easy likable that you just want to head bang to their songs. That’s why I like them so much as a band! Nothing pretentious. Just having fun.

If I had any tips for concert wear I would say follow the KISS logic (Keep It Simple Stupid). A light shirt is a must unless you like the feeling of being uncomfortably sweaty inside a concert hall with 1000 or so people (imo), a watch for time sake, some flowers for that music festival vibe and massive shoes to tower over the crowd!

With my stature, everyone seems 20cm taller than me in the front row and in the second with the tallest always threatening to stand in my way. That’s why I had to start learning how to enjoy myself in the stands (not as bad as it sounds). But I was always on the look out for some platforms that would be comfy enough to wear while being forced to stand for hours. I’ve been tossing around about buying some creepers for a while but could never find one that would stop me in my tracks and scream “Take me!”

I kinda gave up on it. But while in Japan I went to Tokyo Bopper and found the pair. I’ll share more about my shoe experience in my future Tokyo travelogue but after road testing these kicks, they are the most comfiest shoes I have ever owned! Great for jumping in:)


Until next time!




March 6, 2014 - 2:50 pm

FDChief - This outfit is just screamingly cute, Siree; I love your simple, classy look but your flowery hairpiece is the perfect accessory to make it fun and just wicked adorable. You must have broken a lot of hearts jumping around in the crowd…

Seoul Travels – Part 2


Siree here! Here’s another collection of photos I wanted to post about Seoul since Part 1.

Despite the majority of the photos I took of all the food I was constantly eating or buried face deep in a bowl of Baskin-Robbins, I also visited some friends – both old and new, and much of the time was spent in coffee shops chatting.


Just a taste of how I spent my 10 days.

Although I spent most of my time in Seoul, I was lucky to go to see the countryside of S. Korea that was different from Jeonju.

I don’t think it is possible to understand how I enjoy the city. I was born a city girl so the quietness of the suburbs is something I’m not used to. I would always joke that if I didn’t hear a car crash at night I can’t sleep haha. But something I have grown to appreciate that the city lacks is the presence of nature. Not a city park kind, but the charms of the countryside and the kind of moments that I could capture on my phone like these:



The agriculture area that grew lots of sesame seeds. Supposedly this area was famous for sesame seed oil production.


Just beyond was a large pond where you could do some fishing!


The jetty area I thought reminded me of the romantic scenes in drama stories but my friend said it reminded her about the horror films where people would conduct murders or part of the scene that depicted a mother’s sorrow. I was freakn out haha

In the countryside, you could find a lot of vegetables growing on the side of the walk path leading to a house. Even in the city area!

It was also the first time I saw how big an eggplant could grow.


Seriously, this thing was just growing on the side of the road!! I knew vegetables could grow big but when it’s organic like this, it’s hard to believe it could grow to such a size (or maybe it’s just my ignorance…?). Hmmm… :S

I only stayed in the countryside for three days before going to the big city were Halloween was just around the corner. Although this holiday is still new in Asia I knew Halloween is crazy in Japan. So many decorations, themed food and randoms dressing up (even weeks before the holidays itself!) I wanted to feel something of the spooky kind and knew Everland had Halloween Horror Night Events to get my fix!




The kindy kids are so damn cute in their matching pumpkin outfits!!

It was a meh-ok experience from last time. I’ve come to decide I enjoy Lotte World more since I’m a roller coster ride sort of girl. I likes it when theme parks have great fast rides and are on decoration steroids.  I dunno if it’s because we went on the last day where everything was just not as festival. No dressed up mascots walking around everywhere except a one chance encounter with 4 dressed up characters for the Halloween Maze who disappeared just as fast as they appeared. The Halloween themed souvenirs were pretty much all packed away in the gift shop and no special halloween food to be found. ALSO! All those special cool looking Halloween themed attractions like the Horror Maze was an extra 5,000 Won per ride that made you wait in line for 60 mins. I pay the full entry fee and on top have to pay extra for these?! Err no thanks. It was a bit lackluster and the decorations were sparing especially in Horror Village. It was a constant reminder that it’s still a place targeting for the children demographic even though there are many things for adults and teens to do. Not necessarily a bad thing. I would hate to see little children cry because of all the scary things popping out at them but alas, sigh… well at least I got to see some cool pumpkin displays everywhere. Also, to my dismay, my friend didn’t like theme parks or roller coasters, so most of the time I was by myself on rides… ALONE. Incredibly bor-ing!

Despite my whining here, there were some highlights like the parades.




Magic costume change, tadah!


 Caught some freebies from the parade. Win!

Another cool thing I really wanted to check out was the Hongdae Free Market where artists gather each weekend (not during the Winter months) to show and sell their handmade artworks, crafts and accessories. It’s a celebration of all things artsy and even has open-air mini concerts and workshop events! It sounded awesome! Oh, “sounded”? Yes you read that right  because when it came to be Saturday, it started raining. RAINING! And I only had that one weekend before flying off to Tokyo. Why must you rain now?! Oh well, at least there’s Style Nanda’s flagship store and coffee shops to keep me from being a sour bitch that day haha:D

For some reason Seoul decided to have random cases of rainfall so I visited the newly built Time Square Shopping Center and man is it BIG! It felt like as you walked along the corridor of shops it kept on going, and going. It kept on going till I found an E-Mart and went crazy with food samples galore. Forget Homeplus. E-Mart-it all the way! I couldn’t believe the variety of food I saw in there. It also lead me to my new addiction…
If you have ever tried Korean style pumpkin salad, it is the shiz! I could not get enough of this when I was dining out and then I saw this 1kg packet for $7 I was so happy to have this in my life I bought it without a second thought before realizing, how the heck am I going to eat all this?! The inner piggy in me had no problem devouring this for breakfast and lunch on the way to the airport to Tokyo and now back in Sydney, I miss it incredibly!
If you are wondering about a great Westerner style food experience in S. Korea, the franchise chain Seven Springs has some delicious homemade food that is also for the health conscious. Their salad buffet has some gorgeously prepared foods and everything is so fresh! I didn’t even find an ugly looking lettuce leaf in the bunch! I wish we had this kind of buffet franchise in Sydney since buffets are hard to come by unless you go to a hotel or RSL.
And that’s it for the Seoul edition! Stay tuned for Tokyo!  :D
Until next time!
March 1, 2014 - 7:47 pm

thehiddenthimble - Thanks John! Looking forward to writing it up soon! :D


March 1, 2014 - 7:37 pm

thehiddenthimble - Thanks Rebecca! I’m glad you like the photos! I’ll try my best to share more awesome memories in the next round of travelogues ;)


February 15, 2014 - 7:35 am

Rebecca - What an incredible place! Love the beautiful countryside photos! So much beauty! Those decorated pumpkins were pretty cool too! You look fantastic hanging out with your friends! :)


February 11, 2014 - 6:26 am

FDChief - Another wonderful travelogue, Siree. I love getting to see Korea through your eyes. Thanks for this, and I’m looking forward to “Siree’s Tokyo”!

Psychedelic Baby

Recently, Siree and I decided to check out Mirazozo.  If you don’t know what Mirazozo is, it is basically a 3D art installation dome-like structure, featuring different coloured light installations…  Wow was that not the worst description of something you have ever read?

Nevertheless I tried.

Keeping with the theme of colour I knew it was my chance to flaunt all my Tie-dye purchases from Thailand.  I absolutely fell in love with Tie-dye  in Thailand..I don’t know if it was the weather, or the relaxed attitude or my extreme happiness, but an unbreakable bond was formed.  I don’t really care if it’s not “in Vogue” at the moment, it is awesome and that is all that matters.

Austin Powers would be proud.


Top: Koh Phangan Markets | Shorts: ShowPo | Shoes: Lipstick | Nail Polish: Sally Hansen “Save the Date”


Inside Mirazozo, pretty awesome right?! It travels to different countries, so keep your eyes peeled to see if it is coming to yours!


I know, I know – good choice with the Tie-dye. It looks awesome inside Mirazozo!




Detail shot – I love the way the beads glow in the dark inside Mirazozo! And yay! Tassels!

Just for fun!

Just for fun!


A shot for the shoes!
Top: Koh Phangan Markets | Shorts: ShowPo | Shoes: Lipstick | Nail Polish: Sally Hansen “Save the Date”


Enjoy Xx


February 11, 2014 - 6:31 am

FDChief - You make a very cute “barefoot hippie chick”, Siree! Nice photoshoot.

February 3, 2014 - 9:44 pm

thehiddenthimble - Thanks Karen!! You should definitely check it out whilst in Sydney – it makes for some awesome photos!

February 2, 2014 - 10:12 pm

Karen - your outfit and these photos are way cute! looks like so much fun inside.


FML: Cobwebs

Top: American Apparel  |  Skirt:  American Apparel   |  Belt:  Korean Market  |  Floral Headpiece:  Lovisa

Top: American Apparel | Skirt: American Apparel | Belt: Korean Market | Floral Headpiece: Lovisa  |  Shoes: Korea


Haha…yeah this teaser was up ages ago wasn’t it!  Well the look is finally here.

How was everyone’s break?  Mine was awesome, though I’ve only had two weeks T.T I really miss uni’s 3 month holiday break!  Ah the life of an adult.

I spent most of mine in Thailand it was so much fun, but also really sad.   You see, I made a lot of awesome friends and  literally spent every day and night with these people during my trip.  I got to know them and developed close bonds with them, but when it came to the end of the trip everyone leaves and goes their separate ways.  Suddenly these people are out of your life and you’ll probably never get to see them again.  It sucks:(

Nevertheless, life must go on…

I really love the cobwebs in the window of this shoot.  They are so beautiful.

This look is quite similar to the last one, so you can read me gushing on about the skirt in my last post.  This top however is new!  I don’t know why but it feels so 70s to me.  I really love it  plus it’s really versatile and gives a different vibe depending on how you style it. Paired with my vintage shoes this look makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

Talyssa xo

February 2, 2014 - 4:44 pm

thehiddenthimble - Hi Krissie, Thanks for visiting our blog! I just checked out yours too and I love it! It’s really good to find another Aussie blogger as well :P

I’m definitely going to be trying out that Cauliflower soup recipe as well!

February 2, 2014 - 4:31 pm

thehiddenthimble - Thanks Rebecca! Glad you liked the outfit!! Yep – I really do miss Thailand, but I’ll definitely go back there again~

January 25, 2014 - 2:43 pm

Rebecca - This outfit is so gorgeous and the head piece is perfect! Sounds like your trip to Thailand was great but sad that you may not see your new friends again!


January 19, 2014 - 6:38 pm

Krissie - Pearls of Style - Just found your blog and am feeling very inspired, you have a fantastic layout and wonderful vibe going on. Great pictures you look gorgeous.

Krissie x – Pearls of Style

January 15, 2014 - 10:28 pm

thehiddenthimble - Thank you!! I think reality has settled now so the sadness has gone phew!
And no problem, it was such exciting news!

January 15, 2014 - 10:28 pm

thehiddenthimble - Haha you should be because it was amazing!!

January 14, 2014 - 10:36 pm

Mica - Love the red belt! The denim skirt looks great with the white top too. Glad you had fun in Thailand, even if it was sad to get back to reality and leave your friends.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)

January 14, 2014 - 10:33 pm

Pixelhazard - I’m officially jealous of your vacay

X. pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces |

January 12, 2014 - 5:42 pm

thehiddenthimble - Hahaha I probably should have been more clear I meant it gives me the feeling internally of kittens are other cute, soft fluffy things hahaha But I’ll take cool and elegant ;)

Thanks Chief! :)

January 12, 2014 - 1:39 am

fdchief218 - I disagree. Warm and fuzzy? How about cool and elegant, instead? You look lovely and this is a perfect look for you; clean and classic. You look like a young Audrey Hepburn in this. Gorgeous shoot, Talyssa, just gorgeous.

T a l y s s a
S i r e e