FML: White Wanderlust

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Dress: Bardot | Socks: Tutuanna | Shoes: Wittner | Accessories: Wanderlust + Co


Rings: Wanderlust + Co
Rings: Wanderlust + Co



Autumn Sunshine

With Siree in Japan it’s been so hard to do shoots because we’d usually shoot each other’s FMLs.   However I’m proud to say now that I’ve found myself a photographer of sorts to help me out!  This is great news for you guys because now I’m hoping that my fashion posts will be a bit more frequent like they use to be.

Isn’t this white dress just gorgeous?  I’ve been meaning to shoot it for ages and finally I did.  It’s classic and simple and can easily be dressed up or down depending on your shoes and accessories.  To make it even more casual I sometimes pair it with a denim jacket.

I was super lucky to stumble across this gorgeous setting – perfect for my shoot and exactly what I was envisioning during the planning stages.  When I do a shoot, the setting is really important to me. Maybe you guys don’t realise it, but I always like my settings to match or even extend from the outfit I’m shooting.  I want each look to look somewhat magical and tell a story.  I want each look to have its own vibe and create an atmosphere.  I don’t just want to be another blogger that takes a street setting shoot for every outfit (although those are perfectly fine too – I’ve done some myself)!

I’ve also recently discovered Lightroom and I can’t even begin to imagine how I survived without it before. If you enjoy editing your photographs (as I very much do) I recommend you get it.

Photography credits to @tnerbblog


  1. FDChief says

    The dress IS gorgeous, Talyssa! And I can picture it with the jacket; classic and casual. Great to see your FML again, hope this is just the first of many!

    1. Talyssa says

      Thanks Chief!! Well I have another one planned to shoot the week after next so hopefully I can keep them flowing!

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