Review: 3CE Blush – #My Muse

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I’m a Peach Girl

When it comes to blushers I’m a one blush kind of girl. My blush has always been pink-based and always matte.  I don’t know what it is about glittery blushers that turns me off, but I don’t really like looking sparkly.  In any case, when my one blush runs out, then and only then, would I go and buy another blush.  And so the process continued.

But…something was missing.  One thing about being a one blush kind of girl is that sometimes your blush just doesn’t match every outfit, or every lipstick, or every eyeshadow.  Sometimes you’re looking for a warmer tone, something to match your summer vibes and glow.  3CE’s #MyMuse might just be the perfect orange-based blush you’re looking for!  Mmmhmm, I’m officially a two blush kind of girl!

Colour: ✩✩✩✩

I really love the colour of this blush, it’s a perfect matte peach colour with really warm summery tones.    In terms of wear, the colour does not last the whole day, so you will need to reapply at least once during the day.

Texture: ✩✩✩

The product feels smooth and silky when applied onto the face. The blush comes on light, but you can build it up to your desired intensity or to even create an orange neon-like blush.

Packaging: ✩✩

I think the packaging is really classy and I love how big the the blush pot is – I can fit my entire brush inside it and coat it in one swipe.

Price: $24 ~

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