FML: Back to School

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Top:  Zara  //  Skirt:  Zara  //  Shoes:  Seed Heritage //  Bow Brooch:  DIY

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Class Starts Now

… and you’re running around wondering what you are going to wear!

Attending the school of style and judging between rocking up in pajama party gear or better-look-like-I-ironed-this-shirt OOTD, the campus is a great place to play dress up or dress down (or forever in whatever works mode. I tend to get sloppier as the years went on).

Seeing this combo on a Zara mannequin, I knew I had to get ALL of it. But something was missing.

Although I wanted to add a proper bow-tie, I think this little bowsie brooch I whipped up gave it a whimsical touch playing the part of a good studious student, though I would never get to the lecture room on time to save my life.

Time to end this with a fashionably late pun!

Until Next Time!




  1. Karen says

    omg siree you look so so good!!! love your shoes!!!

  2. FDChief says

    Terrific look, Siree; cute but chic and very practical!

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