FML: Rugged Up

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Coat: Sportsgirl // Shirt: Overseas (Korea) // Shorts: ASOS // Stockings: House of Holland // Boots: Overseas (Korea)

 I am obligated to share the cute picture of this puppy just because he’s so damn cute! He’s also very photogenic don’t you think?

Alas, I am nearing the last lot of winter photos before the spring edition starts.

Spring though is still a wonderful season for jackets and the modern take on this 1950’s boxy style coat with faux leather lapel from Sportsgirl was a sale steal I could not pass up since it blends two trends into one.

It was a trend from last spring that’s great as a transition piece moving on from winter. Trade in those skinnies and pair with a delicate inner shirt and some high waisted short for a lighter feel.

While we were walking around we also gathered a collection of shots that exemplified the hidden charms of old railway scaffolding and rustic textures for your visual pleasure.

I couldn’t help but feel somewhat artsy in such a rich setting with so much character (and without much graffiti tagging how wonderful!).

Kudos to creative guy Mark for being the photographer on the day.

High res photos are coming to our Facebook!




  1. jdlawes says

    Very fetching, Siree! I like the contrast between the very “proper” coat and shirt on top and the flirty shorts-and-stocking-garters below.

    Your photographer deserves credit, too; nice atmospheric shots in this one, definitely sets the right mood…

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks John! Yes Mark did an awesome job on the photos and he has a great knowledge of camera settings etc so he gets what I want to achieve when we did the photos.

      We actually took a lot more interesting shots that didn’t make it here which I will share in the future ;)

  2. Mica says

    Lovely photos, and that dog is so cute! :) I really like the coat too :)

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