FML: Ain’t it Fun?

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Top: Sportsgirl // Shorts: ASOS // Shoes: Tokyo Bopper // Headpiece: Chinatown Night Market // Tote Bag: Monki (Tokyo)

543Ye-ah give me some Paramore love! Talyssa and I went to their concert earlier this year and it was amazing (again!). This is the third time I saw them live and even though they are a “smaller” group this time ’round, their stage presence was anything but! Still humble and always a dance party, their sound is easy likable that you just want to head bang to their songs. That’s why I like them so much as a band! Nothing pretentious. Just having fun.

If I had any tips for concert wear I would say follow the KISS logic (Keep It Simple Stupid). A light shirt is a must unless you like the feeling of being uncomfortably sweaty inside a concert hall with 1000 or so people (imo), a watch for time sake, some flowers for that music festival vibe and massive shoes to tower over the crowd!

With my stature, everyone seems 20cm taller than me in the front row and in the second with the tallest always threatening to stand in my way. That’s why I had to start learning how to enjoy myself in the stands (not as bad as it sounds). But I was always on the look out for some platforms that would be comfy enough to wear while being forced to stand for hours. I’ve been tossing around about buying some creepers for a while but could never find one that would stop me in my tracks and scream “Take me!”

I kinda gave up on it. But while in Japan I went to Tokyo Bopper and found the pair. I’ll share more about my shoe experience in my future Tokyo travelogue but after road testing these kicks, they are the most comfiest shoes I have ever owned! Great for jumping in :)


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  1. FDChief says

    This outfit is just screamingly cute, Siree; I love your simple, classy look but your flowery hairpiece is the perfect accessory to make it fun and just wicked adorable. You must have broken a lot of hearts jumping around in the crowd…

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