FML – Fashion Monthly Look: IU

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It’s our first fashion post. Huzzah!  Oh, but this is not your ordinary OOTD type of entry…Let us introduce our new project: “Fashion Monthly Look”, or better known as FML.

FML will be a monthly feature where all dedicated posts will explore a fashion look from head to toe.  These monthly looks will vary from everyday clothing styles, to themes in movies and TV shows, to high couture inspired looks.  Our posts will revolve around teaching you the different ways to explore, recreate and achieve the style of the month, and overtime will hopefully provide you with an extensive database of bright ideas for style, nail, hair, make up and even DIY tutorials.

So, if you like eye candy here’s a sweet treat, our first FML inspired by IU’s “YOU+I.”

If we could describe the overall theme of IU’s look, it would be a mix of ‘modern vintage’, with ‘preppy cute’ creating a highly feminine look.

1. Romwe ripple knit Jumper 2. Romwe navy cardigan 3. Marc Jacobs cotton poplin shirt
4. Asos lace socks 5.Yesstyle mary jane pumps 6. Top Shop beaded collar 7. Yesstyle A-line skirt

Notable items include:

  • Collared blouse: Peter Pan collars, two-tone double collared blouses, lace and so on.
  • Cardigans: Cute buttons add extra detail for this look.
  • Baggy/loose jumpers.
  • Skirts, Skorts, shorts:  Short length and pleated are great for this look.
  • Mary Janes or other buckled shoes.
  • Colours:  For a more winter and traditional IU look think: mustards, emerald greens, navy blues, burnt orange, creams and reds.  For a more spring/summer look think: salmon pinks, navys, mint greens, creams, summer pastels and so on.

Please note this is not a “How to look exactly like IU look,” this is a guide to create an IU inspired look.

For this IU inspired look I have paired a loose mustard jumper over a Peter Pan collared blouse, with a silk pleated mini skort. The little details in this outfit make all the difference in achieving that preppy feminine vintage look.


  • When wearing jumper on top of a collared blouse, wear the collar over the top, for extra contrast and added texture to your outfit.
  • Colour matching also gives a very vintage preppy vibe and always reminds me of that 60s matching “coat dress” fashion.  Here I have matched my mustard jumper with my Mary Jane mustard platform shoes.
  • When wearing a short skirt and high shoes, I think it always looks super cute to dress up your legs with some socks.  I am absolutely obsessed with wearing frill socks with my shoes and I think this looks suits IU’s style perfectly!  REMEMBER: Always keep the socks pulled up, not folded!!
I bought this jumper because I loved the knitted detailing on it! It makes the piece so much more unique.
This jumper also has lace detailing along the rim, adding extra femininity and a vintage flare.
Isn’t the collar of my Peter Pan blouse completely unique?? I love the lace overlaid on the main collar part and the netted lace trim. It’s so simple but subtly adds something unique and special to the outfit.
To complete this look, I wore my hair in wavy pigtails and tried an IU inspired makeup look. IU is known for her large droopy puppy eyes so I tried to achieve this by extending my lash line…I personally think this looks a bit weird on me…What do you think?
Argh! I hate how my hands look so derpy here!! What happened?!
But this was the best shot of my Peter Pan collared nails and cute vintage bag ($10 from Insadong, South Korea! Hell yeah!) The nail tutorial will be coming later this month! Although you can’t see it here, the white nail design looks awesome, I wish I did them all that way!
For my coordinate, I paired this double collared blouse with these navy waist high shorts to repeat the navy undertone of the collar. I finished off with a pair of dark grey thigh high socks and suede brown wedges to neutralize the collar palette. It has that kind of school girl meets sailor vibe which I thought was cute.
  • The subtle detailing in blouses can make the shirt turn from something that is a basic item to a delicate piece in your vintage wardrobe. Things like the buttons or cut of the collar can change up the look in a subtle and the silhouette is timeless, so investing in interesting blouse styles can live up a look if you’re feeling you need a bit more eye candy in your outfit.
  • Using belts to cinch in your waistline is a great way to give shape to your silhouette. As some vintage styles can hide the waistline to be more dainty than sexy for the body, you might feel somewhat shapeless. Here, I used my belt from my waist shorts to tie it into a bow to add more texture to the bottom as well as making the bottom “puff” more to give a slight bell shape at the ruffles.
These cute small gold buttons are adorable!
Unfortunately my makeup didn’t show enough. Boo~ I recently got a blunt fringe cut which I have always wanted to do but was afraid to ever try. I’ve seen pictures of celebrities who pull off this lolita look and it suits them so well, and at last I took the chance. I really liked it!
I love this bag! Just as Talyssa’s we both bought it at the same shop. This one was the last of it’s kind so I nabbed it. Teehee. The briefcase look was so adorable it definitely finishes the look of that old school, school prep.

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