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So I’ve been trying for the life of me to re-blog this interesting blog post I found, but for some reason it’s not working so I thought I would post it here myself:

Androgyny Goes Both Ways << link to original post

This is a little something I found interesting on the blog badfadsblog.com, who did a post called “Androgyny Goes Both Ways.”  This post talks about a trend, or possibly emerging trend in Men’s fashion, centered around ‘womenswear inspired menswear.’


This ‘trend’ apparently all started from Kanye’s outfit at the 12-12-12 benefit concert, in which he performed on stage wearing a ‘skirt and meggings.’   As soon as I saw the picture of Kanye (click blog link above to see the picture), I was immediately taken back to my teenage JRock days where I would endlessly watch Miyavi prancing around in his music videos, tour videos and fashion shoots, in various pleated skirts.  It’s funny to think I grew up idolising men who wore skirts. haha.

Miyavi, in some of his skirt outfits.

I found it interesting to see this look coming into the west only NOW, since androgynous fashion has been prevalent in the East for quite some time, particularly within the Japanese Rock scene.  I mean I was use to seeing these images about 5-7 years ago now?  Maybe even more!    I know for Japan, androgyny has roots in Japan’s cultural past and traditional Japanese theater, where the more androgynous you looked, the more you were considered close to the “gods,” or even a “god” yourself.

But as to why the West has now decided to adopt such a style…I have no idea….and..I really do not find it appealing at all haha!

Your thoughts?

  1. FDChief says

    Well, one side of my family comes from a culture where the guys ran around in skirts and just didn’t CALL them skirts, so I can’t say I’m shocked or revolted. Lots of Western guys would be, tho – I think more by the other “feminine” accessories rather than the kilts, tho. And even tho I’m pretty comfortable with my maleness – I don’t feel the need to dress it up, particularly – I look at the top image and shake my head, thinking “She’s pretty butch…”

    So my thought is that most Western guys aren’t going to be comfortable with this look. It’ll catch on as a sort of cult thing in the hipper urban parts of the U.S. but generally? No.

    Kind of brings up the old joke about how if she prances around in your shirt she’s cute, but if you run around in hers you’re kinky.

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Haha yes yes I’m assuming you are referring to kilts haha…but yeah I agree its about the other feminine, and Japanese Jrock guys..sometimes go WAY to far…lol

      Haha I think that’s why it looks so wrong! Because we are not use to seeing such a butch body inside these particular types of clothing. I surely hope that Western guys are not comfortable with this look!!

      Haha that last line!! <3

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