FML: 1950s Soul..

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Sometimes I feel like I should have been born in the 1950s.

I feel like part of my soul, when you scratch a bit under the surface, is old and serious.

I like proper things – gentlemen, dressing nicely, good company, kind people…

I love beautiful feminine fashion pieces…

And I love beautiful music!  Ilene Woods, Nat King Cole – so classic, so beautiful.

And of course black and white romance films!  Audrey Hepburn – all that beauty and elegance!  I think I am absolutely in love with FALLING in love.  After that…I have no clue hahaha.

The other part of me contains a prominent child-like quality.  There are reasons as to why I always want to keep a part of me ‘child-like.’

Having a child-like quality is not the same as immaturity.

Immaturity is wearing nothing but an edible lolly bra, having two of your friends pretend to lick your sugar coated nipples whilst half your boobs are hanging out, taking a snapshot and posting it on Facebook.  You then comment on the photo, ever so proud of your efforts in successfully being a douche bag.

Child-like is liking One Direction when you are wayyy past the pre-teen stage.   You then buy tickets to their concert with one of your closest friends, because unlike half the people in your age group who are just a bit too “cool” to like music soooo beneath them, you have enough courage to admit that yes, THEIR SONGS ARE ACTUALLY PRETTY FREAKING GOOD AND CATCHY!!!

There is a point to this I swear.

My next fashion look is an oldie but a goodie which I thought I would share.  I wanted to go for a very 1950s style to suit my 1950s Japanese Vintage Dress. But more importantly I was surprised to see how much of myself was captured in the photos…I look child-like but serious, sad but happy all at the same time…

It was shot by the lovely Jaded Images.  Makeup by Makeup By Ebony.

Dress: Cream on King | Stockings: Tutuanna | Heels: Randa  | Eyelashes:  Dolly Wink no. 02

I absolutely love the checked pattern of the dress, its so beautiful. The colour and fit give an all round feminine and soft look.
Despite looking pissed off/angry in this picture, it shows nice detailing of the top of the dress. Absolutely love the collar area.
Make up close up. Never again in my life have I ever been able to get my lips looking like that. Maybe I have the wrong products, or just don’t know how to put lipstick on properly lol…is this a problem a girl should have?


  1. Antonieta says

    I love this post! your words and the outfit were like a little story of a cute girl…that´s your style Ü

  2. Ania says

    You look amazing!! :)

  3. Daphne says

    love your make up and hair:)

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks Viktoriya!! I love your name by the way! The spelling is so unique!

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Haha, I do that too, I love today and I love back then! I’m sure if I lived back then and could somehow compare with today I would probably be saying how I wish I were born in today’s society!

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