FML: Space Princess

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Hey everyone,

I’m here to inspire you with my grunge side.  That’s right, sometimes I also like to dress a bit edgy…and lumpeehhh.

Ever since I laid eyes on Lumpy Space Princess, there has been a connection that we both just can’t deny.  So when I saw these tights on BlackMilk I HAD to get them!!  It’s so sad BlackMilk doesn’t stock these collections anymore…but I just noticed a Disney and Nightmare Before Christmas Collection….



SmallLumpy copy
Shoes: Rubi Shoes  |  Tights: BlackMilk  |  Jumper: Dotti   |  Beanie: Lazy Oaf

I can’t help but love BlackMilk, they are just all-round amazing – their brand marketing for one is just A-star, I mean trust me, just sign up to BlackMilk, the opening email you get is fantastic.  I love that stuff.

But not only that they have the cooolest, the cooolest range of tights ever.

If you had a childhood like mine, watching Saturday Disney, Cheez TV, Agro, and was an internet savvy pre-teen, a prerequisite of which was to love anime, (and I bet you found your community online ayyye ayyye? YOU HAVE A LIVEJOURNAL DON’T YOU!  *cough* I only know coz I had one too…animated avatars FTW!), these tights bring you back to that. Love Jack Skellington? Wear him on your legs. Disney Villains? My homegirl ursula and I are skin tight close. Literally. These tights bring you back to your childhood with a mature grunge.


Not only that, Black Milk tights are comfortable, durable, really great quality and cling in all the right places.  I’ve had mine for about a year and they haven’t faded, stretched or ripped at the seams.  The only negative I have found is that they are slightly, SLIGHTLY see through around the underwear area – so wear something nude coloured underneath.  However I think this is because I have pretty wide hips for my otherwise petite body so I may be stretching the fabric too far.

Nevertheless, the love I feel definitely makes these leggings worth the price.  They are a bit pricey…but trust. Tis worth it.

Close up of the glorious-ness.  Dang gurl these lumps!


And before I leave I want to give a quick shout out to my Siree’s beanie from Lazy Oaf.  I usually don’t suit beanies because I think they bring into focus how small my head/face actually is, however me and Lazy Oaf seem to get along fine!

Talyssa Xx


  1. Mica says

    Black Milk do have some very cute legging designs! These ones are great on you! It’s good you are so happy with them :)

    1. Talyssa says

      Thanks so much Mica!

  2. Rebecca says

    I will have to check them out as I just love leggings and tights with fun patterns and prints! Your outfit is fantastic and it is cool to see you dress in a grunge look! Love the tights and beanie!


    1. Talyssa says

      Thanks so much Rebecca. Black Milk definitely has the most fun patterns I’ve ever seen for leggings!

  3. John Lawes says

    Great outfit! You completely nail the “cute urban chic” thing here.

  4. The Hidden Thimble says

    Thanks John!

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