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By the Power of the Moon, I will Punish you!

She may not be a Disney Princess by title, but Sailor Moon’s charm has captured every girls’ dream of becoming fairy tale royalty with the added badassery of fighting in the name of love and justice, all by the magical hour of moonlight of course.

I can’t believe it’s been more than 20 years since the series was released and to celebrate, Roppongi’s Mori Art Museum held a special themed exhibition to honour the work and success of our favourite teenage supernatural crime fighting squad in style.

The exhibition featured everything you could have imagined that was the 90’s golden age of the series, from television magazine cover appearances to replica wand and compact toys, this exhibition was gauged towards those who grew up with the original Sailor Moon television show rather anything from with the recent reboot Crystal series (a blessing in disguise for traditionalists).

I have heard many good things about the famed Roppongi Mori Art Museum and it goes without saying that it is one of the best places for exhibits ranging from works by famed artists like Takashi Murakami to even pop culture manga like Naruto, they hold something for everyone!

Being the artistic creation of mangaka Naoko Takeuchi, the art show not only showcased original artworks used in the original anime and manga, but also some new works made especially for this Sailor Moon exhibition. Unfortunately, the artworks were camera restricted but the exhibition featured a few photo spot opportunities just to live out your girlish dreams to strike a pose or two.

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Another attraction is the Chibiusa Cafe, the theme cafe where the food is based off the characters from the series! Awesome! But not as awesome as this bomb view we managed to snag right in front of Tokyo Tower!


Totally worth the hour long wait to manage such a perfect view. While waiting, the front of the cafe displayed the dishes available to choose from just to make you that much hungrier as you wait your turn.

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Chibiusa’s Custard Pudding a la Mode

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Heavenly Miracle Romance Parfait and Evil Black Crystal Cocktail. Fun fact, all drinks also combine a Chocola BB Joma beauty supplement drink for beautiful skin!

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We decided upon the Sailor Senshi Beauty Juices themed as either, Sailor Moon (Calpis), Sailor Mercury (Tonic Water), Sailor Mars (Grapefruit), Sailor Jupiter (Ginger Ale) and Sailor Venus (Orange). We ended up with two Sailor Mars and one Sailor Jupiter and they were delish despite what the crazy colour may suggest.

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Being a party of three, we were able to sample all three mains available on the menu. The first was the Sailor Moon Special Hamburger with star-shaped tater tots.

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Isn’t it so cute?! The pink bun was shaped to look like the first brooch Sailor Moon received in the series. Unfortunately the taste was just average for this one.

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I ordered the Three-Variety Talisman Curry based on my favourite, the Outer Senshi (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). I wasn’t expecting too much from this dish but, wow! Can we take a moment to appreciate the detail of their eatible weapons? It tasted just as great as it looked! The curries were a yellow, spinach, and squid ink roux mixture and each had it’s own distinct taste from mild to spicy.

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The final main was the Tuxedo Mask’s Nihilistic Pasta featuring a pie-crust mask and spicy tomato sauce. It was refreshing to see a vegetarian option on the menu and the added rose petals made it look extra fancy.

While the other’s opted for the jelly Heavenly Miracle Romance Parfait, I just had to get this Luna P Ball Berry Mousse for dessert and yes, it was deliciously good.

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The exhibition is now over but all-in-all, the Sailor Moon exhibition was such a great nostalgic experience. Now I can’t wait to go to the new Studio Ghibli exhibition and relive the magic!


The Details

Where: 〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi, 6−10−1, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 53F

Opening Hours:

Sun – Mon: 10AM-10PM
Tue: 10AM-5PM
Wed – Sat: 10AM-10PM

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