If you find yourself wandering through the busy hustle of Newtown to the quieter edge of Enmore, you are now in the hush-hush circle of some new age food buzz scene going on every weekend.

Newtown might always take the favourite for brunch time but Enmore is probably one of the most diverse eating areas in outer Sydney you will experience on one street. From African to Turkish ice cream, this place is the eating melting pot that enjoys a little obscurity overshadowed by its big sister next door making it peaceful and quiet – perfect for some late brunching!

The truth of the day was, we were supposed to check out some vegan food but ended up finding Secret Garden and past the vertical flower arrangements and curtained fern vines, was a cozy hole-in-the-wall that was pretty damn cool to walk away from.

Setting and Atmosphere

Rating: ★★★




First impressions count and Secret Garden sure does welcome you to “smell the roses.”

Every corner to the ceiling is filled with an assortment of plants both fake and real which proves if you have a theme, you better go hard or go home!

Is this a garden or some tropical jungle we stepped into?

However you may define it, the decor is a good transition from the day cafe (7am – 5pm) to the bar at night (5pm – 11pm).

Think small and cozy communal lounging or get intimate in the loveeee seater under the canopy (oh-la-la).


Rating: ★★★

Browsing through the cafe menu, you’ll find your standard favourites of bacon and poached eggs to fancy steak sandwiches.

Until you see dinner.

Have you heard of ‘arepas’ before? Neither have we until we came to Secret Garden.

It’s a Colombian white corn meal pocket with filling and sounds interesting only, they serve it at night. Why?!

We gave up being vegetarians today for you~ sigh

But moving along, we chowed down to some of their other cafe grub to ease the pain.



Talyssa was in the mood for something avocado and light so the “Poached Eggs” was the obvious choice.

Recalling back, I don’t remember seeing or tasting feta or lemon oil which would have been nice.

For $16, I’d would say even with 2 eggs on top, without the other elements, it’s slightly better than your usual piece of toast.


Crushed again to hear that they sold out on the “Black and Blue” (rare roast beef sandwich), I opted for the “Montreal Ruben (typo for Reuben?)”  instead and I’m glad I did.

I loved the sauerkraut and pickle combo which cut through the heaviness of the cheese and the swap for smoked wagyu instead of the usual pastrami was a good choice. It really showed off a mature side when eaten.

I wasn’t too sure about the side of Wasabi Potato Salad as I felt it didn’t really match together and the noticeable hit of wasabi was missing.


Rating: ★★

As with most, if not all order-and-pay-at-the-counter sort of eating services, you’re pretty much left alone after your interaction with the staff which is fine since the cafe vibe is very relaxed.

For the moments of service at Secret Garden, it was a pleasant experience.

Pricing and Value for Money

Rating: ★★★

Price points on the menu would be marked on the average scale for Sydney brunching.

If you want something light and simple for a weekend feed with that true “suburban local cafe” drop-by with change still left in your pocket,

Secret Garden fits the bill.

The Details

Where: 134a Enmore Road, Enmore 2042

Opening Hours: Mon – Tue: 07:00–17:00  |  Wed, Thur, Fri, Sun: 07:00 – 23:00 | Sat: 07:00–22:00




Big Girl Crayons

If there is anything I find myself slightly obsessing over these days it’s lipsticks.  I don’t know if it’s a coming of age thing now that I’m past my mid twenties but seriously, give me them all.  I have no time for sticky glosses, only a one time intense affair with colour, thank you.

Whilst I feel like a complete poser in the above pout shots, it’s really all for your benefit.  Behind the above illusion are naturally thin lips and no one wants to see that in a lipstick review. Just be thankful I didn’t go all Kylie Jenner on you.  Besides dear readers, I’m wearing lipstick, let me flaunt it!

Colour: ✩✩✩✩
Intense colour that lasts.  A good matte finish but not as good as my MAC Ruby Woo.

Texture: ✩✩✩
Love the light velvety feel of this formula, it’s a pleasure to wear and glides on with ease.  My lips feel soft and moisturised, which is refreshing for a matte lipstick.

Unfortunately, this formula is unforgiving if your lips are not perfectly smooth, tending to gather in cracks or dry skin and accentuating them.  This formula lacks the coverage that some other lipsticks provide.

Packaging: ✩✩✩
I think the packaging is really cute and funky, and definitely suits a younger vibe well.  Whilst I prefer to carry a more elegant looking lipstick on my nights out, there is a nice, casual, everyday feel about this packaging.

My bag tends to be a permanent home for my favourite lipsticks and they are often mistreated in and abouts the other items thrown into my bag.   It really is a game of survival for my lipsticks and I typically prefer a magnetic cap (not a feature of 3CE lip crayons) to ensure the lids don’t fall off.

Price: $22 ~

Buy It Here:






Top:  Zara  //  Skirt:  Zara  //  Shoes:  Seed Heritage //  Bow Brooch:  DIY


Class Starts Now

… and you’re running around wondering what you are going to wear!

Attending the school of style and judging between rocking up in pajama party gear or better-look-like-I-ironed-this-shirt OOTD, the campus is a great place to play dress up or dress down (or forever in whatever works mode. I tend to get sloppier as the years went on).

Seeing this combo on a Zara mannequin, I knew I had to get ALL of it. But something was missing.

Although I wanted to add a proper bow-tie, I think this little bowsie brooch I whipped up gave it a whimsical touch playing the part of a good studious student, though I would never get to the lecture room on time to save my life.

Time to end this with a fashionably late pun!

Until Next Time!




Left to Right:  Nasty Gal //  Bagazimuri & In God We Trust // THPSHOP // Overseas (Korea)

The Anatomy of the Stack

I might not be the best at cleaning, or the best at organizing, but give me some miscellaneous items to throw in a bag or box and I’m a hero. If you have worked/work in a grocery store and received a compliment from a customer about how well you packed their bags, you know that your OCD skills have been upgraded to “genius” rewarding every control freak with the sweet victory of satisfaction.

Jenga, Tetris and Dr. Mario, I owe you my thanks to master the art of the stack.

A method? Or a loose set of rules?

The “way” of ring stacking is not a strict science but a handy guide that will get you to pro in no time.

The “basic” set up for stack perfection is mastering the tower effect on your fingers with your ring collection. Buying already made ring sets are fine, but if you are building from scratch you might want to plan your set before purchasing a bunch of rings.

Try to figure out where you want to have your midi rings, your cluster, your bands if you like something with more body, how many skinny bands you will need and so on.  It’ll save you a lot of money in the end.

When you stack your rings high, you’ll probably feel like your fingers get compressed from piano fingers to chubby short stacks (haha get it?).

Never fear, you can use a few tricks to try and mask the impression of short fingers by using more thin bands in your combo or simply paint your nails a nude/light pink shade to make your fingers appear longer.


Left to Right:  THPSHOP // In God We Trust // Overseas (Korea)

Everyday Simple

An easy go-to stack look that will go with everything you wear, the everyday chic vibe is the most versatile combo in your arsenal and also the best to invest in.

If you can afford it, go with quality over quantity especially if you are into gold tones as they’ll look more elegant on your dainty fingers day and night.


Up to Down:  Whistles // Overseas (Korea) // Bagazimuri // Overseas (Japan)

Pastel Dream

If you like to play with colour adding different stones, beads or costume designs can work in any stack.

First, start off with a theme and try to find complimentary shades or shapes to create a cohesive set.

Try to not overkill on your theme and keep things simple.


How do you stack your rings?


Until Next Time!




Top:  Kookai  //  Pants:  Sportsgirl  //  Shoes:  Wanted  //  Necklace: Colette

Comfy Pants

As the seasons get colder, I can’t help but gravitate towards comfort when it comes to what I wear, especially during work days.  Working in an office unfortunately means sitting down for majority of the day, and what’s more uncomfortable than sitting down all day in a pair of jeans?

So that’s when I went in search of the most comfortable work pants and stumbled across these at Sportsgirl.  I love them to death, they are loose, soft and best of all, there’s a drawstring elastic waist, meaning I don’t have the waistline of my jeans digging into my gut every time I bend over or sit out. Gurls dats what I’m talkin’ ’bout, mmmhmm.


Being so comfortable means these pants do look quite casual, but I was able to jazz them up with a pair of heels, crop top and geometric necklace, making sure to accentuate with hints of gold.  I think this definitely takes the outfit from a comfy casual day at work, to an “after work drinks” chic, or a girls night catch up!

Talyssa xx


A sample of zine covers from my collection L-R; U-D: SSE #10 VS FORCE by VS | Sunless by Danny Shimoda | Audrey & Audrey by Ayano Takeuchi | How’s it Hanging? by Timbo400 | MENACE by Chris Yee | Fix your Clothes by Raleigh Briggs | Fight your Fears by Alejandro Giraldo | Do-it-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad by Adam Gnade

Sorry for being MIA! It was not intentional I swear it. To be honest, getting on the computer recently has been a bit of a drag because… Netflix is literally sucking up all the data speed on the internet lately. Real talk, as if the constant loading pinwheel of death was not a constant reminder of how behind the whole country is in this tech-dependant age, you get this:


Wanna know what this is doing? Nothing! It’s literally NOT loading. Yes, Netflix has indeed killed the loading icon and is now in a permanent state of refresh button bashing CPR life support.


And it will drive you insane! (not Netflix, I love you. Australia’s slow internet, I hate you)


But I digress.


I am resisting the urge to spend more money than necessary at the moment on clothing to share the second passion in my life – zines.

I realised I haven’t shared my collection here but over the years, I have hoarded what I like to describe as a nice “musing” anthology of particular writings or photo essays on what I so happen to reflect on over a regular basis – or just because I like the publication.

I have a terrible habit of showing favouritism and judge books by their cover so there’s a build up of art book types, but I’ve seen some foodie ones like this ode to Pie zine which I definitely would get into. I’m also in the mood for a zine full of just bad puns or awkward responses to daily situations. Perhaps illustrated with a cute caricature of Brick Tamland from Anchorman – I’d buy that.

Here’s a few gem reads from the pile:


Title: スープを飲む少年 by ムライ. An indie manga I picked up in Japan, the title translates to “The Boy Who Drinks Soup” storytelling the various “ways” the chef sources his ingredients to serve his little customer. Great for those who like dark humor.


Title: Natural Health by Thisispaper. I actually got this supplementary zine from a purchase on their online shop and realized how good this zine was for work! From tired eye exercise methods to remedies for colds, it’s a keeper for any office worker. Now if only they had a cure for RIS in my wrist…


Title: Do-it-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin’ Sad by Adam Gnade. We all have days when we’re just sad, and not the “I ordered a feast and only got a lettuce leaf” type of sad. It’s the kind that is born from insecurities or the luxury of too much boredom and when you need some general guidance, Adam is there with his words of wisdom. Kudos!


Title: The Story of Gardens by Kuba Woynarowski. As you can see, is an abstract story with stunningly detailed drawings in a comic/graphic novel style told in only red, white and black. The art in this is so beautiful and surreal, you really appreciate the artist’s attention to detail on the more intricate pages.

In recent news, this weekend sees the return of the MCA Zine Fair at Circular Quay so if you’re in the area definitely stop by for some inspo, creative mind mingling and maybe a freebie decal with your new read.





My Zine Swag

Although I did love the many art zines I saw, I tried to go for some other types of zines since my collection is becoming a bit bias.

I had an urge recently to rewatch Tim Burton’s Batman Returns for the costume designs and it was fitting to find a zine dedicated to Catwoman herself! Catwoman75 by Jennifer Wu is a zine dedicated to celebrating 75 years of Selina Kyle in all her forms (except Halle Berry’s version because, although she is a good actress, that movie thou…).

I also got a Kanye Loves Kanye card and “I Am A God” from Daniel Malik. A great zine of quotes and inspirational sayings from the mouth of god himself.



I also got these two cute zines, Aters Gonna Ate and Literal Movies by Penny Wongpaibool and Paul Fiore. I thought there would be some foodie zines but alas I wasn’t able to find any, so Aters Gonna Ate fueled my food wish especially for smoothie ideas. Literal Movies is a quirky zine that creates short funny synopsis based on if the movie’s title was literally the movie itself.

The MCA Zine Fair’s final day is tomorrow so be sure to check it out!


Until Next Time!