FML: Little Red Cardigan

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Hey GGs Talyssa checking in

I know I know, we haven’t done a fashion post in a while…our busy schedules plus crappy weather and cars breaking down, has meant we haven’t had the chance to actually SHOOT anything! So I’m posting on here a look I did a while ago, which I never really put onto the blog since Siree and I were quite adamant that everything on this blog was to be shot or created by us.  So first of all some credit:

Photography for this shoot was done by the lovely Gabby from Jaded Images.  Hair and Makeup done by the ever so talented Ebony from Makeup by Ebony.

Onto the look.  This look was basically inspired by two things 1.  My recent shopping spree holiday in Japan and 2. ViVi Magazine.  I absolutely ADORE the fashion in ViVi, that is the style I wish I could wear everyday if those type of clothes weren’t so hard to find in Sydney.  The abundance of them in Japan, was just love.  Pure love.

The look: Cardigan: Ingni | Blouse: Auntie Rosa | Shorts: H&M | Socks & Stockings: Tutuanna | Shoes: Random market in Japan.

If there was a look that could completely capture my ideal style it would be this one – vintage, preppy, feminine.  Although I will admit that, considering Sydney is so fashion backwards, walking dressed like this down the street creates a lot of attention…ahh I miss Japan, you can literally wear what you want and no one cares…

The thing I love about Japanese clothes are all the little embellishments and their attention to detail. For example, this cardigan has really lovely jeweled buttons, slightly puffy sleeves and a tapered section around the wrist, with a curved patterned cut along the wrists edge.

LUVO shot! Sorry Siree, but we must compete after your last one haha! I also liked this shot because it [very slightly] shows off the nail art I did for the shoot haha. Secondly this shoot was probably the only time I’ve worn Dollywink falsie eyelashes and have had them look good on me bwahaha.  Thirdly, this image is extremely photoshopped haha
Hope you enjoyed this filler FML, we are planning to shoot our next shoot very soon!!


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