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This month’s Greatly Terrific Food Outing features one of Sydney’s most popularly rising bars: Soda Factory.  I don’t know what it is but I’m loving the hidden bar culture that is popping up all over Sydney – it just makes your bar experience all that more exciting.

You probably haven’t even realised it yet, but you’ve most likely walked past Soda Factory on numerous occasions.  Located on the outskirts of Surry Hills, Soda Factory’s entrance is a black door located in a wall – it’s not even a fancy door or a door that kindly invites you inside.  Taking a glance inside you’ll find a small room with a retro hotdog stand and coke fridge.


Hotdog stand to the left and the retro Coke fridge to the right.

But where’s the bar you say??


It’s behind the Coke Fridge!! #MINDBLOWN #OHNOSHEDIDNT  (ps. Sora, I have used this photo without your permission.  Talyssa xox).  Now onto the review!

 Setting and Atmosphere

Soda Factory’s interior is reminiscent of an American 1950s diner.  It’s low lit atmosphere, pin-up styled waiters and waitresses, and music featuring old classics really help to add to this vibe.  Soda Factory’s decor is cool, funky and vintage with it’s biggest downside being that there are never enough seats for the amount of people they allow inside.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sitting on the floor!



You’ll often find live indie bands playing at various times during the night, but the best part about the place is their theme nights!  You’ve got:

Movie Mondays:  Soda Factory plays a collection of old school and recent movies from 8pm every Monday. It also includes free popcorn!
Dollar Dogs: Every Tuesday Soda Factory has $1 hotdogs.  I’ve got to admit that I’ve only ever been to Soda Factory on a Tuesday because of this…
Fat Bubba’s chicken Wednesday: Featuring $1 buffalo wings and $10 buckets o’ chicken
Soda Social: Thursday brings live music and $12 cocktails all night

Rating: ★★★★.5



Service is the biggest negative about Soda Factory.  The place gets so busy that depending on the time you arrive, you can be waiting up to 45 minutes (or longer) for your food.  If you plan on going on a weekday, I recommend heading there straight after work (5:30pm).  At this time you’ll get your food on time and also find a place to sit.  Anything after 6:30pm you’re pretty much screwed.  Wait staff are extremely friendly and also quite easy on the eye ;)

Rating: ★★.5


Soda Factory’s American diner theme is complimented by it’s menu.  You’ll find gourmet hotdogs, burgers, chilli cheese fries, fried chicken, milkshakes and so on.  I’d have to say though, Soda Factory is most popular for it’s hotdogs, which I think are pretty delicious and definitely worth the $1 price on a Tuesday…paying the usual price of $10 for them on any other day however, it’s probably not worth it.


Bobby’s Bogan Dog
Buffalo Bill. My number one favorite hotdog at Soda Factory!
Tequila Sunrise. The bar is pretty standard and you can order most alcoholic drinks available at any bar. I love the extra detail they put with their red and white striped paper straws!

Rating: ★★★.5  – Not all hotdogs are as amazing as the Buffalo Bill.

Pricing and Value for Money

On an ordinary night, I would say pricing at Soda Factory is a bit overpriced – $10 for a hotdog is way too much, especially since they are smaller than usual sized hotdogs.  Luckily enough, Soda Factory’s plentiful theme nights and specials, means you can indulge in the menu at a much more affordable price!

Rating: ★★★

Where to Find Soda Factory

Address:  16 Wentworth Avenue Surry Hills, New South Wales

Opening Times:

Monday – Wednesday:  5pm – Late
Thursday: 5pm – 2am
Friday: 5pm – 3am
Saturday: 5pm – 5am

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