Korean Folk Village

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If you’re a traveler like me who is fascinated and loves to absorb themselves into another country’s culture, then this is a post for you!  Believe it or not some of my friends hate sightseeing and think its boring!  Why go to another country then!!??!

Anyways, in Korea a great way to have fun and learn about the culture is at the Korean Folk Village (KFV)!  This time was my second time going to the KFV and after the enriching experience I had the first time round, I knew I had to take Siree this time!

The KFV is made up of the actual folk village itself, two museums and an amusement park.  I’ve only been to the Folk Village and the museums, as the theme park ticket costs extra. At the KFV you can experience over 260 traditional houses from different parts of Korea, revived from the Joseon Dynasty, a traditional Bazaar with souvenir shops stocking traditional art products as well as traditional Korean foods cooked the authentic Korean way, and engage in traditional performances and activities.  The Korean Folk Museum offers in depth knowledge into Korean folk culture and the World Folk Museum offers a glimpse into the folk culture of many countries – though I’m not sure how accurate it is considering what they said about Australia was completely wrong! haha.

The entrance of the Folk Village ~ Looks so traditional
Traditional Housing
Nice traditional Korean style architecture. Look how detailed the roof painting is!
Soo pretty!! This would look so beautiful in Autumn. I can imagine a backdrop of red/purple/orange leaves.
Kimchi Pots!! These were everywhere in the village!! I wonder if they had any kimchi in them. Kimchi pots are the traditional way Koreans stored and fermented their kimchi!
Cute figurines and more kimchi pots!
Buddhist Temple – I love this photo!
Buddhist Temple – We could actually here monks chanting from inside these traditional temple buildings.
Buddhist Temple – These huge statues were at the front of the Buddhist temple gates. They must be some kind of gods or something…but I never thought Buddhists believed in gods…hmm
Traditional Performances – Farmer’s music and Dance
Traditional Performances – Equestrian Feats.  They do pretty amazing tricks with those horses!
Traditional Performances – Acrobatics on a Tightrope! The guy who does it is no joke like 80 years old or something!! I worry every time he jumps and lands on the tightrope that he will collapse and fall!
The image on the right is actually thousands of paper wishes tied up into the string. The picture of the left shows how bloody cold it was!! Even flowing water has frozen!!!
Wish and messages wall!~
Traditional Korean methods of torture
Koreans joining in with torture methods haha!
The guy on the right is making traditional Korean Masks
LOL I love this Konglish!!
World Folk Museum – Apparently this is Australian Cuisine!? I have never had or seen this dish in Australia in my entire life!? Sayyy whaaa??
Siree and I couldn’t handle the cold anymore so we went into a traditional tea house to warm up. We indulged in traditional teas, although mine was a little sweet! Still the tea cups and saucers were so pretty!


Folk Village Map


From anywhere in Seoul, you can either catch a train to Gangnam Station (line 2) or to Suwon Station (Line 1)

From Gangnam, you want to catch bus 5001 – 1 from the main bus bay area.  It can be little tricky to find the correct bus stand, so if any problems, ask someone.  DO NOT trust the transportation directions on the Visit Korea site!!! They have the wrong bus number!! Half our day was gone trying to find bus 5000 – 1 which does not exist!!! (I believe the bus number has since been corrected.)

From Suwon catch bus 37 or 10-5.

Opening Times

Winter: 9AM – 5PM

Summer: 9AM – 6:30PM


Ticket entry: 15,000 won includes the Folk Village and the museums.  That’s less than $15.  Entry to the amusement park costs extra.


Farmer’s Music and Dance:  11AM and 3PM (MAR – OCT) 2:30PM (NOV – FEB)

Tightrope Acrobatics: 11:30AM and 3:30PM (MAR – OCT) 3PM (NOV – FEB)

Traditional Wedding: 12PM and 4:30PM (MAR -OCT) 4PM (NOV)

Equestrian Feats: 1PM and 4PM (MAR – OCT) 3:30PM (NOV – FEB)


  • Pottery making
  • Playing with traditional Korean games and punishment methods
  • Haunted House
  • Dress in a traditional Hanbok and take photos
  • Horseback riding




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