Project 101: Skin (TheFaceShop: The Smim and B-TOX)

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Siree here. Can you believe it’s already past the middle of the year already?! It just reminds me how time flies and also… how I’m getting older as each year comes to an end.

I might have a vampire complex to keep my skin as youthful as possible but I’m definitely cherishing my “baby” face thanks to my Asian genes (thank you mum and dad).

It seems like in your 20s, it’s the time to put your body through as much living hell as possible and see how far you can get away with it. You drink like a fish, forget how to sleep and indulge in way too much “good” food like you’ll never die young (hashtag #YOLO). But then you realize… your metabolic rate drops at age 25, your biological clock starts ticking in your late 20s and when you start seeing the signs of fine lines and deeper laugh lines, it’s time to change your skincare products to anti aging products.

I’m always on the look out to change up my anti wrinkle skin products so this time, I will be trying out the power of fermentation with my new found routine products: The Face Shop’s The Smim and B-tox.

So what does “Natural Fermentation” do?

The fine particles from the pure fermentation process deeply penetrates the skin and the result is excellent skin improvement, which is great for winter if your skin suffers from dullness like mine.


The bottle was the thing that sold me :) I was told the B-tox was a concentrated cream to treat lines and wrinkles (like botox) and I plan to use it around my eyes, laugh lines as well as on my forehead.

Can’t wait to see the results down the track!
What’s your secret beauty weapon?
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    1. thehiddenthimble says

      Yes I really enjoy these Faceshop products. They have a great range and with super cute packaging :) Thanks for stopping by! Xx

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