A Day Out With Spotted Cow Cookies

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Once upon a time in the industrial wonderland known as Alexandria, lived a bunch of crazy cookie eaters, tucked away in a quaint little cookie making warehouse know as “Spotted Cow Cookies”.  They spent their days endlessly creating and tasting cookies, and so it went on until they discovered the secret formula to the perfect cookie – nothing too fancy but always delicious and filled to the brim with love.

One day, Tahnee, the leader of the crazy cookie eaters came up with a wondrous new invention – the brookie, bringing together the two most decadent treats known to mankind – the cookie and the brownie.  To celebrate, she decided to open her cookie warehouse to a select group of very lucky cookie enthusiasts, one of those cookie enthusiasts being me, courtesy of ningjaeats!

Brookies – Brownie X Cookie filled with peanut butter cream or vanilla cream.

The day was a mixture of cookie making classes (yes I have the secret recipes, and maybe I’ll share them), a tour of the factory and a feast that would make the cookie monster jealous – you’ll see what I mean later on.

Upon arrival, we were greeted to Spotted Cow’s new invention – the brookie.  A combination of a brownie and a cookie, the brookie is soft, chewy and filled witha peanut butter or vanilla cream centre.  And yes,  it’s everything you’re imagining – rich, decadent and yum.

We were soon herded (heh heh get it since we’re at spotted COW cookies) into the room we would be cooking in, and it was set up like a Alice in Wonderland tea party!  Sweets and treats dressed the table top and had everyone’s mouth watering!


First, we made our own stuffed cookies – don’t worry I’ve spared you the photos of my creations.  We were able to stuff the cookies with anything available on the table.  There was chocolate, salted caramel, smarties, peanut butter, Nutella, coconut and more!

The cute, bubbly and ever-so talented, Tahnee, owner of Spotted Cow Cookies

After we made our cookies they were put in the oven and in the mean time we took a tour of the factory.  It was really fascinating learning everything involved with making a cookie.  Spotted Cow Cookies really care about the ingredients they use and even take the time to assemble some of the cookies by hand too!

After the factory tour, we were taken to a room to unveil  Spotted Cow’s newest range of cookies:




Please don’t get jealous over what I tell you next.  Not only did we get to help ourselves to the delicious spread, we also got to take anything we wanted home, plus 5 bags of cookies!!!!!!!  You can see everything I got to take home below!

Flatlay copy

So where can you get your hands on these cookies?  You can order them online here or find them randomly stocked in places – I recently saw some at Event Cinemas!

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