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If these photos haven’t peaked your interest to try Trad3rs, I’m not sure what will!  Located in Top Ryde, Trad3rs are all about giving their customers a positive experience from their coffee, to their food, to their friendly waitstaff, to that cheeky drink you’re craving.


Setting and Atmosphere


Inside, this cafe is somewhat mix-matched in its style. The table setting however – AMAZING!!  A bright, beautiful posy of flowers compliments the vibrant blue crockery against a dark mahogany table top backdrop.  With this set up combined with our food and drinks, the tabletop was a burst of colour that was absolutely divine to dine amongst!  My experience at the table alone bumped my rating for this section from a 2.5 star to a 3.5 star.

With that being said, the rest of the cafe seems to be a mix of vibes with parts of it’s interior design being similar to the cafe vibe I experienced in a lot of Korean cafes with pinned up polaroids and trinkets, to a sort of steampunk/industrial theme with the light fittings and other features, to an IKEA vibe with the plant hangings throughout the cafe.  I definitely think the strong point of this cafe’s setting was displayed in their table decor and maybe this cafe would come together a lot more with a stripped back theme that focused around a dark backdrop accented with bursts of bright colours through it’s crockery, food displays and floral elements.




Trad3rs - Egg, Chicken Chorizo, Bacon & Sourdough Bread
Egg, Chicken Chorizo, Bacon & Sourdough Bread | $15.90
Trad3rs - Hawaiian Burger
Hawaiian Burger | $13.90
From Left to Right: Lychee Beret and Pink Lady
Trad3rs - Apple and Cinnamon Pancake
Apple and Cinnamon Pancake | $13.90

What you’ll get at Trad3rs is good, simple food. The taste is good, the presentation is good and overall you’ll leave feeling full and happy.  And while everything is good, it’s just not special or signature which is why this cafe didn’t score in the higher star ratings.  If you’re looking for somewhere to rejuvenate and satisfy your stomach after a hard day of shopping, Trad3rs is a great place to come for some casual eats and a little R+R before heading home.



The service at Trad3rs is really friendly and easy going, instantly making you feel at ease.  It was great to see the staff throughout the day seeking out and talking to every customer individually to make sure everything was okay with their order and experience.  Our orders were taken shortly upon arrival and food was promptly served.

Pricing and Value for Money


With food here being simple but good, I found that prices are around $2-$3 dearer than other cafes you might go to and receive an equally good or even better meal.

The Details

Where: Shop G3025A, Top Ryde Shopping Centre, 129 Blaxland Road, Ryde NSW 2112

Contact:  |  +61 (02) 9808 3313

Opening Hours: Sun – Monday, 7:00am – 8:30pm.

Website  |  Facebook


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