FML: Magic in the Sky

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Let me take you on a magical journey – the destination:  Second star to the right and then straight on till morning!

Okay I lied.  I don’t have the power to take you to Neverland, but if I did believe me I would sprinkle as much fairy dust on you so that I could.

But instead you’ll have to settle for another piece of magic known as “Angel Place” in Sydney CBD for my Fashion Monthly Look this month.  This pretty little shooting location is just a short walk from Wynyard and has a skyline filled with birdcages! I guarantee, this is definitely the most magical spot in Sydney.

Cardigan: Princess Highway | Pleather Pleated Skirt: ASOS | Shoes: Topshop

I have to admit.  I’ve had an obsession all winter season with DangerField, particularly because they stock Princess Highway clothing.  It just suits me.  I wear their stuff and it’s as if me and the clothing item are soulmates, bound by a promise to always care and be there for each other. Okay. I know.  Exaggeration.  But seriously.

I also need to give credit that the inspiration for the photo above is actually from my extremely amazing photographer friend, and I have only recreated about 40% of amazingness as he originally created.  Check out some of his work here.

I bet each one of those birdcages is home to a tiny little pixie.


So let’s talk a bit about Princess Highway.  It’s everything I am absolutely attracted to in clothing – vintage inspired, cute and quirky!  Plus it’s also an Australian label!  Any girls in Sydney looking for items similar to what you see in ViVi magazine, particularly Lena Fujii’s style, I’d say Princess Highway comes a very close second!

Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo | Jacket: Blue Angel (Korean Label)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – MAC Ruby Woo is the best, THE BEST vintage matte red lipstick.  For the review click here.


Please ignore the awkward pose, but it was the only image captured of all the birdcages! It’s so lovely I had to have this photo as part of the blog post, even if it comes with the price of showing a very awkward me in it.
Side view with the jacket on. This is my favorite jacket at the moment. I got it from a very small Asian store near my work. I didn’t really get the chance to show it off too much in this post, but it really has a wonderful flattering fit – which is so hard to find in a winter coat!  Plus it doesn’t come with those shiny, plastic, cheap looking buttons which seem to be on a majority of winter coats nowadays. Even featuring on the expensive ones! It’s the little things people, the little things!


That’s all from me!  Hope I bought a little bit of magic to your day :)

Talyssa xx

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