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If there is anything Korea does to an overly massive extent, it is theme parks.   Estimating here, I am confident to say that South Korea has at least 10 major theme parks, and I’m not talking crappy ones like “Lunar Park” with like 6 rides, I’m talking fully fledge Movie World/Dreamworld type theme parks.

To put into a bit more perspective just how much of an extent Korea must love their theme parks -considering they have so many – I need to bring it back to the homeland.  In Australia we have what…? 3  major theme parks? Max 6 is you include things like Melbourne and Sydney Lunar Parks, Jamberoo etc.  Korea has at least 10 theme parks and the land mass of Korea fits into Australia 77 times!!!!! Sayyyy whaaaa??

On our Korean adventure, Siree and I only ventured into the South Korean theme park depths of Lotte World and Everland,  whilst Siree prefers Lotte World, I really like Everland.  Although my second time going to Everland was not as good as my first time, I really just find Everland more magical, I guess haha.

The only reason why I think Siree did not enjoy Everland as much as Lotte World was definitely because of the season we visited.  We visited during Everland’s “Winter Wonderland” season, which unfortunately, is probably the worst season to visit Everland.  This is due to a couple of reasons:

1. Rides and food stalls were closed because of the cold – this included things like T Express, Safari Adventures etc – Some of which were highlights for me the first time I went.
2. Lack of parades and shows, particularly those at night – The ‘Moonlight Parade‘, ‘Lighting Ceremony‘ and ‘Magic in the Sky‘ shows at the end of the day was SO magical the first year I went.
3.  The Park closed early!

The first time I visited Everland was during the “Christmas Fantasy” season (from 9 November to 31 Dec) and the park was decorated immaculately.   The whole back section of the park (which was barren and closed off during the “Winter Wonderland” season) was basically this magical garden of fairy lights.  It was absolutely beautiful.

Amazing Christmas decorations!

The back section! This is the stage for the Lighting Ceremony and Magic in the Sky Performance, which was awesome!!
The whole back section was decorated with lights!
Some of the many wonderful Christmas decorations that covered the back section of the park.

Seeeee how pretty it was!!!  I was so disappointed with the “Winter Wonderland” season!!

If you are into parades and shows,  I definitely think that Everland offers a better experience than Lotte World.  Shows I recommend include the Seal Show “Dartagnan and the Sea Lion Trio,” and the “Adventures of Peter Pan.”  Both involve animals that do AMAZING tricks!!  Be sure to also catch any parades – especially those at night!!  And if you are there during “Christmas Fantasy” do not miss the Lighting Ceremony and Magic in the Sky Performance!!

The rides at both theme parks were equally enjoyable, though Everland tends to have a lot more rides for children.  Everland is also freaking freezing in the Winter…and both times I went, my toes and hands physically hurt from the cold!! It Burrrnnnsss!

Everland entrance!
The Everland Tree! This is reallly pretty
These characters were shuffling to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem!! Haha
Yay!  We are totally freezing our butts off.  SO. COLD.
Gift Shops!!
More giftshop goodies!! Another side note about Korea couple culture (I know I sound really obsessive about it since this is like the 3rd time I’ve mentioned it in one of my posts) but couples always wear matching earmuffs or eared headbands to Lotte World and Everland …its SO CUTE!!
Playing with the animal beanies…I loved mine so much I bought it…It is always a hit at parties!!! I wish I bought that ram one as well…so cute!
The T Express!! The largest and steepest wooden rollercoster in the world!! What a beast!  With my fear of roller-coasters…I’m never going near this..
Everland at night!
The Everland Tree at night….soo pretty!!
Winter Wonderland is still pretty, don’t get me wrong…just not as good as Christmas Fantasy



Click on the map above to download the larger version from the official Everland website


This really depends on where you are travelling from, but if you are staying Seoul based, you want to catch a train to Gangnam Station (Line 2) then catch bus #5002 from Gangnam. The buses in Gangnam are a little tricky to find…so ask someone if you have any troubles…we got help from a worker in Hungry Jacks who was super nice!!

When to go?

I havn’t been during the summer seasons, but out of the winter seasons you definitely want to go during the “Christmas Fantasy” Celebrations.  As with everywhere else in Korea, the park is more crowded on weekends and during holiday season.


Adult: 40,000 won
Teenager: 34,000 won
Child: 31,000 won

For a special discount coupon click here !!  Pretty good discount right??

Opening Hours:

Depends on what season you go, but usually opening times are 10am – 8pm


Everland has a variety of facilities so you will not go without all day!  Some of the basics:

  • Plenty and plenty of restaurants
  • Lockers: Locations can be found on the downloadable guide map above.  Small: 1,000 won,  Large: 2,000 won
  • ATMs: Located at the guest service centre and Information Centre, next to China Moon Restaurant.
  • Disabled Parking as well as wheelchair rental.
  • Stroller rental
  • First Aid
  • And more…


  1. Olivia says

    I really liked visiting Korea, I only made it to Lotte World but Everland was on my list! I want t visit Everland during the summer to go to their caribbean bay!

    Great and insightful post!


    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks Olivia! Definitely you should go to Everland, I want to experience it in summer too~
      Yeah I’ve never been to Carribean Bay because winter in Korea is just wayyy too cold!

  2. Sandy says

    Everland is gorgeous! I’ve been tossing between Lotte World and Everland and just like you the first time, I’ll be visiting Seoul during winter so I was worried about the rides not operating.

    But with the immaculate lighting and fun parades, I’m sure my family wouldn’t mind going EVEN if the majority of the rides aren’t operating. They will not be able to pass up a photo opportunity!

    Thank you for all the pretty pictures, I cannot wait to go >//<

    CLICK HERE – for korean beauty, tutorials and reviews~

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      No problem Sandy!

      We hope you have a great time there with your family (because we sure did!).

      Make sure to bring a lot of heat packs with you – it’s freezing in Winter!


  3. Lia says

    In your opinion is it worth going here for the rides in the winter time? I’m going on a trip and I really want to go here but I’ve heard it is really bad during winter. Are most of the rides really closed? Or are some still open if I go during the Christmas Fantasy time?

    1. Talyssa says

      Hi Lia,

      If you go during the “Christmas Fantasy” season (from 9 November to 31 Dec) I really recommend it, majority of the park is open and almost all rides are available.
      The Winter Wonderland season is just after the Christmas Fantasy season, and generally it’s colder in Korea at this time. Because of this most rides are closed, food stalls are closed. Overall the park still looks quite pretty, but just not as good as the “Christmas Fantasy” season. Hope this helps!

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