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In November, Bras N Things launched the “Kardashian Intimates Kollection”, yes with a “K”,  and to be honest I hadn’t heard about it until recently.  For some reason I’ve never found the Kardashians interesting…nor have I ever been compelled to go out and watch them…

Don’t get me wrong though – I have no personal hate towards them!

So a couple of weeks ago I was with a friend in our local shopping center and we walked passed Bras N Things and one of the Kardashian Lingerie sets out the front of the store caught my eye:

The Kardashian Kollection. I fell in love with the one that Kim is wearing above.

As Siree knows too well (since I fell in love with the Eblin Lingerie store in Korea), I am a total sucker for lingerie!  I just love it! It’s so pretty and lace-y and feminine.  So basically I saw this and thought it worthy to add to my collection, my friend also really liked it too and so we both delved into the clothing rack trying to find our sizes…

Before we go any further, first let me start with the pro’s –  The lingerie was genuinely really attractive, appeared to be made well and appeared to be of reasonably good quality as well.  The fact that the range was Kim Kardashian’s, really added nothing to the appeal of the lingerie itself (for me personally anyways).

Unfortunately from here is where everything about the product and the brand went downhill….. because….



As we were searching through the rack, a store clerk approached us, offering her help.  She asked us what size we were and kindly let us know the following:

1. All the breast sizes on the Kardashian range are actually made to fit one size larger than what they say, meaning that a 12C is actually more of a 12D.
2. The range only makes from cup size B and up, but really, since the range is made to fit one size larger than what it says on the label, it only makes from a C cup or larger.

Now I don’t know about you, but when making a bra range why would you only decide to cater for a certain standard of breast size and larger, but not ALL breast sizes?  Does Kim Kardashian perhaps not consider any chest growth below that of a C cup to be breasts??!?  I myself am a very petite girl and I openly admit I am not exactly “well endowed” in the chest area, but there are people who are even smaller than me!!  Does Kim not want people with smaller breasts to be wearing her lingerie??!  I don’t get it!

This is especially strange considering that the primary target audience who would be interested in anything Kardashian related are younger girls (15-18 years), majority of which appear to be smaller busted…this kinda seems like a bit of a dumb marketing error to make.

Regardless of this info, I actually liked the look of the lingerie so much I decided to try my luck, as did my friend.  And in the changing room, the disappointment continued….The bras both fitted us  well across the width…but the cup shape was totally weird!!!  Now fair enough if it were just me because I know my entire body in general is petite, but my friend is of a 100% Aussie background, she’s tall and has what I would say the typical Australia Girl build and the bra cup didn’t event fit her!!!

There was so much space in the cup in weird areas – just the shape in general was as if the whole style had basically been designed for only those women who had breasts like Kim Kardashian. Well that, or breast implants.  I’m sorry but I just don’t think its fair to assume that the average woman has been god blessed with naturally gigantic perky breasts or has the money/insecurities to want to get a boob job.  Just no.  In fact I would even go as far as to say that this lingerie line was not just biased against small breasts..but pretty much biased against breasts that aren’t the perfect shape and size.  The cup size was THAT weirdly shaped it was as if it would only fit those with breasts shaped like you had just cut a “Cookie dough roll” in half and attached each half to your chest.

Please refer to below diagram to illustrate this point:

See what I mean???  Kim’s breasts are the exact same shape as cutting in half a Cookie dough roll and attaching it to your chest!!  And the bra cup shaped is shaped to suit these unnaturally shaped breasts!

We came out of the dressing rooms unsatisfied and with no purchase, I mean that’s $160 between the both of us being lost, walking right out the door!  The store clerk voiced her annoyance saying that this always happened with the Kardashian range, so many girls pick up the bra set loving the look, but always end up not purchasing it because the bras don’t fit to the average female body.

Having worked in fashion, I know there’s nothing a store hates more than buying a range of clothing that people love the look of, pick up and go try on, only to leave the store empty handed because the product doesn’t fit to the average female body – the stores just can’t sell them!!

So maybe with the next intimate range the Kardashian’s decide to release, they could keep this in mind!

Final rating:

2 stars…because I guess it looks good enough to hang somewhere for decoration since it most likely wont fit you.

I want to know, has anyone else had problems fitting into this range?  Maybe you were actually able to fit into it?  Let me know your thoughts!


  1. FDChief says

    Well, given that as far as I can tell the Kardashians are all equipped with massive bolt-ons I can’t say I’m surprised that their foundation garments are designed for massively-breasted fembots…

    Mind you, it’s kind of ironic that a woman with a modest bust can have troubles with brassieres, too. My bride has the opposite problem and has spent years struggling with finding one that fits and isn’t constructed from wire and thick elastic…

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Haha fembots! And it’s not just that they are designed for massive breasts but a certain size and shape of breasts! Your brides example is exactly what I mean, the Kardashian range doesn’t cater for larger busts either!

      Speaking of larger busts, I have a friend who struggles with the same thing as your bride – that and also trying to find a bra that fits her breasts but also looks sexy!

      See the struggles us women go through? haha

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