FML: SammyDress Advertorial

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Hi everyone!  Talyssa here for a slightly different FML.  This clothing in this FML was provided by Sammydress and will also feature a review on the product and service.  So let’s get into it!

Jacket: Dongdaemun Markets Korea | Dress: Sammydress | Shoes and Socks: Topshop

First, let’s start with the positive…

Clothing Range and Shopping Experience:

When I saw this dress on Sammydress, I immediately fell in love.  It’s gorgeous, elegant and ever so Audrey Hepburn!  I must admit that the range of clothing on Sammydress is really nice, it’s unique and feminine and there’s a lot of variety.   You also get a kind of a thrill looking at such beautiful products selling for so cheap!  Less than $10?  Heck yes!  I’ll take five!

Using the site is simple and each product has a wide variety of images, including images posted by customers wearing the items they have bought.



Unfortunately….that’s where the positives end for me.  When I opened my package from Sammydress, I was incredibly disappointed.  I don’t want to sound ungrateful or mean, but what I received in the mail was not, in my personal opinion, worth paying for.

No. 01:  The dress was nothing like the picture

This was the most disappointing aspect of the whole thing.  I was expecting an elegant and sophisticated looking dress as in the picture above, but instead I received a cheap looking copy.  I just felt lied to and cheated.  It’s one thing to say you’re copying the style of X celebrity and you’re posting images of how they wore it along with images of your actual imitation product – as I have seen many sites do – but it’s another thing completely to imply and ONLY provide images of a product your product is similar to, but isn’t actually what you are giving to your customers in return for their money.  Your customer is buying the product they are seeing on your website.  That’s what they expect to receive.  Nothing less.

I found the whole thing completely unfair and I’m pretty sure it violates some sort of consumer laws, at least it would in Australia anyway.  If Sammydress doesn’t consider their actual product good enough to post pictures of on their website then that just shows that they are aware that their products wouldn’t sell if they put up actual pictures.


The back of the dress was the part I was looking forward to the most and was what originally made me choose this dress.  As you can see, what I received was significantly different to the image presented on the website (refer to 2nd image of post).  There is no low V-cut back and the bow is located significantly higher than the small of my back.  Not only that, the bow looks cheap and tacky – with the ribbon parts not even cut to the same length and it being sewn very cheaply and hastily onto the back of the dress.

No. 02: Quality

The quality of the dress was (unfortunately) cheap.  The material is see through, with no kind of material inlay provided to prevent this.  The hems all around the dress are hastily sewn, extremely messy and not hemmed straight.   Long pieces of thread are frequently left uncut and knotted on the dress.


No. 03: Fit and Cut

The cut on my dress was so so so bad!  It had absolutely no shape and made me look flat, straight,frumpy and pre-pubescent.  The lack of darts used on the back of the dress meant that it didn’t come in on the waist, making it extremely unflattering on my stomach and waist.  You can see all the extra material there in the photo above!


Another extremely annoying part of this dress were the sleeves. Whilst they look okay in the photos, they didn’t stay that way for very long and would often popup and sit vertically to my shoulder.  Quite frankly it looked ridiculous and I was extremely embarrassed walking around in this dress because of that reason.

In order for these sleeves to sit as desired on a persons shoulders, the back of the dress needed to have an open cut V (as with the original design).  This would have helped to open up the dress, allowing the sleeves to lay almost off the shoulder. Having a rounded mid-length back did not give the sleeves enough leeway to sit off the shoulder, causing them to pop up very frequently with any small movement.

No. 05: Value For Money

Clothing on Sammydress is extremely cheap.  Almost everything is less than $10, making the quality of the product understandable.

Shipping on the other had is pricey – almost costing $20!!  It’s such a purchase turn off when your shipping is more than the actual product!


Service is very fast.  My package was promptly sent and staff were very friendly and quick to answer any questions.

Would I shop here again?

Truthfully, probably not.  It’s unfortunate because I think the range is quite good, if only the products I received looked like the ones they promoted on the site!  In saying that, if you’re looking for something cheap to only wear once or as  a costume etc, you might want to give Sammydress a try.  I would actually prefer if Sammydress increased the cost of their products, if it meant getting a product as in the pictures on their site.  I would definitely shop there countless times if that were the case.

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