GTFO: N2, A New Way To Eat Ice Cream!

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Extreme Gelato

Quick note: Siree and I (Talyssa) both had opposing opinions on our experience of N2, and so we have decided to clarify our opinions by using different colours.  Siree will be the usual colour (this is her writeup afterall) and I, Talyssa, will insert my thoughts in ORANGE. Happy reading~


Probably the most packed dessert place other than the many recent frozen yoghurt stores popping up all over the city (I swear there’s been like seven in almost three months!), N2 is definitely a refreshing sight. Oh, and I’m not talking about the dessert. Well, not just their dessert because it is pretty exciting. N2’s concept is all about freezing milk…with glorious science!! Hem- I mean, liquid nitrogen!
♪ I’ll melt you down like ice cream! (sorry had to be done LOL)

Now you see them…
… now you don’t!

Yeah, pretty awesome isn’t it? The ice cream is bottled in its liquid form before they add the liquid nitrogen into the mix and stir the soon solid mixture to mould the perfect scoop.

If you thought just the freezing part was cool, check out their flavour archive. They also have some of the most creative, if not darn right wackiest and hilarious named flavours I’ve yet to see!

I draw your attention to the “Pork Floss Gelato” and “Salt & Pepper + Calamari ” flavours in particular. Meat ice cream Mmmmm…
Flavours of the Week. It was Mardi Gras when we went hence the rainbows + horny unicorn LOL

Another thing that’s really awesome about N2 is the deco inside. It’s themed like it’s a science lab trapped between modernity and the historical. It has some great modern and classic prop features to fit the ambience from the chemistry classroom to the semi industrial.

So what flavours did we end up getting? I had the Buttered Popcorn Gelato which had pieces of popcorn pieces mixed in to give it an added texture. Though, I wish I had the “Passionate Banana Sorbet” which tasted like banana and passion fruit that my friend had. It was delicious!

Left: Passionate Banana Sorbet | Right: Buttered Popcorn Gelato

Talyssa decided to be different and got a cone with the “Lemon, Lime and Bitters” flavour. It was really impressive when it came out.

Some things we noticed about nitrogen ice cream was that it melted noticeably faster as well as the taste and texture was more soft serve than the types of commercial ice cream I’m use to eating – both in taste and texture. I guess because it eliminates the long freezing process of ice cream making, it doesn’t create the same ice cream texture…? The sorbet type seemed to not be affected but the creamier kinds of gelato was a bit noticeable.

EDIT // We were contacted from Extreme Gelato so updating some facts (We were not asked to do this, but we always want to do our best to give a fair review):

–  “A good gelato should have a creamy mouthfeel without the iciness and that is due to the perfect ratio of different ingredients interact with each other and also the temperature of it being served (our chef is actually a chemical engineer)”

– “If you speak to anyone in the industry, the best gelato you will ever get is the moment right out of  the batch freezer when the temperature of the product hovers around -6C (before being blast freezed and stored at -18C)”

– “At N2 we are able to replicate that ‘moment’ by freezing our gelato on the spot thus giving you the best creamy product without the need to use enhancers and flavourings yet gives you the punch of flavours (eating ice cream at -18C dulls your tastebuds therefore the need to add flavouring boost the flavours, however eating gelato at -6C means your taste buds are able to decipher the flavour better)”

All in all, I still hold the same judgement below…I guess I was expecting and wanting that Italian Gelato texture and taste that you find in the Italian Gelato stores and was disappointed when I did not get that.  You’d think that the Gelato you get in Italy would be authentic right?  So now I’m left thinking what is an authentic Gelato?  The Gelato you buy in Italy?  Or the Gelato being made by a chemical engineer, with perfectly balanced ingredients??


Okay, I’ll take this as my moment to cut in.  N2 is a great experience for the novelty – definitely a place I would recommend to try on a date, or with friends on a night out, as it definitely has that wow factor when being made and the vibe is very cool. It is not however, the place I would go when I actually want to indulge on eating an actual ice cream.

What I was expecting from N2 was those Italian Gelato’s I have experienced in the Italian Gelato stores… So, when I licked my extreme gelato and received a pseudo McDonald’s soft serve type texture on my tongue I was disappointed.

I greatly disliked my ice cream eating experience at N2. In fact the dislike was greater than “great.”  I disliked it so much I didn’t even finish my ice cream.  I mean, this is ICE CREAM we are talking about!!  The thought of not finishing ones ice cream is like, the core root of all blasphemy!!!!!!

Okay extreme exaggeration aside, the actual taste of the ice cream is good. I guess my great dislike of the ice cream at N2 probably stems from the fact that I can’t eat melted ice cream. It turns me off and creeps me out. Don’t ask. I don’t know. lol.  The ice cream at N2 melts like wild fire and when it melts it’s not that normal consistency, it’s almost a thicker, gluggier consistency with aerated bubbles which overall reminded me of saliva. There, I said it.  This is the core root of my dislike of N2’s ice cream as I just cannot stand saliva…My mild phobia of saliva just turned me off N2’s ice cream completely…

Phew! Glad to get that out of my system…Siree, back to you~

In any case, my profession isn’t to make professional gelato, I just consume it lol.  But it’s nice to see that for what you pay – $6 was the average price we all paid for our ice cream – you know you are getting the actual ingredient (popcorn is popcorn, not popcorn flavouring); and watching the magic happen when the liquid nitrogen spills over the sides of the mixing bowl was entertaining to watch while you wait for the yumminess to get into your hands and into your awaiting belly.

N2 Extreme Gelato
Address: Shop 43/1 Dixon St, Sydney CBD NSW 2000
Open: Monday – Sunday, 1:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Website: here
Facebook: here

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