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Blasted with a shotgun,
left out in the rain in the night
betrayed by a friend
stranded in a foreign country
overwhelmed by the kindness of a stranger
floored by the stars in the desert sky
licked by a dog
stood on, shouted at and gave back as good as you get
danced till breaking point
and sung your song with everyone watching
travelled with depth, soul and life,
you, me

22 grams the weight of experience.

Setting and Atmosphere





Amongst unfurbished warehouse vibes, 22 Grams provides a cosy hot spot for the Randwick locals.  If the poem above doesn’t give you enough sense of the vibe here, I don’t know what will!  22 Grams is very homey decorated with knickknacks and trinkets on top of every surface.  Priding itself on it’s coffee, their big, shiny coffee roaster takes centre stage upon entering the cafe.

The place can get crowded but it’s never too loud or noisy.  Staff are always friendly so there’s an all-round cheery vibe.




22 Grams Randwick
Pink juice: Morning Flirt – mixed berries, OJ, yoghurt and a touch of banana | $6 Green Juice: Pick me up – apple, pear, pineapple and mint | $6


22 Grams Randwick
Goats cheese bruschetta with caramelised tomato and pesto | $12
22 Grams Randwick
Spicy chipotle scrambled eggs with sourcream and coriander | $13
22 Grams Randwick
Granola with grapefruit, yoghurt, berries and orange juice | $9


22 Grams Randwick
Poached eggs with avo smash and caramelised tomatoes | $14

The menu at 22 Grams is small and simple, playing with traditional breakfast foods and flavours with an overall artisanal focus.  All dishes and their presentation have a very homemade feel and you can really taste the difference through the little bits of homemade personalisation they put in all of their dishes.  I really value the homemade taste and so for me, this gives 22 Grams extra brownie points.  It just feels good to eat.

My favourite dish from 22 Grams so far has to be the Chipotle scrambled eggs.  There was a nice flavour and spice to these eggs and they were cocked really well.  I really appreciated the extra juices on the plate which were perfect to mop up with my lightly toasted sourdough bread.  The only thing missing was an extra dollop of sourcream and fresh coriander to top.

The Goats cheese bruschetta and Poached eggs were tasty menu choices.  The highlight of these dishes for me was the smashed avocado.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to find a hint of something special in there, I don’t know if it was a lemon/spice infused oil, but it was fantastic.  I’ve always grown up experimenting with avocado in different ways – in fact a staple for me was rough forking it with olive oil and salt (it’s seriously delicious) that I’m often bored when most Aussie cafes don’t do anything with their avocado.

The granola with grapefruit, yoghurt and berries is interestingly served with a side of orange juice.  This dish was vibrant and beautiful, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to jump on the granola and orange juice bandwagon just yet.

P.S. I haven’t featured them here but you MUST try their sandwiches.  They are AMAZING!!



I think the service here is fantastic.  Every time I’ve come here the girls at the counter are very cheerful and friendly.  Despite almost always having a full house, the overall service is quick and fast and you’ll rarely see dirty plates left on tables.

Pricing and Value for Money


I find the pricing here very reasonable, the portion sizes good and the food, tasty.

The Details

Where: 166 -168 Belmore Road Randwick

Contact: (02) 9398 2277

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri: 6:30am – 4pm
Sat – Sun: 7am – 4pm

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