FML: From Space to Sea

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// Playsuit: TopShop // Necklace: H.O.H // Bracelet: Avantgarde // Watch and Belt: Korea //
//Shoes: titty&Co. // Sunnies: Japan //
Falling through the light-manifesting world of Mirazozo, then making our way to the sea…
This is the second time we’ve been inside the colour installation by the Architects of Air and it’s a trippy feeling, like being on a hyper real sci-fi set when your eyes gaze the web of fabric while your brain tries to catch up on how it perceives light and colour. Its mind alteration magic is soothing and surreal… and then you finally realize what’s so fun about it… it’s like being in a giant jumping castle! Seriously when you look on the outside there’s no better way to describe it.
Sometimes I wish fabric could be as iridescent as these spaces, but when in need some metallic can help bring the glow. I wonder if we can revive the space age clothes from the 1960s? Instead of galaxy print, how about some glittery dance pants for next season? Something out of this world would be great for winter now than the usual thick coat and long sleeve knit, but until I see retailers make fashionable tin foil dresses or selling cosmic helmet wear at the forefront, I’ll keep dreaming of my Pierre Cardin space cape.
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