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Falling in Love for Fall Make Up

Trend Mode: Modern Gothic It’s the Fall 2016 buzz word that re-hashes bringing plum and purple hues back into fashion with a touch ofView full post »

Review: Jurlique Haul

Jurlique started with a dream; to connect people back to nature. Unfortunately my first encounter wasn’t as profound as a suddenView full post »

Event: Dermalogica Primer Launch Party

I don’t know any girl who’s not a fan of Dermalogica.  It seems to be the Beyonce of skincare, so naturally I was prettyView full post »

5 Favourite Japanese Cosmetics and Skincare Products

(L to R; U to D): Lion Pair Acne | Sana Poreleskin | Kose Sekkisei White Powder Wash | Kose Precious Garden Hand Cream | Majolica MajorcaView full post »

Review: First Impressions 3CE Nail Lacquer Haul

Yes, another 3CE haul. How can I not go to Seoul and pick up a little something from my favourite brand? In truth, I love going to a salonView full post »

Review: 3CE Blush – #My Muse

I’m a Peach Girl When it comes to blushers I’m a one blush kind of girl. My blush has always been pink-based and always matte.View full post »

Review: Kat Von D – Mötorhead Studded Matte Lipstick

Stepping over to the Dark Side So..I’ve always wanted to try a dark lipstick but well, I was terrified.  I mean this is my faceView full post »

Review: Rimmel Magical Stay Lip Coat

As life has been reduced to my “poor student, no stable income status” existence again, it is a bummer to keep fighting the urge to spendView full post »

Review: 3CE Lip Crayons

Review: 3CE Lip Crayons

Big Girl Crayons If there is anything I find myself slightly obsessing over these days it’s lipsticks.  I don’t know ifView full post »

The Hidden Thimble x Clearasil – Skin and the Sun (Giveaway)

Advertorial Self-conscious. Embarrassed. Gross. Those harsh and unfortunate words haunt any adolescent’s thoughts and are all too familiarView full post »

REVIEW: 3 Concept Eyes Haul

Hijacking this post is a makeup haul I can only describe as a sugar coma coloured daydream with my 3 Concept Eyes haul from my visit to theView full post »

Review:You who came from the Stars, and YSL lipstick 52

Hey guys ! Sorry to follow Talyssa’s fab beauty post with ANOTHER beauty post- but this one you might find interesting too in a differentView full post »