Review: Kat Von D – Mötorhead Studded Matte Lipstick

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Stepping over to the Dark Side

So..I’ve always wanted to try a dark lipstick but well, I was terrified.  I mean this is my face we’re talking about and it’s not like lipsticks are cheap. Would it suit me? Do I need to be more tan to pull off a dark lip?  Would I look too gothic?

My advice? Just go for it – and don’t turn back!!

Colour: ✩✩✩
Mötorhead’s colour is a cherry red upon first application, but can be built upon for a more intense black cherry-red colour.  For me this colour was the perfect vampy cherry-red I was looking for and it also meant on my more shy days I could wear it in a lighter shade, or build it up for a dark look when I was feeling more daring. So yup, I’m in love!

The matte colour is great – no shine and I’m also loving the minty smell. Mmmm…

Texture: ✩✩

Not going to lie, this lipstick is difficult to apply due to its texture.  It’s just so patchy that the texture alone has even been enough for some people to search for an alternative lipstick in a similar colour.  The swatches above will give you an idea of of how patchy this lipstick can be.

Upon application Mötorhead’s formula feels both dry and sticky and doesn’t glide on with ease.  The formula is especially unforgiving to any kind of dryness on your lips and with Mötorhead gliding on patchy and uneven from the get go, it makes it difficult to get an even spread on your lips that you’re almost forced to build it up just to make sure everything looks even.  Never fear though you can definitely get an even application, it’s just a lot more difficult to achieve than some other lipsticks – I also recommend a lipstick brush to help you get there.

Packaging: ✩✩

Mötorhead’s packaging is awesome. It’s edgy, textured and the triangle prisms that encase the lipstick capture the light so wonderfully that it’s always shining and looking stylishly chic.

Price: $31 ~

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One special mention: the colour selection on this range of lipsticks was fantastic.  Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge in gothic-esque lipsticks, but I’d never seen a range of lipsticks in these colours!  There is an amazing purple colour called Wonderchild, which I was too scared to buy, but next time I’ll be taking my own advice and just go for it!

Oh and if you were wondering, here’s how the lipstick looks on phone cameras!

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