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Owls for Muggles!

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard by now, Japan has some pretty exciting and interesting cafe culture in the form of animal themed cafes. While cat, rabbit and dog cafes are some of the well known types, I always wanted to go to an owl cafe! Before coming to Japan, I never thought owls could be kept as a pet so what a treat to see one up close and personal!

Just a few minutes walk from Akihabara Station is “Akiba Fukurou,” a super cute owl cafe with 28 owls inside!

While researching on what owl cafe to choose, I found that most owl cafe services require you to order a drink as the minimum “entry fee” with the food area being divided by a glass window in which on the other side, is where the owls are kept. An extra fee is charged to go into the owl room and the experience is around a 10 minute session to hold and take photos with your feathery friend. When I did the math, it ended up being a bit too pricey and since I had my sister and her bf joining me, I wanted them to experience “being” with an owl rather than just being able to “see” an owl through a glass panel. The difference with Akiba Fukurou is that it’s not your usual owl cafe experience as it’s more of an aviary in the form of a stylish cafe. There is no drink or food menu and the whole time you are there (around 1 hour) you get to experience bonding with the owls in the room. You can walk around freely, pat and hold as many owls as you want! Woohoo!




Aren’t they the cutest?! Even the biggest owl was so sweet when you gently stroked its face haha. The owls are very well trained and the staff are also knowledgable and skilled at handling them should you have any problems. The staff will give you an intro on how to hold the owls as well as which owls you can hold or touch etc.


The owl I picked was called “Charles Xavier,” a Black-Banded Owl. Such a looker, I liked him the most haha!


At the end of the session, you get a photo as a souvenir which was really nice! If you are looking into a owl cafe to visit in Tokyo, I definitely recommend this place!

The Details

Where: 〒101-0022 67, Neribeicho, Kanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo


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  1. FDChief says

    Yay! You fixed the comments! (Or, conversely, my computer got over whatever hiccups it had about your comment section…)

    Anyway…what I really enjoyed (other than the whole coolness of the idea of an “owl cafe”) was that you picked the most stylish owl, Siree. Even where nocturnal predators are concerned, you are truly the Ultimate Fashionista..!

    1. Talyssa says

      Haha I know! There was definitely something wrong, but it seems to have passed, maybe it was a wordpress issue!

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