Alone in The Big Apple – New York

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mac bar
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central park


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When I told M I wasn’t planning to put New York on my itinerary for my solo trip to the United States, she gently gave me a “WTF are you kidding me?!” kind of you-can’t-be-serious look on her face.

What fashion blogger hasn’t been to New York City?

I was corrected to rethink my travel plans again under this wisdom of unwritten assumed knowledge and I got to say, I’m glad I did.

New York was indeed the city that every aspiring fashion blogger needs to visit. Living by example, Sex and the City did teach me 2 important things about Carrie’s NYC. First, writing and being unapologetically fashionable go hand-in-hand and second, you should always invest time in your girl sisterhood.

Indeed I did feel New York was that kind of destination you just have to bring your best girl pals to and really enjoy some close knit bonding over a trendy hole-in-the-wall brunch, casual Soho shopping and the delights of this metropolis sheltered under its Art Deco mixed English Baroque architecture.

Manhattan is surely the largest city I have ever experienced!

In my 4 days, I have completed, discovered and missed some very crucial hot spots on my hit list just simply because The Big Apple is just that – big. It overwhelms me to think what would the city be like without its iconic Central Park occupying most of the upper half in the concrete jungle. I spent a good 2 hours trying to see every inch of this park and still left the West part untouched!

My overall vibe of New York’s style guide is the city of branded handbags paired with trouser pants with the colour of winter showing its arrival to the streets and the shoe of choice was a decision to go either heels or trainers on the hard cobblestone to tile pavement. As an early birthday present (gifted by me to myself) after dropping by the major stores in Bloomingdales and 5th Avenue, I finally settled on an Alexander McQueen in their Lexington store. Tote styles I found make shorties like me feel out of proportion to their length but the Heroine Open Tote was a nice shape without joining the entourage trendiness of Prada Saffiano’s, I love it! I gave up on my heeled boots on my first day and spend the rest in my trainers. Ah sweet relief!

I reached my peak of loneliness after getting stuck on a packed train behind another traveller not knowing where he was getting off, taking me two stops later arriving at Grand Central with no underground internet or underground line map to figure the way back. Note to self – must hard copy a subway map. In my despair of a rough and long day, I spontaneously cut my fringe a bit too short and became micro – Oops. 

Lucky for me, it turned out surprisingly good! :D

At this point of my trip, I’m not sure how I would live life not knowing Trader Joe’s existed but it has certainly made me join the health food craze. This well-summed up photo essay by Buzzfeed gets an A for my appreciation because, their foodstuff is just too damn tasty. A grocery shop that embraces pumpkin season with pumpkin-on-pumpkin-on-top-of-pumpkin noms has my money.


Here’s the TL;DR of my NYC:


Manhattan Highlights
∇ The Mac Conner: A New York Life Exhibition at The Museum of the City of New York 
∇ Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3
∇ Shopping down Soho Area and Bedford Ave, Brooklyn
∇ Fav NY Shops: In God We Trust, Catbird NYC, Opening Ceremony, The LEGO Store
∇ Aladdin and Avenue Q Musicals at Broadway
∇ Swedish food at FIKA
∇ Milk Bar by Momofuku
∇ Mac N Cheese at MacBar on Prince St
∇ Reuben Sanga at Katz Delicatessen


Until next time!

Advertorial: Quirky Circus – Blue Bouquet

Hi Everyone,

I’m baaaaaack. Can I just say being an adult plain and simply sucks…working long hours leaves me absolutely no time for myself or blogging – I cry! But my New Year’s resolution is to blog blog blog!!

I’m here with an advertorial for the lovely Quicky Circus!  What’s great about Quirky Circus is that it is a brand by Aussie loved Mink Pink.  Whilst Mink Pink tends to be a bold, grungy New York style, you can find Quirky Circus‘ collections have an inspired vintage flare.


Necklace: Colette | Top: Bardot | Shorts: Quirky Circus

When Quirky Circus approached us to do an advertorial for them I couldn’t wait.  I absolutely love the pieces across all their collections.  We were given a choice out of the “At The Lake” Collection, and I chose the Quirky Circus “Blue Bouquet” shorts since summer was on its way.  They are the perfect summer shorts – loose, flowy and vibrant – a great piece to add that pop of summer colour to your outfits.


I have and always will be a detail orientated person.  The small unique details make me happy and it’s often these details that sway me to choose one clothing item over the other.  What I absolutely loved on these shorts was this notice right here on the tag:


Can I just reiterate the following: “Vintage Inspired Designed to Fade – This garment is designed to fade to give a vintage inspired look”

How awesome is that?  Your shorts will fade per wear, tear and washing to create a personalised vintage look.  Seriously.  It’s the little things.


The material and overall quality of the garment is great!  Really well made – secure stitching, great pockets and I love the dart  detailing on the front of the shorts.


I thought I’d put this shot in, in memory of my ombre.

So where can you get your hands on them?  These shorts are called “Blue Bouquet” and you can find Quirky Circus clothing at any Myer store in Australia…or keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming Giveaway!

Find Quirky Circus:

Quirky Circus Website:


Instagram: Quirky_Circus


Talyssa xx

FML: Weekend Ride



// Hat: Agent NinetyNine // Dress: No label but similar find here // Shoes: ZU //

Damn I have forgotten how to ride a bike!

It feels like all these childhood learnings that I’ve spent many a hard long summer in the local park conquering have disappeared from my adult mind like ice skating and roller blading. It was pretty much the only regular sport I did other than finding a shopping center with a temporary ice rink for the summer to cool down and practice Figure 8s on. Skating backwards was pretty much the coolest average thing you could claim as the skater skill to know back in those times.

About this cute white Dutch style bicycle my dad picked up for me in mind, I couldn’t wait to try and ride again on this vintage cruiser when I saw it – or so I thought. Seriously, are the seats supposed to be this high? I know I’m not very tall but I think these standard frames are a bit cumbersome for the shorties who’s average measurement to standard proportions have missed the mark by a few centimeters. Unfortunately, the amount of scratches and knee scrapes did not fruit into a decent growth spurt in my favour. In any case, this Hollander does look great in photos melting the grunge city streets into an enduring portrayal of urban life. It’s very picturesque!

To be honest, I’m not feeling this dress on me. No, no I’m not looking for sympathy on the matter. I think it was one of those designs that was nice in theory but failed in execution. The plunging V line with lace would be nice if you had a ‘flatter’ and slender frame and the proportion breakout from torso, sleeves to skirt was just unbalanced for my body liking. The lace sleeves was its only saving grace but I’m always game to try on different styles.

Anyway, hope you all had a great Christmas!
Until next time!
January 1, 2015 - 10:43 pm

The Hidden Thimble Team - Thanks for the suggestion John!

I hope the next time will be a more successful piece since I’ve been inspired by the ‘Downtown from Behind’ photo project.

Happy New Year!



December 29, 2014 - 6:53 am

FDChief - The overall effect is adorable, Siree, but I agree on the dress proportions…tho I thought it was the high waist on the skirt that makes it look sort of dumpy. You rock it as hard as you can, but it just doesn’t sing.

I love your bike, though; you might think about doing a short piece with some cycling styles for summertime – I’ll bet you could come up with some very cute looks to go with your bike!

Alone in Angel City – Los Angeles







Ahoy! Ahead is sort of a partial diary page in my self-guide to traveling solo in your 20s, I guess.

If you have never ever considered the idea of traveling solo, I ask, may you reconsider the idea again?

I must admit that the lack of selfies and menu choices for the singular experience can leave you missing the shared fun of doing things in sets of twos (or more), but if Bear Grylls has taught me anything about slowly awakening the more instinctual and open minded side of adventure, it’s about being resourceful. And sometimes, that can only be found when you are on your own.

Although I have been by now on a couple of travels plane hopping without a companion to call ‘friend’ for a good portion of a trip, my second time traveling solo was indeed a true solitary experience. Across four cities in two weeks. Destination: United States. And now that I am looking at this from the other end, from being 24 to now 25, it’s not all about being mentally tough and letting the complete selfish act of only thinking about your besties (Me, Myself and I) take over your every day without compromise. There will be a point when you just feel too damn alone to be happy by yourself for these occasions (an experience I felt in New York which I will share on a later date). Still, I think it’s something you can’t avoid. Accept it, embrace it, and then move on. It’s not all sugarcoated freedom as it might sound at the start but once you get over it, I found I was able to lighten up at the small joys of the treasure find. Whether it was finding a good spot for a much needed break from pounding pavement or better time management to fully conquer my to-do list, the adventure was like a Survivor guide to evaluating and strategizing fun in the absence of company, without having to deal with that tribal outplay drama cos, you know – no tiki torches.

Admittedly, coming from Australia I would say venturing to the Land of the Free (and the Home of Pumpkin Spice, my newly discovered favourite) would be considered a stranger kind of familiar than foreign. So of course I would naturally end up first on the West side to discover our long lost distant cousin who would make me want to stamp every experience with that distinctive Cali-vibe I heard so much of from the lyrics by a certain Californian Girl.

Los Angeles this early October was a mixture of familiar short-shorts and tee’s in the unusually hot weather in the Autumn season and I am convinced that the space this city land mass has occupied could shame a tetris labyrinth – sandwiched between beachy coast and arid desert. Crazy Winter pattern aside, LA seemed to share many aspects of Sydney’s lifestyle, the casual dress code, the urban beach scene is a interesting mix of Manly and Bondi eccentrics and body shapes and how public transportation is a bio~tch. Lucky, public transport was no longer my sole method to get across the ridiculously long roads of Angel City in the form of a most gracious acquaintance from a dear friend (I realized early that no one uses their legs for more than a few blocks) but I heard Uber was a nice alternative to hack the vast maze blocks that make up LA in no time for those with no wheels.

If you are only traveling for a few days in LA, here is my hit list of must does which I found enjoyable:

la map

Until next time!



December 27, 2014 - 10:02 pm

The Hidden Thimble Team - Thanks Mica!

Haha I’m also bad with directions myself and got lost a few times when I was using Google too!

Ahh failure… I end up drawing my own maps to get the right direction :)

Luckily small talk is a big thing in America and asking/talking to people was a bit fun :D


December 24, 2014 - 12:02 am

Mica - Beautiful photos!

I’d never be brave enough to travel solo – I always get lost and look like a tourist even if I’m just visiting a different state, haha!

Would be a great adventure though, like you said.

FML: Summer Dazed with Quirky Circus





// Apricot Bloom Dress c/o Quirky Circus//

Behold my micro fringe! So, what do you think?

As you might have guessed, I’m unashamedly smug about it because, I’ve been getting quite a few praises for its edge. And also, I cut it myself. On a spontaneous whim while alone in my hotel during New York travels. I win. :)

Please don’t hate on my left-for-dead locks these days. It’s a daily struggle to keep it looking at least decent to pass as healthy let alone living. Sob.

Dressed up for town like a sun deprived sunflower, heat slapped from the weekend heat wave and enjoying a Marilyn Monroe moment in this flirty cute sundress from Quirky Circus, the off beat sibling to older sister brand Mink Pink, is a perfect example of being Sydney day casual for high summer.

If you enjoy vintage silhouettes and prints for the modern girl with adorable collection stories such as At The Lake, The Antique Shop and a day at the Blue Mountains, definitely check out their range in Myer or online.

Until next time!



Quirky Circus | Website | Facebook

Small Update: Moschino Sunnies Giveaway!

Hi there you!

We have a small but exciting giveaway to announce! Remember Siree’s FML featuring those lovely red Moschino shades from Vision Direct?

Well we we are giving them away… for free… valued at $170.95! It’s our little early Christmas present from us to you :)

Here’s how to enter:


Our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Good luck if you enter! :D I’m working on something more substantial to write about soon but here’s a small preview….



Until next time!
We have a winner!!
Thank you to everyone who entered!
We really appreciate your readership and support as always and we hope to have another giveaway shortly! :D
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