Saying Goodbye

I love you like polenta chips!
I love you like polenta chips!

This is a sad goodbye letter

to my hometown of Sydney that will hopefully bridge the confusion and explain what is about to happen.

 It is sad to leave the familiar behind as Sydney has been a great city, playground and home for all of my 25 years but I have decided to pursue my future and set my sights on my indefinite move to Japan starting next week.

This move wasn’t sudden. It has been on my mind for quite some time (an ambition since high school if you can believe it or not!) but I never felt like the moment was right to pursue the change yet until now.

I will still be blogging here from my locale in Tokyo while Talyssa will be in Sydney. You can say we really are taking this blog adventure international now and I’m sure the contrast will be refreshing and an interesting read!

To my family and friends who have wished me well and supported my decision you cannot imagine what an emotional day it was when I left the airport before flying to Seoul (where I am currently writing this post), but this is not farewell forever.

To our readers here,

expect some big changes and interesting commentary by your’s truly as I start my journey to a beautiful new city and, of course, share a new stage of my life moving forward.

Until Next Time!



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