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// Chiffon Dress c/o Sammy Dress //

I’m not sure my brain has this thing called “judgement” over my state of being sometimes and that goes to say, it affects my state of dress.


Lately to be honest, I’m getting so damn lazy that my urge to dress myself in daily wear is to cover in at least one layer of heat tech wear (thank god you arrived to Sydney Uniqlo!) and some decent pant attire in my very limited long pant leg collection - but my mind won’t have that kind of rubbish talk!


So like the jumper dress, the playsuit, and the…. onesie (?) you need that go-to item on the run that’s simple and decent enough for your brain to follow and agree that you now have the “OK” to go outside and walk around on your lazy day without being a complete slob.


So logic made me pick this cute versatile dress from Sammy Dress because, I love cheating on my clothes choices:


- An eye-catching pattern print that makes it look interesting – check.
- Cuff lining that made it look like you put some extra thought into your style choice today – pfft it sure does!
- The kind of dress that will go well with a pair of heels or some chucks – I’d say so.


This dress actually isn’t pricey at all. From $16.87 to now $10.86, it’s a bargain!


And looking at Sammy Dress‘s selection, there was a a lot of variety to choose from but this one caught my eye when I saw it.


And now the jump from dream to reality with this comparison shot…


My how I love how skinny my waist looks in this dress *snicker.* Seriously guys, no PS here.

I was surprised that the cut was more fitted than advertised but I guess I do have a more “curvier” body than the model… (✌゚∀゚)


For some reason the cut at the bottom is slightly higher on one side and looks like it wasn’t cut straight when made. But when worn it wasn’t obvious. I wonder if you can see it?


Another point that made me disappointed was the cuffs on the sleeves. I mean… look at them!!!
This wasn’t in the photo on the site!
Look at that contrast! It’s what makes the look interesting and more believable as faux cuffs.
Now look at my photo:
As you can see, the cut of the cuff is visible through the chiffon (which was suppose to be a different material if I’m not mistaken) if you look hard enough in the right place which “cheapens” the quality. Overlocking is a standard sewing technique people! It doesn’t cost an extra arm and a leg to overlock a seam…


And since it’s just an extension of the original fabric and not a separate part sewn on, you can’t roll up your sleeve in hopes of hiding the first layer.


Final Thoughts?


Hmm this dress from Sammy Dress was alright. It’s a good dress to wear underneath a jacket and maybe casual Fridays at work but certainly the thing that disappointment me was the expectation. Buying from a warehouse type of online store is definitely cheap but the problem was the advertised photo not matching the product in quality for me.


So would I buy from Sammy Dress in the future, for clothes I want to wear out – no. But if I needed an outfit for a fancy dress party – yes.



Finally – it’s giveaway time!


We’re giving away this dress for free-the-bees free. So either comment in the blog comment box below or like and comment “win” on our Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win. Good Luck!

Until next time!
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FML: SammyDress Advertorial

Hi everyone!  Talyssa here for a slightly different FML.  This clothing in this FML was provided by Sammydress and will also feature a review on the product and service.  So let’s get into it!


Jacket: Dongdaemun Markets Korea | Dress: Sammydress | Shoes and Socks: Topshop

First, let’s start with the positive…

Clothing Range and Shopping Experience:

When I saw this dress on Sammydress, I immediately fell in love.  It’s gorgeous, elegant and ever so Audrey Hepburn!  I must admit that the range of clothing on Sammydress is really nice, it’s unique and feminine and there’s a lot of variety.   You also get a kind of a thrill looking at such beautiful products selling for so cheap!  Less than $10?  Heck yes!  I’ll take five!

Using the site is simple and each product has a wide variety of images, including images posted by customers wearing the items they have bought.



Unfortunately….that’s where the positives end for me.  When I opened my package from Sammydress, I was incredibly disappointed.  I don’t want to sound ungrateful or mean, but what I received in the mail was not, in my personal opinion, worth paying for.

No. 01:  The dress was nothing like the picture

This was the most disappointing aspect of the whole thing.  I was expecting an elegant and sophisticated looking dress as in the picture above, but instead I received a cheap looking copy.  I just felt lied to and cheated.  It’s one thing to say you’re copying the style of X celebrity and you’re posting images of how they wore it along with images of your actual imitation product – as I have seen many sites do – but it’s another thing completely to imply and ONLY provide images of a product your product is similar to, but isn’t actually what you are giving to your customers in return for their money.  Your customer is buying the product they are seeing on your website.  That’s what they expect to receive.  Nothing less.

I found the whole thing completely unfair and I’m pretty sure it violates some sort of consumer laws, at least it would in Australia anyway.  If Sammydress doesn’t consider their actual product good enough to post pictures of on their website then that just shows that they are aware that their products wouldn’t sell if they put up actual pictures.


The back of the dress was the part I was looking forward to the most and was what originally made me choose this dress.  As you can see, what I received was significantly different to the image presented on the website (refer to 2nd image of post).  There is no low V-cut back and the bow is located significantly higher than the small of my back.  Not only that, the bow looks cheap and tacky – with the ribbon parts not even cut to the same length and it being sewn very cheaply and hastily onto the back of the dress.

No. 02: Quality

The quality of the dress was (unfortunately) cheap.  The material is see through, with no kind of material inlay provided to prevent this.  The hems all around the dress are hastily sewn, extremely messy and not hemmed straight.   Long pieces of thread are frequently left uncut and knotted on the dress.


No. 03: Fit and Cut

The cut on my dress was so so so bad!  It had absolutely no shape and made me look flat, straight,frumpy and pre-pubescent.  The lack of darts used on the back of the dress meant that it didn’t come in on the waist, making it extremely unflattering on my stomach and waist.  You can see all the extra material there in the photo above!


Another extremely annoying part of this dress were the sleeves. Whilst they look okay in the photos, they didn’t stay that way for very long and would often popup and sit vertically to my shoulder.  Quite frankly it looked ridiculous and I was extremely embarrassed walking around in this dress because of that reason.

In order for these sleeves to sit as desired on a persons shoulders, the back of the dress needed to have an open cut V (as with the original design).  This would have helped to open up the dress, allowing the sleeves to lay almost off the shoulder. Having a rounded mid-length back did not give the sleeves enough leeway to sit off the shoulder, causing them to pop up very frequently with any small movement.

No. 05: Value For Money

Clothing on Sammydress is extremely cheap.  Almost everything is less than $10, making the quality of the product understandable.

Shipping on the other had is pricey – almost costing $20!!  It’s such a purchase turn off when your shipping is more than the actual product!


Service is very fast.  My package was promptly sent and staff were very friendly and quick to answer any questions.

Would I shop here again?

Truthfully, probably not.  It’s unfortunate because I think the range is quite good, if only the products I received looked like the ones they promoted on the site!  In saying that, if you’re looking for something cheap to only wear once or as  a costume etc, you might want to give Sammydress a try.  I would actually prefer if Sammydress increased the cost of their products, if it meant getting a product as in the pictures on their site.  I would definitely shop there countless times if that were the case.

Review:You who came from the Stars, and YSL lipstick 52

Hey guys !

Sorry to follow Talyssa’s fab beauty post with ANOTHER beauty post- but this one you might find interesting too in a different sense !

For all you korean drama lovers out there, you’ve probably heard of the drama ‘별에서 온 그대’, or ‘You who came from the stars’, starring Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun.


Just a comment on the drama: It is the highlight of this year so far, and I am not ashamed to say I have marathon’ed this entire drama twice over with my girlfriends, throttling giraffe plushies and screaming over Kim Soo Hyun.

The drama is about a whirlwind romance spanning centuries, with one devilishly handsome alien and corporate giant heirs vying for the attentions of a somewhat simple yet sincere and straightforward actress. This is pretty much all I can tell you about the drama, because trying to explain further would involve giving away plot twists so NO, you have to watch it yourself !!

If you have never watched korean drama, it’s a great idea to start now. I can guarantee that this (and many other) drama(s) will have you laughing, crying, screaming and absolutely riveted to your screen for the entire 20 hours.


And I will say this proudly: the korean film industry sure know how to make an alien look incredibly unbelievably attractive, unlike a vampire flop I can name from some book.

(Sorry if you’re a Cullen fan. Personally I can’t handle the sparkling, or the bad acting.)


SO, this accidentally became a drama review as well so, while I’m here let’s give it a couple ratings..


Drama plot line ★★★★★ (5/5)

 Although slightly cliche, the plot twists and clever scenarios kill it. Seriously.


Cast/Acting ★★★★★ (5/5)

Every single actor in this drama plays their part to perfection. They will make a rock will bleed with emotion.


Overall personal rating ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♡♡! (7/5)

I have this habit of over-loving dramas, but this one takes the crown ♕ . Although I am korean, I never really fangirl over bands or actors, HOWEVER, since ‘You who came from the stars’ I never have and never will love someone (Kim Soo Hyun) this much.


As will 90% of the female population in Korea, and probably Asia in general.


GETTING BACK TO THE LIPSTICK REVIEW this lipstick, shade #52 Rosy Coral in the Rouge pur Couture range, was wiped out completely WORLD WIDE following this drama, with an international scramble of alien besotted females suddenly feeling the need to purchase Cheon Song Yi’s signature lipstick look.


(Also apparently in bulk. One lady in particular at duty free Melbourne tried to buy 52 in one go, as rumours say… I wonder why. Superstitious?)


So naturally, I became curious, and purchased it with the next available shipment. ( I fortuitously work right next to the YSL counter at a department store, so had first access to it. )




1. The Packaging


The Rouge Pur Couture range come in a neat gold rectangular tube with the YSL logo engraved in a lovely contrasting red on the front. When you open it up, the YSL logo is also engraved into the lipstick itself. It’s simple, and shiny. I am one of those simple minded people who are unreasonably attracted to all things shiny. Therefore this is a winner.

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

2. The Formula

The colour of the lipstick is a beautiful coral pink, with a definite neon tone to it that really shines in the light. It practically glows.

Here’s a swatch next to my favourite lip stain, also YSL. 


photo taken under fluorescent lighting, indoors.

The formula is smooth, wears well without smudging, and fades to a less neon, but still bright pink hue at the end of the day. That is one thing I noticed before and really like about YSL lip products- they go a long way.


Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)


photo taken in natural light, indoors. My lips are naturally quite red, so this lipstick really stands out coral, and brightens up my look.

I love love love this colour.


So, having said all that, it’s happy snaps time !


Yours truly,

Sora xo



You who came from the stars poster image+ screenshots

Keep calm and Do Min Joon poster 

The Power of the Wand: Choosing the Right Mascara!

Choosing the right mascara for YOUR lashes is not as easy as it sounds.  It might come as a shock to some people, but when buying mascara, you’re buying for the wand not the actual makeup itself.  Why? Quite simply the wand holds all the power, with each being uniquely designed for a specific purpose.  This is why the mascara that works ever so fabulously on your friend, maybe not work so well on your lashes.  So how do you choose the right wand for your lashes? Simply read on!

1.  Texture and Type of Bristles.

The first step in choosing a mascara is to figure out what you want your lashes to look like.  Something as simple as the bristles of a mascara wand, can create an array of different looks for your lashes.  Mascara wands typically come with three different types of bristles:

plastic comb

Original image credit: The Beauty Department edited by The Hidden Thimble

Made out plastic comb-like bristles,  this wand helps to separate lashes, add length and gives your lashes a darker and prominent look.


Original image credit: The Beauty Department edited by The Hidden Thimble

Made out of synthetic fibres, this is your typical mascara wand.  Natural bristles create soft and light lashes that appear fuller, voluminous but look and feel natural.


Original image credit: The Beauty Department edited by The Hidden Thimble

My personal favourite, plastic bristled wands are a combination of the two wands above.  The result – dark, long, full and best of all – clump-free lashes!  The downside:  your lashes won’t feel as soft and natural as with the natural bristle wands.

 2. Choosing the shape and size of the perfect mascara wand for your lashes.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect mascara wand for your lashes.  Bear in mind, that depending on the type of lashes you naturally have and the look that you are trying to achieve, you may need to choose a wand that covers multiple functions OR you might even need to use two mascaras.

If this made absolutely no sense to you, here’s what I mean:  if you have smaller eyes with short, but voluminous lashes, and you’re looking to add length and definition to your lashes, you would want to opt for a  small tapered wand for extra precision when working with smaller eyes.  In terms of bristles you’ll ideally want a wand with thin, comblike bristles to lengthen and define each lash.

Below are basic wands and their functions.  Have fun combining and figuring out what works best for you! 

I have short lashes and small eyes > Choose a small, short wand.

Smaller brushes work best for short lashes. Short brushes can get close to your eyes to help grab and lengthen each lash from the root to tip, whilst providing necessary control when you need to get up close and personal.


NARS’ volumizing and lengthening mascaras are a great size for smaller eyes.

I have lots of lashes that lack length and definition > Choose a long, comb-like wand.

To define, separate and lengthen your lashes, choose a mascara with a long, comb-like wand.  These wands usually have evenly spaced bristles which help with length and definition, but lack in adding volume.


I have long lashes but they lack volume > Choose a large, round wand with dense bristles.

Large, thick wands with densely packed bristles are the best for creating voluminous lashes.  Densely packed bristles hold more product helping to coat each lash, creating a thicker look to your lashes. Apply mascara with a zigzag motion to help evenly coat your lashes.



My lashes are too straight > Choose a thick, curved wand.

The rule here is: the fatter the brush the bigger the curl.  To give your lashes extra curl and lift choose a thick, curved brush.  Apply by sweeping the wand over your lashes, from bottom to top, to help with the curling. Curling your lashes helps to lift your eyes, making them appear larger.


I have big eyes and want natural looking lashes > Choose a straight wand.

The best wand for you is a straight wand.  Straight wands are great for getting coverage on every lash, but are not so good for people with smaller eyes as they are less accurate. Straight wands also give natural looking volume and curl, perfect for that everyday look. Depending on the sparseness and length of your lashes you can either choose a straight thick wand or a straight thin wand.


I want more precision when applying mascara > Choose a precision wand.


That’s all!  Enjoy and go forth and discover delicious lashes!

Talyssa xx

GTFO – Four ate Five


Siree here! Dining with the brunch-o’clock crowd in Surry Hills is what I call an ideal weekend. Walking down the leafy, boutique-style Crown Street it’s never hard to find a place for a tasty stop over, which made Four ate Five the meeting spot for our Saturday GFTO… and also a mini game of “What did you say?” with the unusual name.


I heard a lot of talk about Four ate Five on the foodie scene and it’s just what you can expect of the Surry circle. It had a good mix of staple dishes like eggs and toast but combines it with a twist by adding tofu or balsamic reduction and the feel goodness of your inner hippie with fair trade and single origin coffee. It’s a great cafe to wake up in on a Sydney morning – unassuming and the food is well done too!


Breakfast is always a boring start to my day. All I can think of is banana bread or the big brekkie kind that is heavy on the stomach but browsing the menu, it’s nice to see how inventive breakfast can be.  Although the menu is breakfast and lunch only, it’s got enough variety to keep you interested (there’s only so many breakfast varieties of granola and muesli to choose from) with the addition of weekly specials to change the normal roster around. If you’re in for being health conscious, than you’re in the right place. All the selections for breakfast and lunch feel light and about the quality on the plate. We got jelly from the girl across the table who ordered the baked eggs which looked amazing but found out too late (damn!).

But when we got our meals, the food envy went away:


mexican breakfast

mexican bean mix on toast w/ tomato, avocado & spanish onion salsa, with crispy tofu

Talyssa’s choice is this tasty open sandwich with the option between egg or crispy tofu. Talyssa says she thinks the tofu was the better choice as the egg would be too much and I agreed. The spices really shine and flavoursome compared to the latter of trendy Mexican joints popping around which is oh-so satisfying to drown out.


kumera chips w/ home-made aioli

Kumera (fancy way of saying sweet potato) chips was something I remember back from my visit to Vanuatu and it was so yummy I had to eat it every day! I really enjoyed how they sliced the chips at Four ate Five because it puffs up into airy cases of potato deliciousness~ it was slightly oily at first but it was really nice with the aioli. I could eat this all day!


Weekly Special

caramelized pineapple coconut pancakes w/ maple syrup and vanilla ice – cream

My choice for lunch is… dessert! They actually had two weekly specials: Eggs Benedict and pancakes. The Eggs Benedict was sold out so I had the pancakes and it was yummy! Not overly sweet, and the nutty texture of the toasted coconut with the warm pineapple was a great substitute than the usual strawberry which I hate since Australia’s strawberries are sour like lemons.


ricotta cheese, semi-dried tomatoes, avocado, pickled beetroot & rocket

served on soy & linseed w/ balsamic reduction

Sora’s choice: It’s pretty hard to go past a combination like cheese and semi-dried tomatoes, and even though there’s a great deal of people who hate the root vegetable, beetroot in the mix made this sandwich yum. Talyssa even liked it better than her Mexican Breakfast because of the balance of flavour though I didn’t eat enough to compare.

Rating: ★★★

Setting and Atmosphere


Though the interor is not wacky likree the other places we have been for our past GTFOs, Four ate Five’s vibe has a calm yet busy communal atmosphere that’s lively (especially during lunch time) but chilled enough to sit and talk while you wait. There’s an small outdoor area at the front which was great to soak up the nice winter sun on the day and the inside comprising of individual tables in the front and the large wooden communal table at the back which we ended up sitting on. I gotta say, I enjoyed sitting at the communal table more than the individual tables as I’m a fan of table real estate and the overall vibe it gave off when the table was full.

You’ll find a small line starting to form during the peak hours of 12 – 2PM allowing you to plate-watch what the people outside are eating as you wait your turn, or sneak into some nearby boutique shop while you wait for your name to be called from the list.

Overall, it’s a lay back type of environment.

Rating: ★★★


I was pleasantly happy that, despite the hectic time we arrived the staff were friendly and quite prompted. Sitting at the back anywhere is like entering the black hole of invisibility, making you act like a pro active monkey to get anyone’s attention. But I didn’t feel the effort at Four ate Five. Be warned, when it’s busy they’ll try to bust your tables to make way for new customers so if you want to stay a bit longer, try to go there early or later in the afternoon.

Rating: ★★★★ 

Pricing and Value for Money

Ok, so a salad for almost $20 is like paying gold for lettuce leaves – which is expensive. Ranging between $$-$$$, that’s pretty average for good weekend brunch food and the area, but adding up the menu style and the portion size I’ll give it some slack. If Talyssa was so full she was gonna die and I was so full I could only eat 3/4 of my pancakes, that’s a good sign for satisfying.

Rating: ★★★.5


Where to Find Four Ate Five

485 Crown St, Surry Hills, Sydney


Opening Times:

Monday to Friday: 7.00 AM to 3.30 PM

Saturday: 7.30AM to 3.30 PM

Sunday: 9.30AM to 2.30PM

Alice McCall : Cruise 14/15 review


‘If we gave out cups at the end of Fashion Week, Alice McCall would have a hat trick: best newcomer, prettiest collection and easily the most popular in class.’

What a glowing recommendation, and by Vogue UK, no less. Make way people, the new ‘it’ brand is here! As an Australian fashion brand, still babies in the large and notorious fashion industry, we’re really stunning the world with the amazing designers we’re producing !

I have to say though, although Alice McCall’s lovely silhouettes and feminine designs have always been nice and all, they never really jumped out at me like it did when I first saw her cruise collection 14/15.


And boy, was I screaming. (Like seriously. Ohmygad. Look at that dress. THOSE SHORTS. THAT COLOUR. )


It is love at first sight. The whole collection screams perfection. I cannot get over the detail, colour palette and designs she has whipped up and thrown together with such effortlessness; it seems to have come together with that artful delicacy born out of a fairytale dream.


The simplicity of this maxi dress and the complexity of the detailed fabric and layering- what is perfection? And how effortlessly french chic are those pants?! 

Alice has created an enchanted world where miniature doll-like beautiful girls wander around draped in supposedly simplistic yet artfully flattering garments, wrapped in the impervious bubble known as I-look-f*cking-amazing-right-now-and-I-know-it. (And I am totally feeling that, right now. At least, the miniature bit.. you know.. because I’m short..) The tulle, sateen and chiffon affectations on these garments capture nothing less than that dreamy, delicate and untouchably feminine side of women perfectly.


I’m loving the simple silhouette and bold lines. These looks are so straightforward yet delicate- talk about taking avante garde to a different level in today’s fashion scene.

Every girl knows that feeling. When you wear THAT dress with THOSE shoes, when your hair falls perfectly and you feel absolutely fabulous. We grace the world with our presence, we radiate confidence and inspire admiration and jealousy in others.

[ Am I being too honest here? Ha, I know you know exactly what I mean ladies;)]



Them pleats. Those RUFFLES. I’m crying. Look at that colour. If there was any time to be a fairy it’s now. Look how Alice has redefined the cut of these garments to flatter the figure. CUTE IS THE NEW SEXY.



Well there you have it- my favourite looks in the up coming collection that could not make me happier for the up coming season. Can you tell?

Haha !

What do you think ? Take a look for yourself !

Sora xo

T a l y s s a
S i r e e