5 Notes for Spring

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Siree here! Winter is officially over here and being someone who absolutely hates rain and dark mornings, Spring brings the promise for an endless blue sky and a time to recap and refresh. So here are my 5 favourite things (and personal notes) for the Spring season.

1. Something for the Home

Spring cleaning time means packing away the heavy donnas and lightening the heavy clutter load from Winter’s aftermath but I think it’s also important to improve on and think about reorganising your work life, change your surroundings and improve your whatever-space.

This time around I’ve been determined to clean out my “working” clutter in a hope to boost my productivity so I purchased a new schedule planner that is specifically designed to coordinate your work rather than using a standard diary. I got this one from Morning Glory for roughly $10 and I’m expecting to fill it up with my work life very very soon. I also desperately need to do a thorough cull of my phone and desktop files since I am a hoarder of digital junk!

I’ve always wanted a Succulent so I got a mini one for the desk! I believe this is the Mexican Snowball variety. I think Succulents are great as office or work station plants since they don’t require much water, they’re compact and if your work friend has mad hay fever, you don’t have to worry about pollen as well.

I’ve never given much thought to scents for my room but I kept one of the candles I bought from Pigeon and Weasel last month for myself since it smelt so unique. I didn’t even have to open the box to smell it because it was so pungent but not overwhelmingly to the point of it being old or stale. This one is the Black Lavender candle and it’s not your sweet fruit scent or floral kind but is a blend of lavender, cucumber and sage. It’s an unusual “Spring” scent choice I guess but whatever, I love it because it smells light and fresh in my opinion so I think it’ll add an extra touch to my interior decor.

 2. Hidden Talent

Can you guess what these little guys are? They’re food magnets! But no, unfortunately I did not make them and aren’t my hidden talent (sadly). Probably something you may not have known is I really like to cook! I’ve been cooking a lot of Korean food recently but I would like to learn fusion and post some recipes to share here.

3. Travel more

If life permits I would love to travel at least once a year. Not because I’m loaded (seriously have you lived in Sydney?) but I find not traveling anywhere for a long enough period leaves me jaded and restless. No surprise here, I’m heading to Japan and Seoul soon! I also found out while I was cleaning I am a holder of a Japanese passport! Haha just joking! It’s a note book. I must have kept it since my last visit when I was in high school…

Oh and if you are wondering what’s the little cardboard luggage bag. It’s actually packaging for tea that I got from Taiwan! Cute no?

4. MIM magazine

I, with the help of my creative crime fighters have just released our 3rd issue GEEK and I’m so proud of our little zine publishing efforts. We’ve been planning, writing, networking and of course creative sourcing to produce an intriging read on all things lifestyle and urban. The great thing about having this indie publication is that we are always experimenting and trying new things so I can’t wait to see how it’ll evolve in the future.

5. Birthdays

It seems everyone’s a spring baby. Here at The Hidden Thimble, Siree and our blog both share the same birthday month: October! We’ll have some special news for our blog readers during October so please stay tuned for when we unveiled its mystery!

What’s your spring cleaning plan this year? If any of these have inspired you to create your own checklist, feel free to add any of them to your next big clean out.

Until next time!




  1. Mica says

    Cute photo! I hope you do get to travel! I have been thinking a lot about travelling more lately too.

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks Mica! I hope you get to travel more as well!

      My hit list currently is:
      Venice, Tawian (again), Dubai, South Africa and USA (Cali area)

      What countries would you like to visit? :)

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