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While I usually avoid the cold and winter like a snowman would avoid the summer, one good thing about the changing seasons are….AUTUMN MENUS!!   And as good menu’s go, today I’d like to share with you The Royal Hotel Paddington’s brand new Autumn Menu.

Setting and Atmosphere



Loud and bustling, there’s nothing short of elegance at The Royal Hotel Paddington.  Sit yourself down at one of their white marble tables and enjoy the provincial French decor and luscious floral displays that adorn each and every table.

Dim lighting accompanies your dining experience, which is great for an intimate night, but the worst when it comes to a blogger event – we need the light for our photos!! All in all though, dining at The Royal Hotel Paddington is a pleasure and the attention to detail helps the night feel just that little bit more special.



The Royal Hotel Paddington - Autumn Menu
Elderflower Rosé Punch – Le Chat Rosé, St. Germain, vanilla syrup, lemonade, blueberries, strawberries and lime,
The Royal Hotel Paddington - Autumn Menu
Beef Carpaccio w/ olives, green tomato, rocket and sourdough toast | $19
Royal Hotel Paddington - Autumn Menu
Beef Carpaccio w/ olives, green tomato, rocket and sourdough toast | $19
Royal Hotel Paddington - Autumn Menu
Parmesan and Truffle Fries w/ Aioli | $15
Royal Hotel Paddington - Autumn Menu
Tuna Tartare w/ avocado, miso and sesame | $19
Royal Hotel Paddington - Autumn Menu
Vine Ripened Tomatoes w/ burrata, basil, grapes and kalamata olives

Starting with entrees, the highlights on the palate were the Parmesan and Truffle Fries and the Tuna Tartare.  While the other two dishes were also nice – the Vine Ripened Tomatoes were deliciously sweet -they just lacked a little flavour and seasoning.

Royal Hotel Paddington - Autumn Menu
From left to right: Smokey Joe – Bowmore Scotch, canton ginger, cloudy apple, orgeat and fresh dill | 5 Ways G+T: Hendricks, St. Germain, lime, basil, mint, cucumber and lemongrass
Royal Hotel Paddington - Autumn Menu
Beetroot Ravioli w/ walnut cream, pickled beetroot and caramelised walnuts | $22
Royal Hotel Paddington - Autumn Menu
Spanner Crab Linguini w/ peas, garlic, lemon and chilli | $27
Royal Hotel Paddington - Autumn Menu
Lamb Shoulder w/ smoked eggplant, herb coulis and macadamia crumble | $37

For Main, we were served the Beetroot Ravioli, the Spanner Crab Linguine and the Lamb Shoulder. Starting with the Beetroot Linguine one thing I can say is that if you’re a nut fan like me, this dish will be a highlight for you too.  The best thing about this dish was it’s uniqueness and with all elements combined – blue cheese, beetroot and walnut cream – it tasted delicious.

Moving on to the Crab Linguine, I was slightly disappointed.  It’s a nice pasta dish, but considering the price sets you back almost $30, I was hoping for more crab (there were only tiny little strings of it), and I really wanted to be able to taste the bold garlic flavours as described on the menu.  As a result, the dish fell a little flat.

Visually, the Lamb Shoulder was gorgeous and for most guests, this dish was the favourite of the night.  For me personally, I didn’t quite enjoy the flavours, however the lamb was cooked really well.

Royal Hotel Paddington - Autumn Menu
Rhubarb Bombe Alaska | $13
Royal Hotel Paddington - Autumn Menu
Chocolate Lava Cake | $13

Finally, to sweeten our tastebuds we were served the Rhubarb Bombe Alaska and the Chocolate Lava Cake for desert.  With it’s strong rhubarb and tart flavours, rest assured rhubarb loves, this Bombe Alaska will satisfy all your rhubarb needs.

I’ve never been a huge fan of chocolate, and usually when I see chocolate desserts on the menu I can’t help but think “boring.”  I was surprised to find, however, that I quite enjoyed The Royal Hotel’s Chocolate Lava Cake which was the perfect balance of chocolate flavours and decadence without being too rich.



Service was good and attentive, but lacked a personal touch – which is not something that bothers me personally.

Pricing and Value for Money


Over all, the prices for the dishes are average.  I felt that a few of the dishes were overpriced though.

The Details

Where: 237 Glenmore Road Paddington
NSW 2021, Australia

Contact: (02) 9331 2604

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri: 11am–12am
Sat: 10am–12am
Sun: 11am–12pm

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Please note that this was an invited event courtesy of Ningjaeats

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