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If there is anything I find myself slightly obsessing over these days it’s lipsticks.  I don’t know if it’s a coming of age thing now that I’m past my mid twenties but seriously, give me them all.  I have no time for sticky glosses, only a one time intense affair with colour, thank you.

Whilst I feel like a complete poser in the above pout shots, it’s really all for your benefit.  Behind the above illusion are naturally thin lips and no one wants to see that in a lipstick review. Just be thankful I didn’t go all Kylie Jenner on you.  Besides dear readers, I’m wearing lipstick, let me flaunt it!

Colour: ✩✩✩✩
Intense colour that lasts.  A good matte finish but not as good as my MAC Ruby Woo.

Texture: ✩✩✩
Love the light velvety feel of this formula, it’s a pleasure to wear and glides on with ease.  My lips feel soft and moisturised, which is refreshing for a matte lipstick.

Unfortunately, this formula is unforgiving if your lips are not perfectly smooth, tending to gather in cracks or dry skin and accentuating them.  This formula lacks the coverage that some other lipsticks provide.

Packaging: ✩✩✩
I think the packaging is really cute and funky, and definitely suits a younger vibe well.  Whilst I prefer to carry a more elegant looking lipstick on my nights out, there is a nice, casual, everyday feel about this packaging.

My bag tends to be a permanent home for my favourite lipsticks and they are often mistreated in and abouts the other items thrown into my bag.   It really is a game of survival for my lipsticks and I typically prefer a magnetic cap (not a feature of 3CE lip crayons) to ensure the lids don’t fall off.

Price: $22 ~

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