FML: A Little Icing on Top

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OH HAI GUISE!  Talyssa checkin in!!

Erg. Time goes by so fast these days!!  I can’t believe it’s already the first of May tomorrow!  Technically it should be Autumn in Australia at the moment, but the weather in Sydney has actually been quite warm~  Warm enough where the need to transition into the next season’s clothing hasn’t been entirely necessary!!

Jacket: La Cream | Singlet tops: Forever New | Shorts: Supre (Don’t judge!! Sometimes they have alright items!) | Belt: Supre | Socks: Tutuanna | Shoes: Randa

I don’t know if this ever happens to you guys, but for me, when I travel overseas I tend to buy a lot of clothing.  In fact I go shopping crazy.  Then when I come home, I realise just how many bad buys I made.  I know, it’s terrible.

This jacket has a similar story.  I remember walking into the first level of La Foret in Harajuku and seeing this awesome store called La Cream.  I saw this jacket on the mannequin and loved it immediately….and I still do.  Unfortunately though, it is one of those pieces that is really difficult to match with anything!!  In hindsight, I really wish I just bought the whole outfit on the mannequin so I could at least wear it out a bit more…it usually just sits in my cupboard looking pretty.

These photos made me realise just how much hips and ass I have…lol…not sure if that’s a good thing

You may have noticed that this is the first shoot we have shot indoors with our studio lighting kit!    I have to say it worked quite well and shooting was definitely a lot faster within a controlled environment – we didn’t have to stop for wind blowing our hair everywhere or adjusting our camera settings to accomodate for the ever changing display of light from the sun haha.

A bonus was we got to listen to music whilst shooting…which inspired many cute poses lol…

Blame Girls Generation!

I do miss the extra magic nature gives to the photographs though!

For this look I paired my floral denim jacket with a cream crochet top and my turquoise pinstripe highwaisted shorts.  I added the belt to bring the look together.

Close up of the shoes. I really love these heels, they are super cute and I’m loving the toe and heel coloured tips. I am absolutely obsessed with wearing socks with heels. It’s just way too cute!

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    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks so much for the lovely comments Helena!! Just checked out your blog and I’m loving your style too!! Followed you back on Bloglovin!!

  1. fdchief218 says

    Now that outfit is cute on a thermonuclear scale, Talyssa! Your jacket now looks like a brilliant find and I agree that the shoes are perfect with the socks. Perfectly adorable.

    But I completely disagree with you; your figure is shapely and attractive; you have just the right amount of hips that a beautiful woman SHOULD have. Lovely, tho I don’t think you’ll believe me, you are. Really. Your ass is poetry in pinstripes.

    Altogether, you look very fetching.

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Hahaha FDChief!!! This made me laugh and had my confidence soaring!!!! Best comment ever! LOL

  2. Antonieta says

    you always look perfect!!
    love your shorts, your shoes, your crochet top, your jacket and of course your socks hahaha

  3. Ania says

    you look so cute!! amazing outfit :)

  4. Mica says

    Lovely heels, and that jacket is such a cute purchase! IT would go with so much, especially denim, but a nice block colour dress would look lovely with it too :)

    Away From Blue

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks Mica!! Thanks for the tip as well :) I really want to try wear it more :)

  5. fdchief218 says

    I want to back up what Mica said; I agree that little jacket would look awesome with a solid-color dress. Just a thought for your next session…

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