My Favourite Things – The Santa Edition.

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The holiday season never ceases to amaze me with how busy it is! But finally, Talyssa is back in business and ready to take on the 2013 with a bang!

With this post, I’d like to reminisce on the holiday season and share with you some of my favourite Christmas pressies because a lot of them were really great gift ideas!

With Australia’s Christmas being in summer, one of my favourite gifts that I receive every year is a new summer dress.  Not just any summer dress, but one which is slightly fancy, but not overly fancy so you can still wear it out smart – casually.  It doesn’t look it in the photo, but this dress is really elegant.  When I wear it it fits to my body so nice! Makes my waist looks small and the pleats make the dress flare out a bit emphasizing my figure (which is not overly voluptuous lol).  I’m quite a fan of Forever New’s style because they have a very feminine style, that mixes older vintage looks with modern looks.  The price is quite reasonable and so is the quality.

I also really love this colour for summer!!  I know this lime green/fluro was really big in the winter as well but I really disliked how everyone was mixing it with black, especially when it looks so nice with whites, pinks, reads and blues!

These are here because ever since the floral thing got big, I’ve been wanting floral shorts…only problem is I couldn’t ever find a style I liked!!  But I really like these!!

I like the print and the colours mainly because it’s not gaudy…a lot of the floral stuff I find, tends to look gaudy and I’m sure will go out of fashion so quickly…these I think will last a bit longer :D

They are also good because they are modest around your behind, but still short, so you don’t need to worry about your butt cheeks showing hahaha.   I dunno maybe I’m the only one who worries about that when I wear short shorts.

I was so surprised to find these at Just Jeans!

Ever since I watched In The Night Sky MV from After School Red…(Damn…Nana, you are so freaking sexy in that clip!!!)…I’ve been obsessed with anything tribal/aztec.  I just love it I don’t know why!  I love the colours, the patterns, the textures etc etc.

So when I opened this present and saw these sandals…I was in LOVE.  They are so beautiful aren’t they???  Look at the colours of the patterned fabric!  And the details –  The details on the sole of the shoe, the metal disc decorations, the way the leather is cut and stitched! All these are things I look for when I buy an item…so these were perfect!

The brand is Mooloola, which is stocked in surf shops like City Beach.

I loved this gift so much!!  It’s something so simple but really nice.  It’s basically a tin filled with recipe cards.  Why I love it so much is because it’s so pretty!

I think the reason why I found this particular gift so appealing is because visually it is really beautiful!  The photography and the colours, plus the design of the recipe cards themselves are really nice, simple and easy to read.

The recipe’s themselves are really great recipes and also very simple, making this a great present for all ages.

Recipe cards up close

One side of the card has a photo of the finished product (nice right??).  On the back of the card you have the recipe.  The layout is clear, easy to read and visually attractive.  A bonus on these recipe cards for ANY person when cooking, is that they have already converted the measurements for you!  In Australia, we don’t work in Oz, so it’s always annoying trying to figure out how much of an ingredient we need to use…BUT IT’S ALL HERE!!! Read the first line in the ingredients:

300g | 10.5 oz | 3 cups of plain flour!!!’

The measurement is given to you in grams, ounces and cups!!!!!

Ingenious I tell you!!


Not only that, they are also plastic coated so they don’t get damaged from water, oil, or your messy fingerprints whilst cooking!!


There about five different tins in this collection:  Cakes and Bakes, Cooking with Mum, Cupcakes, Grandma’s Recipes and Whoppie Pies.  I also bought Cooking with Mum because it had an awesome 1950s artwork on the tin!  I seriously love this product so much I want to buy the whole set!!

These recipe tins are sold strangely enough, in the Post Office (any Australia Post) and are made by hinkler

Although I can’t find this product on the website….

Best gift….EVARRR!

Finally, my number one really cool Christmas gift is….BOOMBOX.

This cool 6cm long little device uses innovative vibration technology to turn literally any object into a speaker!!


I’ve found cardboard and Styrofoam boxes work best, but my wall and my bed also work well!  Apparently metal fences work great for parties as well. The bigger the object the louder the sound!

You simply insert your MP3 player or any music device into the Boombox jack, stick the vibration pad onto your selected surface, and BOOM! It is transformed into a speaker!!!

To see an example how it works watch my video below!

Please ignore my bopping lol.

Hope you guys had a great Christmas!  What cool gifts did you get?? I want to know!


  1. Olivia Gumienny says

    The Boombox blew my mind! That’s such a cool idea! I think I want one just for the fun of it!

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Totally blew my mind too!! Haha they are so cool, everyone is so impressed when I show them! Science these days is brilliant!

  2. fdchief218 says

    I love you pretty summery dress, so classic and floaty; hope you model it soon! As for us, well, with kids the main event is toys; I got some books I’ve been wanting to read, but my bride got herself an iPad and has been getting lots of digital love ever since…

    Thanks for sharing your prezzies…

    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Thanks!! Yeah I hope to model it soon!
      Hahaha nice what booked do you read? Ahhh the ipad hehehe

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