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Hijacking this post is a makeup haul I can only describe as a sugar coma coloured daydream with my 3 Concept Eyes haul from my visit to the StyleNanda Hongdae Flagship Store last year.

This obsession if not, lifetime of desire I have developed for this brand and my infatuation with their ‘IT’ Girl Sora Park  might end up in a impulsive buying complex of splurging on every range of brightly coloured cute makeup they have. I can’t say I fault any shade. I LOVE THEM ALL! Transitioning from Winter, behold the power of my pocket rocket purchases to keep you bold and fierce for them Spring time feelsies!

3 Concept Eyes Lip Colour

Price: $19.71 USD

Overall: ★★★★★


3CE LIP COLOUR in 602 V | 204 COME TO ME | 604 VAMP
A nice matte finish with great pigmentation, these lipsticks are just as perfect as any high range lipcolour you can purchase and are far more affordable so you can start building a collection. IMO purple and orange lipsticks are more interesting than the usual pink and red. Also the berry lip looks great in both winter and spring looks as a statement.


3 Concept Eyes Lip Liqueur

Price: $20.81 USD

Overall: ★★★★★


3CE Lip Liqueur in BackStage and XX Orange
Top: BackStage | Bottom: XX Orange
Now for another matte look but in a different form.
For days when my lips are more chapped than pump for my favourite matte look, these glosses are great as they are moisturizing yet matte when applied. The formula is not sticky (which I think is the worse kind of texture) but a nice velvet feel and is super light giving that ultimate pucker up look without showing the cracks and bumps.


3 Concept Eyes Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner

Price: $20.81 USD

I love mint as a colour! But as a liner, I was skeptical if I would be able to pull this look off. But I always wanted to try a neon eye makeup look without eyeshadow as I love the sharpness that gels and liners can create. The best thing about these eye liners from 3CE is that when you leave them to dry, they become smudge proof when rubbed with pressure and are waterproof! I tried a wet wipe and it just stayed on as vibrant as when I first applied it on! I’m going to try this out when I go to Hawaii next month to see how it holds up in the waves.
It also has a handy sharpener at the end to make sure your pencil is prepped for crisp lines which is a great feature so you don’t need to look for a one off purchase to find one that will fit such a thin pencil.


3 Concept Eyes Duo Colour Face Blush

Price: $24.22 USD

And finally moving onto blush these cute duo blush palettes are so Mod I immediate had to have them!
The colour combinations are so handy for highlighting and contouring  you can play around with different techniques to bring out the most or lighter effects of the colours.
I have never tried red or orange blush before so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how creative I can be.

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  1. Mica says

    Oh I would love to see an eye makeup look with that mint liner – what a fun colour! I’d have no idea how to wear something like that. I’m very boring with my makeup choices though, haha!

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