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Adventures in Eze, France!

“How was France?” “Really, really great” “Awesome, where did you go?” “Paris, Nice,View full post »

One Year of My Tokyo Lunch Box Life

One Year and Counting A bit premature but indeed I am having that “OMG” moment at realising when crossing out another day onView full post »

Sailor Moon Exhibition and Cafe

By the Power of the Moon, I will Punish you! She may not be a Disney Princess by title, but Sailor Moon’s charm has captured everyView full post »

Finding Animal Doughnuts in Japan for Neko no Hi!

A Day for Cats?! It always surprises me how the Japanese phonetic and kanji writing system can be bent in some unusual yet cool ways thatView full post »

Going to the Studio Ghibli Museum

Escaping into a Fairytale It may not have flashy gates or a mascot roaming around to greet every guests but the Studio Ghibli Museum isView full post »

Akiba Fukurou – Owl Cafe

Owls for Muggles! I’m pretty sure everyone has heard by now, Japan has some pretty exciting and interesting cafe culture in the form ofView full post »

Hunting for Leaves – Kōyō

Thank God Mid-Exams are Over! While Sydney is enjoying the bikini season a little early it seems (it’s only Spring and hitting overView full post »

Alone in The Bay – San Francisco

The last entry in my solo trip before heading to Hawaii to meet my sister for my birthday. My time in SF was cut short toView full post »

Alone in The Big Apple – New York

When I told M I wasn’t planning to put New York on my itinerary for my solo trip to the United States, she gentlyView full post »

Alone in Angel City – Los Angeles

Ahoy! Ahead is sort of a partial diary page in my self-guide to traveling solo in your 20s, I guess. If you have never everView full post »

2 cents: Roadtrip Date Survival

So girls and guys, let’s talk.  We haven’t really done this in a while! If you don’t know, I’m dating someone new and I’d say it’s goingView full post »

FML… literally. jokes, pants.

OK. I’ll start with an apology. I AM SO SORRY ITS BEEN SO LONG SINCE I JUMPED ON THE SCENE ALL EXCITED AND THEN I disappeared. In allView full post »