FML: Daisy Dreams


Top & Bottom Set: Runaway Bandits | Shoes: Overseas (Korea) | Bag: SPIRALGIRL | Sunglasses: Gentle Monster


I have come to realised that I am no good with summer fashion. More than a normal person I have a seriously lack of summer clothes with me to cycle through unfortunately, but come autumn and I’ll be more imaginative with my style choices for sure.

Falling into old habits, I love this two piece matchy-matchy style outfit from runaway bandits. It reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume bottle which is my all time favourite scent. It’s super breezy as well which is really good in this hot Japan summer heat. No joke, I’m sweating buckets here in just a tee!

On a side note, I’m totally re-loving this Japanese magazine called “&Premium 11.” This one is an old edition but it’s called “Standard” and the theme is around the philosophy of slow-fashion and building a wardrobe that reflects your “standard” ideals of style choices based on quality not quantity.

Though their displayed price tags are a bit too high for any average person to invest on one piece let alone a combined outfit in one coordination (unless you be ballin’). It’s a philosophical movement of sorts to show how you can develop a personal style. It’s something I’m really interested in for a future wardrobe overhaul but that’s another post for another day.

Until next time!




  • Monique | WritingMonique - Your photos are so cute, I get happy just by looking at them! :)ReplyCancel

    • Siree - Aw thanks Monique!

      I’m glad you like them :D


  • Rebecca - Even though you may not have a lot of summer clothes what you do have is fantastic! I adore this two piece set! Such a great look for summer! That Japanese magazine sounds awesome! I am always interested in other countries fashions!


    • Siree - Thank you Rebecca!

      Yes, it’s so beautifully printed. I recommend it if you ever come across it ;)


  • Mica - That set is beautiful, I can see why you like it! The pieces would look great worn on their own too. Summer dressing should be simple with the heat anyway so don’t feel like you don’t have enough summer clothes! :)

    Away From The Blue BlogReplyCancel

    • Siree - Haha thank you Mica!
      My wallet feels a lot saver with that logic ;)


  • Viktoriya - Such a sweet co-ord! Amazing look!ReplyCancel

  • FDChief - This is a terrific look, Siree, you are perfect for a summery day! Like monique, I got a smile just enjoying how pretty and stylish you are…ReplyCancel

    • Siree - Thanks Chief!
      I got an even bigger smile reading your kind comment :D


  • Samantha Mariko - that get up is way too cute! dreamy<3ReplyCancel

    • Siree - Thank you Samantha Mariko!! XD


  • Airish Abella - Totally love this coordinates! It looks classy and I love its very intricate design. :) Also, the Marc Jacobs perfume smells really good!!! Hope to hear from you soon! x

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

    • Siree - Thanks Airish!

      Ahh another Marc Jacob perfume fan! Yay! :D


  • Gemma - What a beautiful post! I love the romper. Gemma x

  • Aimee - omg I need a pair of those heels in my life, love them!xReplyCancel

    • Siree - Thanks Aimee! Despite how they may look, these ones are actually super light!
      Great to party all night in haha :D


  • Ann Liao - Such a cute outfit! You look so good!


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