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Breaking bread at Bread and Circus Wholefoods Canteen was a week of calling for my inner being.

Its crate-to-table concept models the simple approach to eating which I find inviting, just like its many quirky scattered pineapple fruit and quaint dainty pink plates beacon me to “tea time.” It’s that light and fresh touch to the day that picks you up and motivates a wave of goodness to eat food that’s wholesome like nature intended – wedged between two slices of fresh sourdough bread with butter (mmmm).

Tower of Juices – cold pressed of course


Rating: ★★★

Definitely the must-have on the menu. Their deconstructed sandwich boxes are better suited for your adult sensibilities than the open sandwich variety as it centers on the best part of its anatomy – the filling.
Like all sandwiches, there’s nothing too complicated about its components as all boxes are assembled with a basic salad of tomato, avocado slices, cucumber, grilled brussels sprouts and sometimes a pilaf mixture, with the sauce and meat differing. However, it’s definitely the quality of each element that makes it delightful to graze on since everything was well seasoned and marinated.
Digging in separately or pilled on together on bread, it was a joy to eat both ways!
Talyssa’s Choice: Grass-Fed Sustainable Medium – Rare Beef Sandwich Box
Sora’s Choice: Meredith Goats Chevre Sandwich Box
My Choice: Preservative – Free Pino’s Smoked Turkey Sandwich Box

Setting and Atmosphere

Rating: ★★★

Re-imagining the canteen setting as a semi industrial warehouse style kitchen cafe at Bread and Circus would make every school kid jelly to know what their canteen could look like with a little thought.

There’s plenty to look at full of quirky cool knick-knacks and fruit display center pieces scattered everywhere with various seating styles from low coffee tables, communal tables and booth seating options making dining entertaining. It’s super chilled and relax, what’s not to like for a perfect late weekend lunch?


Rating: ★★★

I really enjoyed the staff at Bread and Circus. The 2pm crowd was a bit quiet that day so it felt nice to see everyone so nice and welcoming to see if you were comfortable at your table and causally checking in on you from time to time. It reminded me of the customer service you would expect from the States which there is a certain lack thereof in Sydney’s attitude towards customer service generally…

Pricing and Value for Money

Rating: ★★★

For the quality and portion size of our meals, it’s certainly affordable, if not a lot more reasonably priced than some of the lunch menus out there for these types of eating spots.

With options for side, regular and sharing sizes for some of their dishes, the menu is generous for choosing different eating styles so you can stretch your cash if you want a try of everything and share.


Where to Find Bread and Circus Wholefoods Canteen

21 Fountain Street, Alexandria


Opening Times:

Open 7 days:
Weekdays 7am – 3pm
Weekends 7am – 4pm

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