3 Ways to Look Good While Working Out in Winter

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The Freeze is Here!

They say summer bodies are made during the winter and with Christmas over, my only wish is to get a jump start on my New Year’s resolution: losing weight.

It seems like with every new year that comes and goes so does my desire and results for weight loss – it’s a temporary happiness. While I was able to exercise a little bit of self discipline and control before moving to Japan for this year, I have unfortunately put back a few kilos which I had diligently lost, a good 5kg in fact! Yikes!

To pop the fairytale bubble that is the misconception of “since Japanese people are always skinny, you will definately lose weight while in Japan” myth (obviously they haven’t delved into the deadly good sin of oomori「大盛り」 service), there are many out there who attest walking from place to place as being one of the reasons for the slim waistlines of Japanese people. While walking up a few flights of stairs moving from train platform to platform will burn a few calories, just like many of us at home, anyone can easily stay within the four walls of their room comfortably without the need to get up like a tourist and explore the city until the sun goes down. That is, your body is a far more complex system than just some stairs can fix (I’m just saying…).

But let’s get real, sometimes we girls don’t want to look like a dag while working out and to succeed, motivation is key.

While none of us expects anyone to look like a supermodel while they’re going hard at the gym or pounding pavement, looking good while working out is like a confidence booster for your ego especially when you are mingling with the crowds at Shinjuku to make your way to Yoyogi Park. You what to look fresh AF right?!

With the extra challenge of winter weather, no one can blame you for wanting to stay in but with a little prep, working out outside is doable.

A Guide to Exercising in the Cold for the Fashion Sensitive


1. Heat Tech be your Bae

Ahh how times have changed from the distant past where heat tech (and Uniqlo) did not exist in Sydney. I just can’t imagine life without heat tech anymore it’s a staple necessity in the wardrobe! While exercising you want to buy breathable, lightweight knit keeps you cool during your workout and I do prefer shape forming silhouettes rather than bulking up on heavy layers or using track suits which feel a bit like a plastic bag while you run around. Plus, when you are exercising you don’t want to feel heavy but layers are very important in the winter season especially with the wind chill factor. I usually wear a “minimum” on 3 layers unless it’s even colder than 5 degrees and windy outside. Thankfully, this heat tech fabric technology is also available for sport wear which acts as one heated layer so you won’t be looking like a snowman while running around!

The following tags are from the GapFit range, make sure you look out for them the next time you go sports wear shopping!

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Also, check out these long sleeves with thumbholes at the cuffs! Now you don’t need gloves as well! (Unless you have chronic cold fingertips like me)




2. Go for Colour 

As much as I enjoy wearing black for working out, it’s also fun to play around with the bright vibrant fluros you see for gym wear. The added bonus of wearing colour or patterns for sports is that you can look a bit more fashionable when walking through the streets rather than knowing you are wearing boring potentially shabby looking gym clothes that will only be worn to work out in. So have fun!


3. Yes, you can wear (natural) makeup!

This might be a bit controversial especially if you suffer from oily acne prone skin but I feel like you can wear makeup so long as it is light and will be washed out as soon as you are able to.

I usually put over my sunscreen a light layer of powder foundation to set the oiliness of the sunscreen and simply go for a tinted lipgloss – that’s it!!

I see articles that add eyeliner and mascara but seriously, it seems a bit too much and a time suck to your routine in my opinion. Remember, the time spent getting ready will also eat into your workout time so maybe just keep that in mind if you are spending more time getting the perfect look rather than the perfect body.


Bam! My 3 tips to kick start your new year’s plan!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and looking forward to a new year!

Until Next Time!



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