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Bangbang cafe is a chillax man-cave of a cafe located in the heart of Surry Hills.  The staff are super casual, yet charming and pride themselves on their hearty meals, especially their gigantic burgers.  In saying this girls, don’t completely rule this one out because of the man-cave vibe.  They have some really unique dishes on their breakfast menu, more than I have seen in a lot of cafes recently, and their burgers are delish.  Overall I was terribly impressed!

Setting and Atmosphere



This place is hell chill. I really loved the vibes in this cafe.  Although small, inside was super spacious and airy and I love how much sunlight streams through this cafe.  Decor is filled with strong and bulky timber furnishings, black tiled counter tops and industrial lights, yet everything is super stylish that I found it super nice to dine at!  Ladies, like a man that catches your eye down the street because he’s dressed amazingly, that’s the vibe this man-cave cafe will attract in you too.



Bangbang Cafe
French Toast with Chorizo – French toasted brioche with grilled chorizo, caramelised red onion jam, poached egg and a side of avo smash | $16.90
Bangbang cafe
French Toast with Chorizo – French toasted brioche with grilled chorizo, caramelised red onion jam, poached egg and a side of avo smash | $16.90
Bangbang Cafe
Burger of the week: Turf & Turf & Turf – Beef pattie, fried chicken breast, bacon, double cheese, lettuce, tomato with homemade garlic aioli and BBQ sauce with fries | $17.9


Overall, I really enjoyed the food at Bangbang cafe.  I’ll start with the Turf & Turf & Turf burger because it was freaking amazing.  First of all people, homemade sauces.  And boy these sauces were damn good.  The BBQ one in particular MADE this burger.

Somehow I managed to make my mouth big enough and get a little bit of everything in there at once. YUM.  It was everything a burger should be in one mouthful.  And it was seriously, man-sized.  We’re talking gigantic, I don’t know how anyone could finish this whole burger and still be hungry.  With its 3 different types of meat and double cheese, this burger is a serious feed that even the likes of Epic Meal Time would be satisfied with.

We also ordered the French Toast with Chorizo.  This dish could have been great but it was unfortunately a little dry.  I learnt from My Kitchen Rules that chorizo gets this way when it’s pan fried (a contestant on the show made the same mistake).  I was also hoping for a little more of that onion jam.  Over all a good dish, but something was missing.



The staff here are super friendly and always down for a good chat.  The thing I love most is that conversation doesn’t feel forced, strained or unnatural.  You can also genuinely feel that they care about the food they put in front of you and want you to have an all-round a fab time.

Pricing and Value for Money


Okay, not gonna lie, Bangbang Cafe is expensive.  Most dishes will set you back around $17 which to me is pretty pricey for brunch.  In terms of burgers though, they are massive and indulgent, so you do get what you’re paying for.

The Details

Where: 113 Reservoir St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Contact: (02) 9281 0018

Opening Hours:

Mon–Thurs: 7:30AM – 3:30PM
Fri: 7:30am-3:30pm & 5pm – 9pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 2pm

  Facebook |  Instagram

Please note that this was an invited event courtesy of Ningjaeats

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