1.   Where is The Hidden Thimble based?

The Hidden Thimble is based in Sydney, Australia.

2.  What does The Hidden Thimble mean?  How did you come up with the concept?

For the meaning behind The Hidden Thimble, please refer to our first blog post.  We basically played upon the metaphor in the famous Peter Pan story of the “hidden kiss.”  As a “kiss” in Peter Pan is commonly referred to as a “thimble” and a thimble also has connotations with clothing and fashion (i.e. a tool used whilst making clothes), we played upon the metaphor for our blog name and came up with The Hidden Thimble.  Although there are a lot of meanings behind the Peter Pan metaphor of the “thimble” and the “hidden kiss”, we wanted our readers to engage and create their own personal interpretation and meaning of not only the name of our blog, but the philosophy behind it as well.  We thought The Hidden Thimble’s philosophy was captured perfectly within the video scene located in our first blog post.

In terms of coming up with a concept for our blog name, it was really difficult.  We went through a tonne of names with none of them feeling quite right.  It’s funny because inspiration always seems to pop up when it is least expected.  The inspiration for The Hidden Thimble actually came whilst reading J.M. Barrie’s classic novel Peter Pan.  We instantly felt that the concept of “the hidden kiss” aligned perfectly with the feminine, elegant, classic and vintage inspired fashion we love.

3.  How do you write your reviews?

 – In terms of sponsored items (referred to as advertorials), we believe in a policy of honesty towards our viewers and will therefore only feature items we like and believe in.

–  In terms of non sponsored items (referred to as reviews), we feature both positive and negative reviews on items we have personally chosen to buy and try ourselves.

4.  Who makes your graphics?  Do you have a photographer?

All graphics, website layouts and images featured on this blog are created and owned by Siree and Talyssa, unless otherwise stated.

All photography on this blog is taken and owned by Siree and Talyssa, unless otherwise stated.

5.  What camera do you use?

Siree and I each have our own DSLR cameras as part of our work is done separately.  Our main camera used for all photoshoots and videos is the Canon 7D.  We also use the Nikon D80.

6.  Do you Photoshop your photos?

Yes, we Photoshop our photos.

7.  Are you trying to be models?

No, we are not trying to be models, nor do we think we are or want to be models.  We simply want to share the fashion we love in an interesting, creative and visually pleasing way.

8.  How can we contact you?

You can contact us via:

1. The contact tab in the navigation bar of our blog.

2.  Via our Facebook page

3.Via our email: contact@thehiddenthimble.com



1.  Graphical content is owned and created by The Hidden Thimble.

2.  Photography is owned by The Hidden Thimble.

3.  Visitors are more than welcome to share our images, however credit must be given when used – i.e. link back to our blog.

4.  All content is based on the thoughts, personal opinions and experiences of Talyssa and Siree, creators of The Hidden Thimble.