FML: This Shirt Has Cats!

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If you don’t know who this little kitty is, well I’m gonna educate you on the awesomeness of this shirt because… it has freakin Chococat on it! Choco-freakn-cat!!

Yeah, possibly the cutest thing to have on a blouse. I got this Forever21 baby from my great friend as a Christmas present when she was overseas. She was still thinking of me when she was visiting long time friends, how sweet! So I’ll call her “Beloved M” here. She looks after me and my fashion endeavors, heart her long time~.

Rings – HOH | ASOS | Lovisa

Cuteness overload! This is from the HELLO KITTY FOREVER, FOREVER 21 X SANRIO Collection 2012. The items were really cute! I love the way they styled the pattern-on-pattern graphics for the photo shoot in the collection. It doesn’t look “kiddish.” The looks they portrayed were fresh and youthful for the pleasure of street style.  So unique! I wish Australia had F21 so I could buy more pieces :(

Cute right?! Click on the image to see more photos!
Pleather Skater Skirt – ASOS | Blouse – F21 | Shoes – hand me down

So I guess my take is more of a toned down version aww :(  To toughen the look, I paired the blouse with my pleather skirt which gave it a nice contrast. The skirt is the wet-look kind of pleather skater skirts available which I love because it’s so sleek.

Cute oxford-esque heels in cream and brown to match. These types of shoe designs were popular in Japan once upon a time… still is for some brands like Liz Lisa :)

The forced “I’m-not-looking-at-you-to-look-natural-but-it’s-all-lies” look to finish LOL :P



  1. fdchief218 says

    Holy smoke, Siree, that’s just adorable as a fluffy kitten wrapped in a cuddly blanket snuggled down next to a dish of chocolate! I love your little kitty shirt, both the pattern and the colors. Nice!

    And your shoes are tres fabu’; I think that style is called a “spectator pump” and they were ridiculously popular in the Forties. Very cool and retro now, of course, and the colors are perfect for the outfit.

    This one is a total win. Talyssa, you’re gonna have to really be on your game to top this!

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Wow thanks for that! Totally didn’t know they were called “spectator.” Neat! :)

      Thanks for the compliments! Talyssa should be doing her next FML soon so watch out for it! I’m sure she can top my look haha :P

  2. Mica says

    Aww what a cute printed shirt! Lovely of your friend to buy it for you :) I really like it paired with that skirt too :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks Mica! I’m glad you like this shirt as much as I do :)

      Haha I think all fashion bloggers would love to have someone like “Beloved M” :P

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks they all look gorgeous! it’s great to see styles from so long ago come back now but still have the same grace just like the period they were made in :D

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