Advertorial: Quirky Circus – Blue Bouquet

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Hi Everyone,

I’m baaaaaack. Can I just say being an adult plain and simply sucks…working long hours leaves me absolutely no time for myself or blogging – I cry! But my New Year’s resolution is to blog blog blog!!

I’m here with an advertorial for the lovely Quicky Circus!  What’s great about Quirky Circus is that it is a brand by Aussie loved Mink Pink.  Whilst Mink Pink tends to be a bold, grungy New York style, you can find Quirky Circus‘ collections have an inspired vintage flare.

Necklace: Colette | Top: Bardot | Shorts: Quirky Circus

When Quirky Circus approached us to do an advertorial for them I couldn’t wait.  I absolutely love the pieces across all their collections.  We were given a choice out of the “At The Lake” Collection, and I chose the Quirky Circus “Blue Bouquet” shorts since summer was on its way.  They are the perfect summer shorts – loose, flowy and vibrant – a great piece to add that pop of summer colour to your outfits.


I have and always will be a detail orientated person.  The small unique details make me happy and it’s often these details that sway me to choose one clothing item over the other.  What I absolutely loved on these shorts was this notice right here on the tag:


Can I just reiterate the following: “Vintage Inspired Designed to Fade – This garment is designed to fade to give a vintage inspired look”

How awesome is that?  Your shorts will fade per wear, tear and washing to create a personalised vintage look.  Seriously.  It’s the little things.


The material and overall quality of the garment is great!  Really well made – secure stitching, great pockets and I love the dart  detailing on the front of the shorts.

I thought I’d put this shot in, in memory of my ombre.

So where can you get your hands on them?  These shorts are called “Blue Bouquet” and you can find Quirky Circus clothing at any Myer store in Australia…or keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming Giveaway!

Find Quirky Circus:

Quirky Circus Website:


Instagram: Quirky_Circus


Talyssa xx


  1. Jessica says

    This look is indeed quirky. Sassy! Love its simplicity yet it’s still sexy.

    Jessica |

    1. Talyssa says

      Thanks Jess! Glad you like the look!

  2. John Lawes says

    SO cute! These little shorts take awesomesauce to 11, Talyssa

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