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Are you feeling a little sinful?

Here at The Hidden Thimble, we believe that a little bit of sin does you good. So, give in to your temptations we say!!! Let out all your greed, lust and especially gluttony and indulge with us at Blackflower Patisserie.

Blackflower Patisserie is a naughty little sinful haven that plays on the idea of indulging your dark side and all your guilty pleasures, through their delectably quirky treats.   Whilst it’s true that this kind of brand identity has been applied time and time again to sweets/”naughty foods” in general (one only needs to think of Magnum’s “7 deadly sins” campaign), we definitely think it is the “edgy” way Blackflower commits to this brand message that truly sets this patisserie apart from others.

At Blackflower you get the same intricate and deliciously attractive looking sweets, but instead of indulging in your typical “caramel fudge log”, you’ll be seduced with an “orgy,” or a “sex bomb” with a side of “envy.”



I’m going to ask you now to think of the first image that comes to mind when you think of a patisserie.  You think of France, with immaculate and femininely designed interiors, lace, strawberries, teapots…pink….


You wont find that at BlackflowerBlackflower’s décor is devilish, dark and fierce.  Its chic and stylish, dimly lit, all-black interior, really adds to the sinful allure of the patisserie.

We absolutely love the large Babul shaped lights in the ceiling, the street art pieces of the interior and their lit up centerpiece cabinet display, showcasing all of Blackflower’s experimental treats – macarons shaped as mini hamburgers, bright green domes of mousse and gigantic pyramids of bright multicolored macarons.

Street Art
Devilish Babul Lights

Overall we give the setting: ★★★★  It is stylish, unique and cool, and the only things we could pick out as a missing, which is something we have enjoyed in other similar eateries/cafes, is a little bit of comfort – some sofa seating for example where you can indulge in a book whilst eating your desserts, if you choose.  Secondly including wifi would be a huge bonus too.



The great thing about Blackflower is that the team is so passionate about their desserts. If you ask them “err… what the hell am I eating?” they’ll explain everything layer by layer. They love a good chat and are always open to feedback – good or bad! Stay as long as you want if you enjoy a rest – its hella chilled just the way we like it. 

Service is fast, tasty and served with a smile!

Quick Tip: If you follow Blackflower on Facebook or Instagram they also do some cool giveaways like free cake and dessert tasting!

Rating: ★★★★★


One thing we really love about all the cakes and sweet treats offered at Blackflower, is their experimental nature.  You will find unique flavour pairings like Miso and Burnt caramel, experimental textures combining of mousses, jams, creames and jelly’s, and amazing presentation – bright green and purple dome-like desserts, extremely colourful macarons, desserts shaped as eggs, hamburgers, panda faces and so on!  Compared to a regular patisserie with all their fancy and very pretty treats, Blackflower’s range of food focuses on attracting your playful nature and curiosity, irresistibly challenging you to try their desserts!

Let the tasting begin!

 Pomegranate Mousse with Jam and Cream Filling
(Dessert of the Day)

Talyssa:  I really love how Blackflower has “Dessert’s of the Day!”  It feels really exciting to be able to taste a one time created treat!  For me this wasn’t my favourite because I’m not a huge fan of cream or very sweet desserts (although I did enjoy the balance between sweet and sour).  If you are not huge on sweets like me, I would probably give this a miss.

Siree: I like my sweets and this dessert…I LOVED it! It was definitely my favorite from the whole selection and I’ve started to really dig anything with a sour sweet combo taste ever since. The texture is like a very smooth mousse-y cheesecake with a bit of jam jelly wedged between to cut the rich creaminess. I also like how the purple on the outside is so vibrant it looks out of this world HAHA

Rose Macaron

Talyssa:  I really liked this Macaron and I’m a huge fan of anything flavoured with rose, since my mother LOVES putting rose essence in almost every cake she makes, so you could say I’ve kinda grown up with it.  As a veteran rose-flavoured treat eater,  the rose flavour wasn’t as strong as I’m use to, but that’s probably better for the general public not use to it.  I really enjoyed the jam-like filling as apposed to the usual cream-like fillings you find in macarons.

Siree: The rose macaron was an interesting one. I tried their chocolate macaron before and the thing about their macaron is the flavor is intense (in a good way). I get disappointed in dessert joints when the label says it’s suppose to be this flavor but when you taste it they all end up tasting the same. Rose as a flavor is something new to me as I’m not a huge fan of Turkish Delight but if you like the taste it’s worth a try.

Egg:  Watermelon Jelly with Lychee Pieces, Coconut Mousse and Peaches on Top
(Dessert of the Day)


Talyssa: This was my favourite dessert of the entire tasting.  I absolutely loved it.  It had a great balance of flavours and wasn’t over-powering-ly sweet.  One tip though, the magic of this dessert comes with you sample a bit of every layer on your spoon at once.  This desert is light, fresh and great for summer.

  Orgy – Sweet miso and burnt caramel toffee sponge/layer cake
(Store Recommendation)

This pretty little number didn’t taste as good as it looked, although the burnt caramel flavour was yummy and unique.  It’s biggest let down was the fact that the cake was dry – would be better if some ice cream accompanied it.  I loved that it wasn’t too sweet though.

  1. Green tea Latte:

Siree: Green Tea Latte is something I order on a rare occasion or when I’m super craving for it. Revisiting it here was smooth, not too sweet and the matcha taste comes through with a subtle bitterness that goes well with all the desserts. I’m glad I made the choice!

        2.  Hot choc

Talyssa: I was very impressed with this Hot Chocolate, and I am fussy when it comes to Hot Chocolate, but this was YUM. Not too sweet, loved the melted chocolate at the bottom. Extremely impressed.

Overall Food Rating: ★★★★

Pricing/value for money

The drinks were good value for money, setting you back around $4.50.  The cakes however are a bit more pricey at $6 – $7 each, but definitely worth it as a treat!

Rating for me: ★★★. 5 – a tinnyyyy bit pricey considering the portion size of some desserts.

Other details:


Address: Shop 5, 37 Ultimo Road, Haymarket



Instagram: @blackflowerpatisserie

A big, big thank you to the Blackflower team, Michael and Constance for such a great dessert experience! We hope it made you all crave some sassy badass treats!  They have such a generous hearts, giving us this dessert feast for free, not for a commercial gain but to support our blog and Siree’s activities through M.I.M magazine. So definitely stop by if you’re in the Haymarket area for crazy cool nomnoms.   



If you follow us on Facebook you might have seen a photo of this little gem:

It looks so good you just wanna lick the screen!

Siree was lucky enough to taste Blackflower’s new desert menu featuring a range of conceptual delights, excitingly different from your usual window cake selection. Through this, Blackflower aims to offer a more “dine-in”  dessert culture experience.

As you can tell their new menu still follows the fun, tongue-in-cheek, naughty humor Blackflower is known for.

Let’s start off with…

Bosom Buddy…

I don’t think words can express my love for this dessert!! I am officially addicted to the sweet-sour sensation of tarty flavours and the play of cold and warm temperatures was a really interesting experience on the palette. Eating the elements separately you’ll taste the intensity of each flavour. However, the magic comes from combining them all like an “everything-on-top-please” sundae. Once you take a bite… it is to die for!!


Was a lot of fun to eat. Each syringe had a filling of blackcurrent, white chocolate or XO Patrón which you then inject into a warm sugar coated doughnut. The doughnuts were really fluffy made of a brioche batter not the traditonal cake one. The fillings were so nice I was offered more but I didn’t empty it in my doughnut…I ate it straight…yes what a piggy I am.

Expresso Yourself…

Looks deceptive if you were really *really* drunk, but this little pot plant consists of chocolate “soil,” on top of coffee cream layers with a coffee jelly base.  The texture of the dark chocolate gravel in the mouth is like eating a spoonful of Milo from the tin: crunchy, malty and crisp mmm. Whether shared or eaten alone it’s entertaining to think you’re eating something “dirty.”


Until next time. Food coma zzzzz….


  1. Jay says

    I swear I was salivating while reading the whole time.
    The donuts look like my dream come true!
    I love the cheekiness of this cafe, I definitely have to stop by there one day


    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Haha hope you weren’t dying from hunger while reading this post!

      Yeah definitely! We should head there one time to try some desserts especially when they open the new dessert bar at the back! I can go for another “Bosom Buddy” ;) lol

  2. fdchief218 says

    Mmmm. Looks wicked good. Hard luck on you that you have to do all this hard work sussing out the tasty places to visit. Hope the Management gave you all a bonus for the labor.

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      It was so difficult having to eat all those sweets. I don’t now how we were able to get through it. Ah the difficult life of a blogger :P

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