Blogging as a pair about the things we heart, the story of The Hidden Thimble has to start with our friendship.

Contrary to popular belief, university group assignments does not always mean death. We both met at university sharing a group assignment with 6 other people. Shock! But we somehow made it out with our friendship intact and now we are the best of friends.

Our motivation created this blog to be a platform to explore our own personal style in fashion as well as updating the sweeter things in life like trends we’re digging, music, food we’re enjoying, travel buddy-ing and of course we ramble ramblings from time to time.

Maybe it’s the media student in us but we love making our own original content.
Whenever we see something we like, we literally pick out all the elements to reveal the creativity behind it rather than the price tag. It’s made us more aware of how aesthetics work and we aspire to gain the knowledge to create the stunning visual dreams we see in styling but on a more realistic level for us.

We hope you love reading our blog as much as we are putting all of our’s into creating our living daydream.