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Before Moving to Japan | My Tokyo Lunch Box Life

I’m back with another dosage of that I’ve affectionately labelled “My Tokyo Lunch Box Life.” I do hope you haven’tView full post »

Moving to Japan: A Day of Triumph

Captain’s Log: Day 31 Hello Brave New World! Ironically in this modern day and age where technology has made even “instant” a hashtag,View full post »

Saying Goodbye

I love you like polenta chips! This is a sad goodbye letter to my hometown of Sydney that will hopefully bridge the confusion and explainView full post »

2 cents: Roadtrip Date Survival

So girls and guys, let’s talk.  We haven’t really done this in a while! If you don’t know, I’m dating someone new and I’d say it’s goingView full post »

2 Cents: Re-blog – Androgyny Goes Both Ways

So I’ve been trying for the life of me to re-blog this interesting blog post I found, but for some reason it’s not working so IView full post »