Ixiah Media Launch

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After professing our love for IXIAH’s collection at Sydney Fashion Weekend, when we heard news of IXIAH’s media launch we knew we just HAD to go!

Heading down to level 1 of Westfield Pitt Street, a small sealed off section was packed and we mean PACKED full of people all checking out the IXIAH collection.  We were pretty stoked to be able to see the collection up close and personal. There’s nothing more satisfying than running your fingers on some expensive threads, ahh *sigh*.

Just a bit of background IXIAH (pronounced ex’ sy’ ah,’ yes we were fighting over the pronunciation too) is a Sydney-based fashion label by Krystal Davis.  It’s always hard to articulate a brand’s signature style, but IXIAH’s “about us” page best describes their aesthetic as being “textural collections and strong silhouettes with handmade eclectic design aspects.”

We couldn’t agree more! There is something genuinely intriguing about the choice of delicate fabrics and feminine cuts that are both flattering and well put together. Amongst music, tasty treat munching and freebie goodies, their clothes were marked down with a generous discount. We even found pieces from $300 down to $150! It made us swoon with a giddy childish glee when going through each rack from their SS12 – Fall 13 collections.

I (Talyssa) absolutely LOVED that blue blouse!! I still want it, but ah..I’m so poor these days.

If we’re completely honest the crowd looked kinda pretentious – models, good looking people in general, fashion buffs, the brand designers and of course, hipsters.  Although it took us a while to work up the courage to talk to people on the night when we finally did, everyone, especially the models, were super nice!!

One of the models we gathered up the courage to talk to (LOL). This lovely model’s outfit features IXIAH’s upcoming Spring collection due to be released in August.
We absolutely loved this outfit! This model also features clothing from IXIAH’s Spring Collection debuting in August.  Loving this Aztec inspired style!  Spring trends seem to be fluro, bright colours, aztec/geometrical patterns, and exploring clothing of different textures.
We were in awe of this outfit!! That vest was immaculate and works so well with the blouse underneath. For some reason we can’t shake the the lost Island “Atlantis” vibe we’re getting from IXIAH’s clothing! Don’t you think?
Freebie showbag!! This was such an awesome bonus. Each bag contained a free belt, a hair product (mine was a heat protectant spray), a $100 makeup lesson voucher (so awesome) and a complimentary treatment and blowdry at Intershape Hairstylists.
Free cupcakes!
The IXIAH pop up store is on level 1 outside Zara in Westfield Pitt Street for one month only so check it out!

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