FML – A Florally Outback?

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With the weather warming up, this month Siree and I were definitely feeling the florals.  Florals have been big for quite some time now and I’m seriously so happy, I’ve always LOVED wearing florals!!

I’m really fussy when it comes to florals though – sometimes I find a lot of the larger patterned floral clothing, especially when on pants or blazers ends up looking a bit gaudy…when I do floral I guess I prefer the chic and elegant look, so I’ve yet to complete my wish list of floral jeans/shorts because I’ve just not found the right ones yet!!

As Siree and I are busy bee’s at the moment and new to this whole blogging thing, we’ve also decided to make a few changes to the FML section.

1.  Siree and I will alternate weekly between posting looks, so this week is my turn, next week is Siree’s turn and so on.

2. Future FML’s will not always have a set theme e.g. this months theme is Floral.  We realised that we do not own enough of the same types of clothes to be constantly doing themes…also sometimes we want to show off our favourite outfits that do not necessarily fit into a particular theme.

With that all said and done onto my look!

I really like how this look turned out because it doesn’t look too girly! I wanted to combine an elegant chic look with a bit of an edgy look and I think the floral corset top, with denim shorts and boots achieved that balance nicely! I also really dislike when pockets hang out of shorts…you will see in most photos the pockets have been pinned up…except they fell out in the photo on the left :(
I think a look like this would be really nice and unique to wear to Music Festivals like Stereo, Good Vibes and all that! It fits in with Music Festival fashion but looks a bit classier…don’t you think?
I am absolutely in love with corset tops, mainly becuase they are quite flattering for those with modest busts! haha
I really heart these denim shorts as well!
Simple accessories. Everyone always compliments these accessories when I wear them. Generally people like them because they look casual but also it suited the look I was going for perfectly!
Hope you enjoyed this look! Let me know what you think :D

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  1. fdchief218 says

    I think the boots help put it right on the spot; without them it comes across as Daisy Mae or cutesey. But the boots give you a hint of kick-ass that is softened by the pretty floral top. Nice look!

  2. Ania says

    Hello :) You look so pretty! Great outfit, also the scenery is very nice :)
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment : )

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks for your kind comment Ania! And no worries I enjoyed reading your blog!

    1. thehiddenthimble says


      Thank you for the compliments. I visited your blog too!! I will definitely follow when I finally get bloglovin up and running! I’m still quite new with this whole blog thing

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