FML: Summer Dazed with Quirky Circus





// Apricot Bloom Dress c/o Quirky Circus//

Behold my micro fringe! So, what do you think?

As you might have guessed, I’m unashamedly smug about it because, I’ve been getting quite a few praises for its edge. And also, I cut it myself. On a spontaneous whim while alone in my hotel during New York travels. I win. :)

Please don’t hate on my left-for-dead locks these days. It’s a daily struggle to keep it looking at least decent to pass as healthy let alone living. Sob.

Dressed up for town like a sun deprived sunflower, heat slapped from the weekend heat wave and enjoying a Marilyn Monroe moment in this flirty cute sundress from Quirky Circus, the off beat sibling to older sister brand Mink Pink, is a perfect example of being Sydney day casual for high summer.

If you enjoy vintage silhouettes and prints for the modern girl with adorable collection stories such as At The Lake, The Antique Shop and a day at the Blue Mountains definitely check out their range in Myer or online.

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Quirky Circus | Website | Facebook

Small Update: Moschino Sunnies Giveaway!

Hi there you!

We have a small but exciting giveaway to announce! Remember Siree’s FML featuring those lovely red Moschino shades from Vision Direct?

Well we we are giving them away… for free… valued at $170.95! It’s our little early Christmas present from us to you :)

Here’s how to enter:


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Good luck if you enter! :D I’m working on something more substantial to write about soon but here’s a small preview….



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We have a winner!!
Thank you to everyone who entered!
We really appreciate your readership and support as always and we hope to have another giveaway shortly! :D

GTFO – Bread and Circus Wholefoods Canteen


Breaking bread at Bread and Circus Wholefoods Canteen was a week of calling for my inner being.

Its “crate to table” concept models the simple approach to eating which I find inviting, just like its many quirky scattered pineapple fruit and quaint dainty pink plates beacon me to “tea time.” It’s that light and fresh touch to the day that picks you up and motivates a wave of goodness to eat food that’s wholesome like nature intended, wedged between two slices of fresh sourdough bread with butter (mmmm).


Tower of Juices – cold pressed of course


Rating: ★★★

Definitely the must-have on the menu. Their deconstructed sandwich boxes are better suited for your adult sensibilities than the open sandwich variety as it centers on the best part of its anatomy – the filling.
Like all sandwiches, there’s nothing too complicated about its components as all boxes are assembled with a basic salad of tomato, avocado slices, cucumber, grilled brussels sprouts and sometimes a pilaf mixture, with the sauce and meat differing. However, it’s definitely the quality of each element that makes it delightful to graze on since everything was well seasoned and marinated.
Digging in separately or pilled on together on bread, it was a joy to eat both ways!

Talyssa’s Choice: Grass-Fed Sustainable Medium – Rare Beef Sandwich Box


Sora’s Choice: Meredith Goats Chevre Sandwich Box


My Choice: Preservative – Free Pino’s Smoked Turkey Sandwich Box

Setting and Atmosphere

Rating: ★★★

Re-imagining the canteen setting as a semi industrial warehouse style kitchen cafe at Bread and Circus would make every school kid jelly to know what their canteen could look like with a little thought.

There’s plenty to look at full of quirky cool knick-knacks and fruit display center pieces scattered everywhere with various seating styles from low coffee tables, communal tables and booth seating options making dining entertaining. It’s super chilled and relax, what’s not to like for a perfect late weekend lunch?


Rating: ★★★

I really enjoyed the staff at Bread and Circus. The 2pm crowd was a bit quiet that day so it felt nice to see everyone so nice and welcoming to see if you were comfortable at your table and causally checking in on you from time to time. It reminded me of the customer service you would expect from the States which there is a certain lack thereof in Sydney’s attitude towards customer service generally…

Pricing and Value for Money

Rating: ★★★

For the quality and portion size of our meals, it’s certainly affordable, if not a lot more reasonably priced than some of the lunch menus out there for these types of eating spots.

With options for side, regular and sharing sizes for some of their dishes, the menu is generous for choosing different eating styles so you can stretch your cash if you want a try of everything and share.


Where to Find Bread and Circus Wholefoods Canteen

21 Fountain Street, Alexandria


Opening Times:

Open 7 days:
Weekdays 7am – 3pm
Weekends 7am – 4pm

Review: Vision Direct – Moschino Eyewear



// Sunglasses: Moschino c/o Vision Direct //

There’s a frame for every face. Well, I guess you can say that is a half truth.

I would like to argue that not all faces are blessed with the versatile symmetry a perfect carved frame can demand in the growing world of eyewear. Out with the skinny and in with the new thick frame shapes, it’s a challenge that seems to bring out the strongest of emotions when you realize, it was just not meant for you.

But there is always that one pair that will make your heart beat a little faster, to stop and consider that behind its mirrored sheen, will uncover a Bright Young Thing in you just hiding behind some shaded designer bliss, and your half baked hope when you find one juuust right for you revives all over again.

Interestingly, the pointed cat eye can work for this edgier squared jaw of mine but for that speak louder and be bolder statement that has been affectionately synonymous with the Moschino attitude, channeling some hero red will never let an oversized frame hide you.

I am always in search for a frame that will sit comfortably on a wider face shape like mine and the quality of these sunnies sits nicely with no strain to give you that throbbing migraine afterwards. Note: Always very much appreciated.

If you are interested in grabbing a pair or a few different incarnations for your styling pleasure, try Vision Direct and their seriously large online selection of branded specs to take advantage of their handy online features such as virtual try on testing, speedy shipping and health rebate claim options. As far as designer goes, you can expect to see a considerable list of named brands to select from and they stock current 2014 ranges too, I’m was impressed!

So like all the essential reds in your style guide – lipstick, handbag and nails, never overlook that other best accessory in your arsenal no matter how hard the search.

I am, of course talking to the reflection staring back at you through that mirrored sheen.


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November 19, 2014 - 11:39 pm

Small Update: Moschino Sunnies Giveaway! » The Hidden Thimble - […] We have a small but exciting giveaway to announce! Remember Siree’s FML featuring those lovely red Moschino shades from Vision Direct? […]

October 29, 2014 - 9:09 pm

The Hidden Thimble Team - Thank you Maggie!


October 21, 2014 - 10:52 pm

Maggie Dallospedale - Hi sweetie
you look amazing
Love sunnies
Maggie D.
Maggie Dallospedale Fashion diary – Fashion Blog

REVIEW: 3 Concept Eyes Haul

Hijacking this post is a makeup haul I can only describe as a sugar coma coloured daydream with my 3 Concept Eyes haul from my visit to the StyleNanda Hongdae Flagship Store last year.

This obsession if not, lifetime of desire I have developed for this brand and my infatuation with their ‘IT’ Girl Sora Park  might end up in a impulsive buying complex of splurging on every range of brightly coloured cute makeup they have. I can’t say I fault any shade. I LOVE THEM ALL! Transitioning from Winter, behold the power of my pocket rocket purchases to keep you bold and fierce for them Spring time feelsies!

3 Concept Eyes Lip Colour

Price: $19.71 USD

Overall: ★★★★★



3CE LIP COLOUR in 602 V | 204 COME TO ME | 604 VAMP

A nice matte finish with great pigmentation, these lipsticks are just as perfect as any high range lipcolour you can purchase and are far more affordable so you can start building a collection. IMO purple and orange lipsticks are more interesting than the usual pink and red. Also the berry lip looks great in both winter and spring looks as a statement.


3 Concept Eyes Lip Liqueur

Price: $20.81 USD

Overall: ★★★★★



3CE Lip Liqueur in BackStage and XX Orange


Top: BackStage | Bottom: XX Orange

Now for another matte look but in a different form.
For days when my lips are more chapped than pump for my favourite matte look, these glosses are great as they are moisturizing yet matte when applied. The formula is not sticky (which I think is the worse kind of texture) but a nice velvet feel and is super light giving that ultimate pucker up look without showing the cracks and bumps.


3 Concept Eyes Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner

Price: $20.81 USD

I love mint as a colour! But as a liner, I was skeptical if I would be able to pull this look off. But I always wanted to try a neon eye makeup look without eyeshadow as I love the sharpness that gels and liners can create. The best thing about these eye liners from 3CE is that when you leave them to dry, they become smudge proof when rubbed with pressure and are waterproof! I tried a wet wipe and it just stayed on as vibrant as when I first applied it on! I’m going to try this out when I go to Hawaii next month to see how it holds up in the waves.
It also has a handy sharpener at the end to make sure your pencil is prepped for crisp lines which is a great feature so you don’t need to look for a one off purchase to find one that will fit such a thin pencil.


3 Concept Eyes Duo Colour Face Blush

Price: $24.22 USD

And finally moving onto blush these cute duo blush palettes are so Mod I immediate had to have them!
The colour combinations are so handy for highlighting and contouring  you can play around with different techniques to bring out the most or lighter effects of the colours.
I have never tried red or orange blush before so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how creative I can be.

Until next time!



This is not a sponsored post.

September 29, 2014 - 4:50 pm

Mica - Oh I would love to see an eye makeup look with that mint liner – what a fun colour! I’d have no idea how to wear something like that. I’m very boring with my makeup choices though, haha!

FML: Magic in the Sky

Let me take you on a magical journey – the destination:  Second star to the right and then straight on till morning!

Okay I lied.  I don’t have the power to take you to Neverland, but if I did believe me I would sprinkle as much fairy dust on you so that I could.

But instead you’ll have to settle for another piece of magic known as “Angel Place” in Sydney CBD for my Fashion Monthly Look this month.  This pretty little shooting location is just a short walk from Wynyard and has a skyline filled with birdcages! I guarantee, this is definitely the most magical spot in Sydney.


Cardigan: Princess Highway | Pleather Pleated Skirt: ASOS | Shoes: Topshop

I have to admit.  I’ve had an obsession all winter season with DangerField, particularly because they stock Princess Highway clothing.  It just suits me.  I wear their stuff and it’s as if me and the clothing item are soulmates, bound by a promise to always care and be there for each other. Okay. I know.  Exaggeration.  But seriously.

I also need to give credit that the inspiration for the photo above is actually from my extremely amazing photographer friend, and I have only recreated about 40% of amazingness as he originally created.  Check out some of his work here.

I bet each one of those birdcages is home to a tiny little pixie.


So let’s talk a bit about Princess Highway.  It’s everything I am absolutely attracted to in clothing – vintage inspired, cute and quirky!  Plus it’s also an Australian label!  Any girls in Sydney looking for items similar to what you see in ViVi magazine, particularly Lena Fujii’s style, I’d say Princess Highway comes a very close second!

Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo | Jacket: Blue Angel (Korean Label)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – MAC Ruby Woo is the best, THE BEST vintage matte red lipstick.  For the review click here.


Please ignore the awkward pose, but it was the only image captured of all the birdcages! It’s so lovely I had to have this photo as part of the blog post, even if it comes with the price of showing a very awkward me in it.

Side view with the jacket on. This is my favorite jacket at the moment. I got it from a very small Asian store near my work. I didn’t really get the chance to show it off too much in this post, but it really has a wonderful flattering fit – which is so hard to find in a winter coat!  Plus it doesn’t come with those shiny, plastic, cheap looking buttons which seem to be on a majority of winter coats nowadays. Even featuring on the expensive ones! It’s the little things people, the little things!


That’s all from me!  Hope I bought a little bit of magic to your day :)

Talyssa xx

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