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Independent. Confident. Easily distracted. Wall flower.

For the good and for the bad there are many words to describe the kind of person we are. It’s reflected in the way we carry ourselves, by the way we match our interior selves with the exterior.

When we dress, we want to impress and, unfortunately, doing our hair doesn’t always get the same attention as what we wear here at The Hidden Thimble. Hair arrangements always takes a loooong time and many attempts to perfect. So the next best thing? Colour it!

We were invited to Dove’s Colour Live event in Darlinghurst, hosted by Nuffnang,  for an evening dedicated to knowing more about colour appreciation.  George O’Neil, the Marketing Director of Dove Hair Care, introduced to use the new Dove Colour Radiance Range.

We had a warm welcome with either a choice of Moët & Chandon champagne or a super cute hair vitality juice before entering the “Dove Sensory Studio.” Siree headed straight for the Moët and Talyssa took the juice because she was driving. Never tasted $80 worth of bubbles for free. It’s bliss on the palette!  The secret to “hair vitality” juice peoples is cucumber. Just juiced cucumber. lol.

The whole idea behind the room was to sit in the darkness with dimmly lit coloured lights as you heard what each colour meant, what it reflects as a emotion and finally as a person. It was a unique experience of colour perception though Siree must admit she might have ruined it by the sound of her noisy camera -.-; #thuglyfe

So what does the Dove Colour Radiance Range do? Well it’s formulated to retain the vibrance that dyed hair looses with washing as well as nourishing hair from the damaged caused by the dying process. When you think about it, the process of getting your hair coloured is pretty laborious. You spend all that time figuring out what colour would suit you best, fighting the fear in that “What if…” scenario of maybe regretting the decision later and then dying your hair (which takes ages!) only to finally see it fade. It’s a little heart breaking to see it run down the drain and not stay on your head, no?

From my (Siree) blonde hair experience I noticed that over the weeks, my normal shampoo and conditioner combo would gradually dull my bright blonde shair to a blonde copper that seemed to go into the “greenish” blonde tone spectrum.  I realised I had to change my hair products to suit dyed hair. I always thought “Aren’t they just all the same?” How wrong I was! I could definately see a change in the blondess of my hair strands over 3 weeks.

After speeches we broke off into groups with a colour therapist to get a colour analysis and determine what colours suited our complexion and what our colour category says about us. Colour categories were divided based on the seasons.

Colour categories:


Spring: Easily distracted, keen for change, fun loving, excitable

Suits very contrasting bright colours – greens, blues, oranges (pretty much what our colour theory lady was wearing)

Summer: Introverted, absorbing, wallflowers, soft spoken

Looks great in silver and muted colours – maroons, shades of pinks, shades of blue-greens, creams.

Autumn: Good listeners, mysterious, independent, attentive, nature lover

Looks good in deeper shades of colors – natural colours, browns

Winter: Outgoing, loud, attention seeking, confident
Better in colorful shades however not orange – vibrant and bold


Talyssa here now, I know I always appear to be the cynical one in the posts…I seem to be the devil whilst Siree is the angel haha. But!  My only purpose is to present a non-biased opinion.  I swear it!

For those who didn’t know, colour theory has been around for quite a while, having an extremely popular movement during the 80s.  Nowadays, colour theory has evolved presenting 8 different personality types as opposed to four.  I think for the purpose of the event, Dove thought it best to keep their colour theory to the simpler 4 season method.  You can read more about it here:

If I’m 100% completely honest, I thought a lot of the colour theory was a bunch of bull. It is completely impossible to categorise something as complex as human beings into four categories – “Seasons” – and then from that, deduce personality types and colour combinations that suit them.  From memory, one of the first “stereotypes” I heard was that people of the colour group “Autumn” typically have red/auburn hair and that people who have black hair are clean cut, sophisticated, well behaved and elegant.  A few problems I had with this statement…first of all you can’t control what hair colour you were born with.  Secondly…what about asians!??! THEY ALL HAVE BLACK HAIR?!?!?!  ARE THEY ALL SOPHISTICATED AND WELL BEHAVED BY DEFAULT?!?!

In saying this though, I was completely enthralled and keen to find out what colour group, season and personality type I was -#OMGLIKEYAY! Seriously, I have some kind of weakness for all these kinds of things (horoscopes, personality quizzes etc)…regardless of the fact I don’t believe in them.

So what colour type was I?


To be honest summer does describe one part of me quite well, but again, it depends on the situation I’m in and who I’m with.  Sometimes I think I act slightly different with every single person I’m friends with.  I don’t think I could ever pinpoint one definitive me.  I don’t know what my “true” personality is… does anyone?

Ahh I remember this moment clearly.  You see, I have never in my life radically tried to change my hair colour.  In my J-rock days (ohohoh yes there was a time I wanted to be all gothic-like) I always wanted to get a big, electric blue chunk in my hair because I really liked Meguru’s hair from Panic Channel. But, I was always too scared of a possible negative outcome.

You see the man who is touching my hair right there??  He is one of Australia’s best hair colour-ists and has worked on the hair of numerous celebrities.  When I heard this, I took my chance and leapt up onto that chair.  I would definitely lap every moment of this up!

You see, I thought this was it, my chance to finally get a professional opinion on what colour I should dye my hair!!! My chance to ask what colour would suit me!! My chance to get that extra confidence to take that very important first step when it comes to dying your hair!!!  I was so happy!!

Eagerly I asked him his professional recommendations for my hair. And do you know what he said!?

“You’re hair is already a nice colour.  I personally wouldn’t dye it or wouldn’t stray too far from it.  Maybe add some chestnut highlights, for some extra definition and glossiness, but that’s about it.”

WHAT FUN IS THAT!!?!?!  I’m so tragically upset.

I’ve always wanted to try something crazy like a blonde or some crazy colour, I just needed this one push!!!  But’s just not meant to be…

Moving on, we tried to decipher my colour type. We had speculated that I was a summer, and I had it confirmed after holding a fair few colour combo’s against my skin.

Working out what colour palette suits me :)
Does it suit me?
And…I greatly dislike this photo, but from memory it’s the only one of Siree and I together on the night.

Overall, the night was fun, the goodie bags were awesome and I actually ended up liking Dove’s colour theory because it was girly and fun!  It kinda reminded me of something I would do at a sleepover with a bunch of my favourite females :) Most of all, it was great to meet other Nuffnang bloggers.  We even made some cool closer blogger friends, Jaybear and Soborii

 We’ll share our hair stories using Dove Colour Radiance Range soon! Maybe when we decide to dye our hair crazy to defy the odds. Who knows! 


  1. Sheffie says

    That last photo is great and you both look gorg! whats not to love? ;)

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      LOL Talyssa is just being modest :P

      Thanks love for stopping over! It’s always nice to meet a fellow Sydney blogger :)

      Siree Xx

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