FML: Weekend Ride

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// Hat: Agent NinetyNine // Dress: No label but similar find here // Shoes: ZU //

Damn I have forgotten how to ride a bike!
It feels like all these childhood learnings that I’ve spent many a hard long summer in the local park conquering have disappeared from my adult mind like ice skating and roller blading. It was pretty much the only regular sport I did other than finding a shopping center with a temporary ice rink for the summer to cool down and practice Figure 8s on. Skating backwards was pretty much the coolest average thing you could claim as the skater skill to know back in those times.

About this cute white Dutch style bicycle my dad picked up for me in mind, I couldn’t wait to try and ride again on this vintage cruiser when I saw it – or so I thought. Seriously, are the seats supposed to be this high? I know I’m not very tall but I think these standard frames are a bit cumbersome for the shorties who’s average measurement to standard proportions have missed the mark by a few centimeters. Unfortunately, the amount of scratches and knee scrapes did not fruit into a decent growth spurt in my favour. In any case, this Hollander does look great in photos melting the grunge city streets into an enduring portrayal of urban life. It’s very picturesque!

To be honest, I’m not feeling this dress on me. No, no I’m not looking for sympathy on the matter. I think it was one of those designs that was nice in theory but failed in execution. The plunging V line with lace would be nice if you had a ‘flatter’ and slender frame and the proportion breakout from torso, sleeves to skirt was just unbalanced for my body liking. The lace sleeves was its only saving grace but I’m always game to try on different styles.
Anyway, hope you all had a great Christmas!
Until next time!


  1. FDChief says

    The overall effect is adorable, Siree, but I agree on the dress proportions…tho I thought it was the high waist on the skirt that makes it look sort of dumpy. You rock it as hard as you can, but it just doesn’t sing.

    I love your bike, though; you might think about doing a short piece with some cycling styles for summertime – I’ll bet you could come up with some very cute looks to go with your bike!

    1. The Hidden Thimble Team says

      Thanks for the suggestion John!

      I hope the next time will be a more successful piece since I’ve been inspired by the ‘Downtown from Behind’ photo project.

      Happy New Year!



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