FML: Her Shirt Hole-liness

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This FML is all about being casual. Ok not too casual because that would be boring! I don’t know why but during high school I would go into the city after achool or even out to dinner… in my school uniform! Yes, how shameful! But, I don’t know. Ask me: Siree? Did you love your school uniform that much?! No, not at all. It’s just comfy…? Blah horrible excuse! I’m lazy to change that’s just it. But now, 6 something years after school the thing that still stayed with me is: I love blouses.

So here’s my classic black and white combo. It’s like mixing business with pleasure or high school wear for casual days.

One thing that has changed is my under eye circles. No more sleeping till the arvo! The dark circles of doom are starting to show nooooo!
Shirt – Soeurs.Co | Skirt – Angel Biba | Singlet – Dotti | Socks – TopShop | Shoes – hand me down

Don’t mind my melting sad face. The sun was quite hot and decided to ruin my bangs that day. :(

Now for the hole part! Textures from triangles to love hearts!

Another key aspect of this outfit is the textures of the skirt and socks. As you can see the skirt has a aztec triangle laser cut pattern while the socks are knit.  I thought it kept the look interesting. :)

I recently got into stacking my accessories so now I can change this outfit from average to street style. I usually wear necklaces the most, but to balance this outfit out my fingers needed some swag. Since I’m more fussy with jewelery than clothes I started my collection gathering last year before Boxing Day sales. Maybe I should do a “How to” for buying accessories to stack or something… derp

Rings – River Island | ASOS | Whistles | Lovisa | Vanitybox | N/A
Watch – Vanitybox

Tadaa! My simple ring set up. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the brand that made this cute ferris wheel ring which I bought at a designer factory outlet store in Oxford Street. The rose gold ring is shaped in a modern ferris wheel shape with moving parts, made out of ceramic (?). It’s gorgeous and playful! If anyone knows who the designer might be please let me know. :)



  1. Olivia Gumienny says

    So, so, so pretty! I love your accessories! xx

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Aww thanks darl ;) yeah these rings are so fun! love playing around with the combos.

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